Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- I forgot to post last week and I had so much to sat,

- Well, not exactly.

- I have been doing some challenge modes with whomever I can pick up here and there when I do log in.

- Am I doing good?

- Well, not exactly.

- But with some people getting some experience with them I might be able to put together silver groups soon.

- Mostly we are missing silver by a few minutes.

- One we even missed bronze on.

- Sad right?

- Decided to get into a little PvP.

- It is something I have not done this expansion so might as well explore it some.

- And the gearing process is so much better for PvP gear.

- Too bad when you are starting from behind you are a punching bag.

- But at least when losing you still get honor.

- Thinking of spamming dungeons to convert justice to honor.

- Just so I am not so dreadfully behind on gear.

- Nothing is more frustrating than pounding on someone with everything you have and their health going nowhere.

- Seeing numbers like 8K and 13K pop on on even your most hardest hitting abilties and yet every time you get hit you see numbers like 160K and 200K.

- Heck, a lock put a dot on me and hit DoT ticks were hitting me harder than my kill shot can hit someone.

- This is one of the problems with PvP.

- Hopefully it will not turn me away from trying it out again.

- But getting your ass handed to you like that gets boring fast.

- Did 12 battlegrounds yesterday.

- Guess how I did.

- Great right?

- Well, not exactly.

- I went an amazing 0 wins and 12 losses.

- This is the life of an alliance player.

- Can't blame it all on me being PvE geared for the most part either.

- One person, even more so one damage dealer, does not make or break a battle ground.

- Yet with that said, my priest has done a total of 16 battlegrounds this entire expansion and guess what there win to loss ratio is.

- Decent right?

- Well, not exactly.

- Incredible would be more like it, my priest i 14 wins and 2 losses in their 16 battlegrounds.

- See, now a healer can make that much of an impact.

- But still, it is not all on the healer.

- You need to be lucky enough to have people protect you if you want to do well.

- Every time I had someone protecting me, I lived, which meant they lived, which means we won.

- Still need others that know what they are doing.

- So there is still lots of luck involved.

- My poor lock gave up on the legendary quest line after months of trying to win 2 battlegrounds.

- I would not be surprised if I had 30 attempts at each and still no wins in either.

- I swear alliance should get a buff just for doing a battlegrounds.

- +50% to all stats if your previous battleground was a loss.

- And stacking.

- So if you do 8 in a row and lost all 8 you would have a +400% to all stats entering the 9th.

- Sure, one person can not change a battleground, but at least this way losing will be more fun as you kill everything that moves even without PvP gear thanks to +400%.

- Seriously, I do think that is a fantastic idea to help address the imbalance between horde and alliance when it comes to battlegrounds.

- It is just insane that the horde has an over 80% win rate.

- I know the stats say it is closer to 50/50 but if it really is than there have to be a few alliance players out there with 100% win rates to make up for everyone else in the entire game that always loses as alliance.

- Maybe my priest healer is taking all my hunters wins.

- So if my priest is taking all my hunters wins, who is taking all my warlocks wins?

- I gave up on even trying on my lock.

- I can deal with losing, it happens, but losing for 4 straight hours gets tired, fast.

- That is why I like my +50% stats idea.

- At least if I am still in fail groups I can at least start having some fun because I would be a wrecking ball.

- Dot the world and watch the ticks roll for 200K+ and everyone die.

- ~wicked evil laugh~

- Even if you lose you can still have fun with that.

- But I can see a damage dealer being able to turn the tide of a battleground if they are that powerful alone.

- Well, some of the battle grounds.

- I just need to find who is taking all my locks wins.

- So I can beg them to let me have 2 of them.

- My newest 90 got their first honorable kill this weekend.

- It was in an ordos group cross server.

- Hey, I'll take a free achievement.

- I'll be back to posting this week, at least some.

- Being I am making an effort to gear up for PvP I'll be playing again so I might as well post again.

- I can be all grumpy about PvP.

- And if you play alliance and PvP you know that there is a lot to be grumpy about.

- I did not wear my PvP gear which was mostly season 13 with some season 14 stuff when I went yesterday.

- I did play as survival, which is the worst PvP spec for a hunter.

- And I did not have a great deal of my PvP abilities bound in my survival spec being I only starting playing it more this expansion and I have not PvPed this expansion.

- But I am going to try and get some stuff in order for the long haul and trying to get better at PvP.

- It all takes practice.

- I was doing the things I should be doing, but in the wrong spec, with the wrong gear, few binds, and out or practice, I was a liability.

- I will not let that happen next time, not if I am going to really try.

- I was scattering players like a warrior doing a whirlwind.

- Which I won't be able to do next expansion.

- I pulled a pet off my healer with a distracting shot a few times.

- Which I won't be able to do next expansion.

- I was doing all the things I remember how to do, and I was doing them kind of well even if I was at a huge disadvantage.

- When it was all said and done I knew that even if I were not putting out the numbers, and I was more than a little squishy, I was doing all those little things that make a hunter great.

- And then I thought, why am I even bothering, blizzard is just removing all the utility that made me useful in that battleground.

- Fuck blizzard.

- Even when I try to find something to get into the game again I have to think, why bother, they are only going to remove it anyway.

- Why bother getting good at it when they are removing it.

- At least when you were lacking in gear you could still win with control.

- And they are taking that away.

- Yeah, whoever makes these decisions at blizzard could die in a fire for all I care.

- I would even throw gasoline on them so they burn faster.

- I called it months ago, heck even a year ago.

- When the time came to cut ability bloat they would cut the things they should not cut because they are not bloat.

- Someone should tell blizzard there is a huge difference between utility and bloat.

- They cut utility.

- Once again proof positive of what I have been saying for years.

- They do not play the game.

- Well, I will see you soon with my first post in well over a month.

- With the things I think need to change to make PvP more enjoyable.

- Have a great day.


  1. - Glad Grumpy is still around.

    - I've never been a PvP person, so I'd probably rage quit after losing so many BGs.

    - They're changing a lot of stuff in WoD that is supposed to make PvP better, but we'll have to wait and see.

    - It seems that PvP is actually the fastest way to gear for PvE since the honor gear is so much better than justice gear.

    - Still no ETA on Beta...

    - Some people are predicting a Thanksgiving release (right after Blizzcon), which seems realistic.

    - Beta starting in May/June (Koltrane is guessing beginning of June due to Wildstar release, which makes sense), pre-patch in October, release in November after Blizzcon.

    - Way too long to wait though...

    - I've been playing ESO a lot lately.

    - I only log into WoW for a couple of hours each week.

    - There are things I prefer in WoW and things I prefer in ESO.

    - I prefer gearing in ESO. The best gear can be crafted and there's no difference between PvE and PvP gear.

    - I prefer questing and exploring in ESO, but WoW has significantly less bugs.

    - I can't decide whether I like WoW or ESO better with respect to skill progression. Both have a ton of abilities. WoW restricts you more so you don't have to deal with so many different options at once, but it limits you to one set of play styles per character (which is sometimes a good thing). ESO is almost too flexible; every class is an uber-hybrid.

    - I think I prefer combat in WoW compared to ESO but I think that ties into the previous comment. In ESO, there are no rotations or priority systems or anything like that. No one has figured out what the best abilities are and there are a lot of bugs, so it's hard to figure out what works best.

    - Crafting in ESO is definitely more applicable. All gear can be crafted. One character can learn all the professions. I don't quite like how professions require the same skill points that combat does, but it seems we'll have way more skill points than we need, so I guess it'll be OK.

    - I prefer the API in WoW much more than ESO. ZOS has significantly restricted the API, so it limits a lot of what can be done with addons.

    - The inventory systems are definitely different. WoW definitely has more options: bags, bank, void, mail, guild bank. In ESO, you have bags, bank, guild bank. Also, your bank is account bound so all your characters use the same bank (which makes it way too small...). Things stack to 100 in ESO, which is good and bound items are account bound, which is also good. Pets take up bag space in ESO though, and so do Toys, which I don't like. So it's a 'mixed bag' between the two...

    - ESO has guild stores instead of auction houses, which I don't really like. Guilds are limited to 500 people (accounts), so you have trading guilds that are just used for auctioning and then you have other guilds for other things. Luckily you can join 5 guilds, but you'll never get the same market size that you would in WoW. In ESO, I can never really find the things I'm looking for across the guild store I can access.

    - Those are just some of the pros and cons.

    - Which game is better? Whichever one your friends are playing. I play solo, so ESO has a new story to keep me entertained for a while at least.

    1. what in the sam hill is "ESO". Dang, you really should spell out something first then use letters, so stupid people like me can follow you instead of thinking other things . :-D


    2. :-D

      ESO is Elder Scrolls Online. It's a new MMO that launched a month ago.

    3. Have not looked into ESO but I like that gearing stuff you mentioned. Crafted BiS and no difference in gear, yes please.

      In the end that is what it comes down to. Wherever your friends are, you are. With multiplayer games that is all that matters.

    4. oh yeah, Jaeger. ESO - d'oh! I was going to try it but it still has the damned crappy movement system that all the elder scrolls games have - w-forward, s-backward, a-strafe left (not turn left, but freaking strafe left), d-strafe right (arghhhhh!).

      I contacted their beta support and they said to me to be able to turn left or right, then I needed to use both keyboard and mouse. Told them that was impossible due to one one hand. So though it looks interesting and has a lot of ideas, I won't be playing it.

      But for what it matters (i.e. not much) I did renew WoW because it's movement is simple. And now Roo is on Timeless Isle and getting geared. at 12000 coins too. I love killing big bad thingies. : )

  2. I can't confirm this but I did see it written somewhere that you can get credit for the pvp part of the quest chain by using the war-games function. So if you can grab 9 other people you split into 2 parties and queue for war-games and swap wins.

    1. That would be interesting. Achievements never worked in War Games before.

  3. I haven't read your newest post yet, so this may be better suited for there... but just in case.

    As a fully prideful geared player on a pretty average RBG team, I have to warn you that Children week is when we go crazy in random BGs. So many people need achievements who queue in all PvE gear, it's too tempting to not go in there and mess with the.

    Sorry to all the pure pve'ers trying to try it out.

    Really, it's insane that Blizz allows people to queue in a group of five. IF we're in there, the only way the other team has any chance, is if they also have a 5 person team who's talking on vent. And then at that point, why aren't we just facing eachother in rbgs?

    Crazy. But it's so much fun to pick on people trying to get that drake. :-P

    1. PS, Survival is amazing for BGs. Probably SV, Lock and Unholy DKs are the only multi-dotters who can match damage with a healer. That is, if you're fighting a group of 5+ with one healer.

      Plus CC for days with those reduced CDs.

      I've even been running it for some 5v5s. It's fun. Next xpac it'll be even better if that monster heal makes it into live. :)

    2. Oh crap, I forgot about children week. Been doing call to arms, which is not one of those. Guess I am better off there. I always hated that achievement, teaching people to do the wrong thing.

      Winning eye is fun during that stage. Simple and easy win. Grab three bases, let them run their kids back and forth to the forth, no matter what, you will always win as long as you control three. Pick off stragglers as needed for fun.

      It seems weak because survival is very balanced and has no "huge" shot it seems. Putting BA on someone is useless because it never gets to tick its full amount and without that no ES procs which means no burst. It does not "feel" good. But then again, maybe that is because I always PvPed back when I did, as marks. So I just do not like SV. Heck, I do not like it for PvE either.