Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- Almost forgot to post today.

- While I am away from the game I do still read up on it.

- I want to keep this going, at least on mondays, until I come back.

- And I know I will.

- Actually logged on this weekend to do something other than raiding.

- A guild mate wanted to run some challenge modes so I said I would pop on and go.

- That is one thing I never got to get done and they are being removed soon.

- We did not exactly have a killer group.

- Managed one silver and one bronze.

- We had a good tank, who assembled and watched videos.

- Myself of course.

- An excellent healer that is more PvP focused but capable.

- The healer went god mode, they never even needed mana, not sure how that is even possible.

- A damage dealer that was "okay" as in you can drag them along for normals after you have them on farm and they would be an asset to help carry your alts, but is not actually a skilled raider you would bring along for a first time kill.

- Another damage dealer that is a PvP only player and has maybe joined one flex run all expansion.

- And he did not even stay for the entire run.

- Hey, pickings were slim.

- The one we got bronze on we wasted 7 minutes on trash on the pull and never reset to do it faster.

- We missed silver by 2 minutes meaning it would have been a solid silver had we not screwed up the start.

- And the difference between silver and gold was 6 minutes, so basically we "could" have missed gold by a minute.

- There was one mid run wipe on trash, take that out and the 7 minute delayed start, and we would have had gold.

- However the one we got silver on we missed gold by less than 2 minutes.

- On the first fight the healer and two damage dealers died and the tank and I manged to finish the fight ourselves.

- I never took damage, as a good damage dealer should do when capable, and the tank was capable of healing themselves.

- If we did not waste that massive amount of time two manning the first boss we would have had gold.

- Now, my question is this, with a gold and a silver or 2 golds (as they should have been) with a crew that should not really be in challenge modes normally and has never played as a group together, did they nerf these things?

- I remember going in with countless groups and wiping over and over on trash.

- People would give up left and right.

- We did wipe a total of 4 times in the bronze run, all four on trash, 3 at the start one later in.

- In the silver we did not wipe once, but a few people died and had to play catch up.

- These seemed a lot easier than I recall them being.

- I was doing from 80K-120K on bosses mostly and the other 2 damage dealers were in the 40K-60K range.

- Seems that they must have lowered the DPS requirements.

- Either way, even if I did not get gold, I still had fun.

- Even if I was playing with 4 people I normally do not play with much or at all from guild, I still had fun.

- Even if this was a one time deal and I will not be getting back together with those 4 to finish them all off and get at least a silver like I want to, I still had fun.

- So maybe there is still a chance at finding some fun in the game.

- I just wonder why everything in game requires finding a group of the "right" people to do it.

- They need more content that can be done with just any able body.

- Heck, not even able, just with a pulse.

- I think that is the biggest problem with the game with, without people to play with, you can not do anything.

- And I am not really a people person.

- So I don't form my own groups any longer.

- So if the people around me are not doing something I do not have anything to do.

- And that is what kills the game.

- We need ways to gear that do not required raiding.

- We need challenge modes for solo play.

- We need choice, and for as much as mists said it was all about choice, there never was any this expansion.

- Don't get me wrong, I love mists and compared to cataclysm it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

- But nothing to do, and possibly more nothing to do until december, how do they expect anyone to enjoy the game.

- Unless they just happen to have a group to do stuff with.

- So while I did have fun, I will only be able to do that if others invite me to do so.

- So same as raiding, I will only log on when others need me.

- Otherwise, the game is current dead to me.

- Have a great day.


  1. Just curious, did you use a blood DK for a tank?

    When I did my gold runs recently (a month or two back), it also seemed waaaaaay easier than the first time I had tried. I wonder if it's a gear thing, with so many tiers now and so much more to choose from. Maybe not though.

    Our Blood DK was self suficient enough that our healer could use those amber things without the rest of us ever stopping. That was great. If your healer didn't even have to do that, then they must be pretty amazing. I'd bet with one more dps who could put out as much dps as yourself (and take as little damage) you would have been easily making golds.

    1. Did the announcement of getting all four phoenix mounts account bound encourage you to want to work on them again?

  2. "We need challenge modes for solo play."

    I don't think this would help all that much. I mean, yes, it would, but for how long? There's already Brawler's Guild, it occupied my attention for a whole of two evenings in the beginning plus maybe two more evenings total somewhere after they added the last tier. Meh. If they added gear scaling (so, no overgearing), it would have been better, but not too much better.

    Now, if they made that a separate gear progression path, that is, a viable alternative to raids, with all that this encompasses - lockouts, having to repeat bosses that you have already defeated in previous lockout (so, farm vs progression), tier gear, epic recipe / pet / mount drops, optional hard modes for achievements, etc - that would have been much different. But they won't do that. Because that would cost a raid tier, of course. Which, in this case might actually be true (not that they shouldn't do this - this is much better than one more raid tier).

    The real problem is that they are just giving people too little. For all the money they collect and for all the grandstanding they do in twitter, they just don't do much. And problem #1 is mismanagement of the resources that they have. Like, what it is that takes them so long? Well, if we were to believe them, that's two things - (a) revamp of spells / stats / healing model, and (b) art for new models / garrisons. And who in their right minds would have been OK with them spending so much time (we are talking some 8+ months for the former and more than a year for the latter) on these two things? Nobody. Mismanagement.

  3. you forgot to post.

    1. I don't think he forgot :(

  4. I'm assuming the challenge mode scaling is the same as for proving grounds... so current-tier gear having a whack of gems that stay fully intact will make current cm stats significantly higher than they'd have been back in the earlier days. I'd still expect a challenge, just somewhat less of one.

    I do need to get around to getting the silvers one of these days... not having a ton of luck finding competent people interested in a steady group until it's done, though.

    As for needing a proper group:
    Heroic raids
    Normal raids
    Challenge modes (maybe)

    Beyond that, what needs a "proper" group? Not 5-mans... not scenarios... not heroic scenarios (I've been soloing most lately on my better geared toons to make them a bit of a challenge, recruiting a couple of people to just queue me into one at which point they can drop or just park at the door for some free VP and daily bag)... not world bosses... not TI rares... not IoT rares... basically, none of the other multi-person (usually) content available in the game. Normal+ raids and challenge modes are supposed to require a bit more selection than lower-calibre content... are you complaining that they offer any content more difficult than slap and giggle stuff?

  5. GE forgot to post and I forgot to check whether he posted.

    It was bound to happen one day...

    All the best, GE, you were a great host.

  6. Aw, no new post? :(