Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- I logged in only one day this week.

- It was to raid, or at least attempt to since everything fell apart.

- I don't miss playing at all.

- I only played to raid and to hang with friends.

- Without raiding and with many friends taking time off, there is an extra reason or two not to play.

- The only thing I worry about is losing mail.

- Might need to log in two times a week so I do not lose any.

- Just to check.  I am a little OCD about that.

- Like when I clear my mail box and walk away I always have to walk back at least once to open it again to make sure it is empty.

- Please tell me I am not the only person that does that.

- I've lost my fair share over the years, some were even my fault.

- But my biggest loss was blizzards fault.

- When leveling a second tailor back in wrath I started bouncing frostweave between two characters.

- I had 2600 cloth.

- I always cleared out my mail box and sent them to another character when I had 4 or 5 days left.

- Just to be safe.

- Once when doing this I noticed I only had 1200 cloth.

- 1400 cloth disappeared.

- Being they were always mailed together, at the same time, if the 1200 made it there the 1400 should have as well.

- Nope, it was lost.

- I put in a ticket and the GM told me, politely, that anything lost in the mail is lost forever in the twisting nether.

- I asked if the twisting nether had a lost and found department.

- They don't.

- See, you learned something new today, the twisting nether has no lost and found department.

- And you reaffirmed something we always knew, the GMs are useless the majority of the time, even if they are sometimes mildly humorous.

- So how did my one raid night go?

- Not bad, could not try heroics however which sucks.

- One damage dealer was tanking, the two healers were new to that group and three of the damage dealers were new, two of them were, less than spectacular if I could be so kind.

- We cleared to thok, no wipes, it went well.

- Not sure if I should be happy to be raiding, or unhappy because this is the state of raiding I am doing.

- I should be clearing up to thok on heroic each week with my 2 hours, not normal.

- I guess I am not happy with what I am doing in game even with my in game time limited to one day now.

- I should just quit but I don't want to.

- I know I will come back when new stuff comes out and I would hate to feel out of practice or left behind.

- Yeah, that is a personal problem.

- So they released the patch notes for 6.0.

- And told us challenge modes are ending soon.

- Guess me taking this break means I will never get the challenge modes done.

- That sucks.

- While reading the patch notes a lot of things crossed my mind.

- I am going to tell you my reactions when reading them but not tell you which ones I am referring to.

- Why add extra lines, I already babble to much.

- You can guess.

- World of garrisons seems like it is even more world of garrisons than I said it was.

- Some nice looking updates there.

- Pet display and mount display is awesome.

- What the hell are they smoking?

- Serpent for survival only, didn't I say a change something like that was needed ages ago.

- Marks losing arcane for aimed as the dump.

- How long have I been calling for this one.

- They are doing this to make the specs different but they still look the same to me.

- No hunter mark is a good change, it is no longer needed.

- No hawk?  How will they patch in buffs for hunters now because they are amazingly incapable of balancing the class and keep needing to buff hawk all expansion long.

- Do these people even play this game?

- You are removing what???

- Why are there still 202 useless spells in game and the few that actually were helpful from time to time are all gone?

- These people are brain dead.

- Actually calling them brain dead would be an insult to brain dead people, they are worse.

- Leveling bonuses?  How about getting to max level is the bonus for leveling.

- Hey blizzard, want to make people enjoy leveling, tie flying to it.

- Put a quest that is part of a quest line so people can not jump right to it mid way though each zone.

- Have that quest give items.

- Have those items be needed to buy flying.

- If there are 7 zones you need 7 of those items to turn in for flying.

- If people "just" do those quests they will be close to max level if not max level, and they will have felt they were "earning" flying and not "leveling".

- It is like leveling is a dirty word.

- Now you get people in the world, you get them leveling, you get them earning their flying, and everyone is happy.

- Well, not exactly happy, but at least they have something to work with.

- Not having flying will hurt them.

- A lot.

- I personally do not care, I will run or take a flight path if I really want to do something, but I understand the frustrating 100%.

- You can not give someone a convenience and then take it away.

- Taking away flying from the masses is like trying to take away the cell phone from your teenage daughter.

- You can lose an arm trying to do that.

- This is not going to end well.

- Most of my thoughts when reading the beta kept going back to one thing.

- I hope and pray I get a beta invite.

- Because that is about the only thing that can keep me playing right now.

- Because everything I am reading does not sound good, fun or entertaining in any way.

- The only thing that can save the game for me is seeing it first hand.

- Give them a chance to prove the patch notes wrong.

- The patch notes remind me of a piece of cheese that accidentally fell on the floor and somehow managed its way under the couch and no one notice it.

- It sticks.

- Like we all should have seen it when the expansion was released, as it should have been, last month.

- Last month, at the latest, if they were going to keep up with their exceptional release schedule they had for this expansion.

- Up until now, when they lost every ounce of good faith they earned.

- It should have been out last month and we are only seeing the alpha this month?

- Yeah, blizzard screwed up huge this time.

- Did you see the art for the april fools?

- I wanted to cry.

- Out of horror and humor.

- They really made her a goat woman.

- But boy oh boy was she an ugly goat woman.

- They can do ugly "cute", look at gnomes.

- They are intended to be ugly, that is what they are.

- And they are ugly, in a cute sort of way.

- Of all the art work we have seen so far the gnomes have been the best in my opinion.

- It is because gnomes looked the worst to begin with thanks to their small size.

- All the problems with the old art would stand out on a small model more than a large one.

- But wow, that goat woman made me want to race change if it were real.

- And I do not mean race change to one, I would race change the two I had to something else.

- Wouldn't matter what, anything would be better than that.

- Geez I think I am going to have nightmares for months.

- But it really did stress the goat woman jokes with the furry butt.

- Just saying furry butt makes me laugh.

- Is it sad the best thing to happen to the game in the last 6 months is an april fools joke?

- A furry butt is the best thing they have released and will release for a full year.

- Sad.

- Shows you there is something really wrong in game.

- Have a great day.


  1. - Logged in last Tuesday to do world bosses (got a pvp neck that I don't need)

    - Logged in yesterday to check AH and leveled the druid a little

    - I was pissed at Zenimax regarding their ESO billing problems, so I needed a distraction

    - Only leveled for about an hour though. I just wasn't in the right mood to play games.

    - Playing ESO has been a lot of fun so far! Dealing with Zenimax however has not... Makes it hard to really commit to an MMO when the company running it is doing a crappy job and spoiling the excellent work of the devs.

    - I hate April Fools...

    - Quit wasting time on stupid jokes and give us the expansion already...

    - Changes for Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, Growl, Misdirection, Rapid Fire, AotH, Hunter's Mark, Snake Trap seem fine

    - Not sure why they're removing Distracting Shot

    - Skeptical about the removal of Scatter Shot

    - Leveling perks are good bonuses but not sure I care about them as actual leveling perks...

    - Glad profession bonuses are going away. People have brought up concerns that everyone will go Engineering now though.

    - They were very moot about garrisons at end game and that bothers me. I'm fine with them being a leveling thing and giving Timeless Isle like buffs, but they better not provide any raid bonuses

    - Glad that Healing potions will be useful again. Always thought it was stupid that I could only use an agility pot or a healing pot... but I could use a lock rock...

    - I'm forgetting a lot of stuff, but I don't want to give a play-by-play account...

    - Not that excited about the expansion though...

  2. I loved loved loved the april fools female draenei. It was wonderful. I want fur. I would have switched all my characters to female draenei.

    I was much more excited by the patch notes than you. Did you see the MD glyph is now baseline, and applies to people, not just your pet? :)

    And survival gets a 30% heal every minute (or less with cdr stats) that doesn't cost any dps other than one gcd?

    I'm sad about distracting shot, I think the most.


  3. It seems like not only the author of the blog no longer really plays the game, but the readers as well. At least those who were commenting.

    It means nothing statistically, of course, but based on what I know and see from plenty of other sources, it's the same everywhere.

    I dream of Howling Fjord and the times of the Lich King. Good times these were...

    Hail to all heroes of the past. Be well.

    1. I didn't like to keep repeating myself. The song remains the same. I don't like to comment if I don't have anything new to add, hence my staying silent.

      I've still been checking regularly to see if anyone else had commented something I could reply too. It's sad that Grumpy no longer participates in the comments. As I suggested last Monday I think, maybe there's anything game he could blog about?

      I totally feel where he is coming from. My sub is about to expire or might already have done, I haven't logged in for a few weeks so I'm not sure. This is the first time I've ever had a 'time out' and in all honesty I'm not sure I'll return. What I've heard of Warlords has made it less likely, not more likely.

      Yeah I know it doesn't mean anything statistically either. I think they deserve to take a hit but whether they do or not *shrugs* I'm tainted by my own opinions of course.

  4. Aww, Grumpy, goodbyes are always sad, but I am (reluctantly) taking you off my bookmarks list. Over the years you have written with great insight into the game in general, and huntering in particular. I can honestly say I am a better player because of your blogs.

    I thought this spate of weekly "This is why I don't give a shit" postings was a phase, that maybe you were just in a slump like we all go through, but I can see you are done. It makes me sad, not only for my own selfish reasons, but also because I never like to see the joy go out of someone. I hope you eventually find something that restores your sense of fun for the gaming part of your life. You had a good run, though, thanks for your years of game wisdom, and I wish you well.

  5. Something tells me that there will be no Monday post for today.

    Damn, Grumpy, you made us all addicted. I hold you responsible! :-)

  6. If it makes you feel any better I lost over 1000 bags (22- and 20-slot combined) and at least that much worth of cloth and dust in the late Cat period when I was logging in less and had 50+ mails on one of my mail bounce toons so I wasn't aware of the upcoming expirations (that loss is what led me to discover Altaholic and its ability to track all mail and alert you when things are going to expire). I put in a ticket, just in case, but as expected I wasn't able to get them back.

    I've mostly gotten over it at this point... mostly.

    And yes, I'm OCD like that, too.

    I'm not sure why anyone would want/expect changes in mechanics and systems to give them any sort of lift... those are structural elements, it's the gameplay itself that's layered on top of those that actually make a game worth playing (to me, at least, although I assume that's relatively universal). It's just an info dump, one that we've all been waiting for and there's been a big uptick in discussion posts since the original alpha notes hit... that was the purpose and it's serving it. It isn't gameplay... it isn't meant to be.

    You seem to be fighting your own situation... you're only logging in to raid and check mail. What's wrong with that? I'm doing pretty much the same thing myself at this point, if/when I feel like doing other things I do them, if not then I don't. Why would that be something to complain about? I'm still getting way more than the Stubborn value index out of the game ($1/hour) and until that changes for any length of time, I'll stay subscribed, and I'll likely be back in relatively full force once 6.0 hits... and I look at that as a good thing.