Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- My baby hunter is 89 and a half.

- I did not play it much this weekend or I would have been 90.

- I also forgot about the wow anniversary gift.

- If I had used that I surely would have been 90.

- Even without any rested the 85-90 trip seems faster than it used to be.

- Maybe I am just getting so used to it or they stealth lowered the experience needed for it.

- Oddly enough the 80-85 part seemed longer than it was the last time I did it.

- I don't think that is the case, I think it just feels longer because I hate doing it.

- That whole jumping around all over the place in cataclysm really does not make for a friendly leveling experience.

- At least not for me.

- I might log on to hit 90 tonight or wait until the weekend.

- Being I spent my sunday leveling some I did not get some needed LFR time in for my alts.

- That is a good problem actually.

- I had been doing it a lot lately on a few characters and I think it is break time again.

- Only my priest and my rogue ran it this week, but more on that later.

- I plan to keep a documented record of my new hunters gearing process up until he gets the legendary cape.

- Detailed down to each boss and any drops from that boss.

- I think this might be my lucky hunter.

- I have had a bunch of world drop purples.

- I had three of those pets from the western plaguelands drop.

- I farmed and farmed and farmed for it for hours on my main who was just mowing things down and never got it on him.

- Yet this one just goes in for quests only and gets three?

- That is lucky.

- I also saw no spirit beats leveling in northrend.

- How is that good luck you might ask.

- I do not have dual spec yet which means no BM to tame them.

- So it is lucky that I did not see them.

- It would be nice for him to play super fast catch up.

- I have over 96 timeless island mail BoA pieces sitting in the mailbox waiting for it to hit 90.

- 8 full mails and some other in a 9th.

- Being the character is an enchanter that also means lots more sha crystals.

- I have more mail BoA pieces elsewhere among my other characters too, so there is more to be disenchanted when the time comes.

- My enchanting is level 600.

- My engineering is level 595.

- As soon as I make another spirit of harmony I will be 600 engineering as well.

- Engineering is a bitch to level.

- I am so glad I have materials on other characters and the ability to farm whatever I might need otherwise leveling engineering would be a nightmare.

- Engineering gets my vote for most "new player unfriendly" profession in the game.

- If a new player tries to train it the game should tell them, you don't want this profession, please pick another.

- You need leather, cloth, and lots of bars of metal.

- And lots of the other harder to get things but the worst part is unlike other professions there are rarely any red recipes.

- Lots of yellow stuff but yellow stuff always has the habit of not giving me a skill up when I need it to the most.

- Only have enough materials to make 5 of an item to get to the next level of material and I only end up with 4 skill ups.

- It happened to me multiple times while leveling.

- Good thing I had options.

- Go and farm or go to the auction house.

- I did a little of both.

- A very little of both, luckily I had nearly everything I needed to level up all the way already on one character or another.

- I needed to head out and get some copper early on and needed to buy some stone to make some power off the auction house, but that is about it.

- Most everything else I had on one of my characters.

- The worst part about leveling engineering?

- When you do find a red one it takes multiples of 5 different items, usually three of which are not easy to come by, and it still only gives you one skill up.

- WTF?

- In all other professions those types of things would be a 5 skill up thing, or at least a 3 skill up thing.

- They need to check out engineering.

- Leatherworking might be the worst profession to level because it needs so much leather, but engineering is the most annoying profession to level without a doubt.

- So back to everyone's favorite topic to complain about, LFR.

- Or at least my favorite topic to complain about.

- I only did LFRs on my priest and my rogue this week and almost manged to get myself kicked from a group on both of them.

- By doing nothing wrong mind you.

- I've never been kicked from an LFR before.

- Well, partial lie, I did DC once and came back 10 minutes or so later and was no longer in the LFR, but I do not count that.

- On my rogue I was in part 3 of ToT (rune hunting) and at the first boss when the tank says, kick the rogue, he isn't here.

- I said, I am here.

- He said, no you are not, your name is not lit up on my raid frames, so you are not here.

- I am in stealth, behind the boss getting ready for you to pull, that is why I am not lit up on your raid frames.

- If I had not noticed he was saying to kick me I am sure the sometime half wits that do the LFR would have just kicked me because he said so without even thinking about it.

- We wiped because, get this, only 6 people survived the maze.

- When it started and we had him in dispatch range before the maze I was thinking "this is a solid group to get him that low so fast, this should be easy."

- Three healers and three DPS lived.

- Both tanks died.

- Some smart ass said, good thing we didn't kick the rogue, he was one of only 6 people here that seems to know how to play.

- I got a giggle out of that but did not say anything.

- We do it again, the same 6 are the only ones that survive.

- One of the 6 was a lock, the lock revived the tank, we finished it off.

- Good thing I was there because my evasion tanking while the lock revived the tank is the only reason there was not a second wipe.

- That and the healers being pretty darn quick about noticing I was tanking and protecting my ass after evasion fell off before the tank picked it up.

- The smart ass yelled out "Kick the rogue."

- I laughed again because I knew he was joking but it makes me wonder, who else pays attention really, I could see someone getting kicked because of that.

- On my priest doing ToT 1, which I over gear just a bit and the first two fights are pretty freaking awesome for a disc priest, I almost got kicked for queuing up as a healer when I was a damage dealer.

- At least that is how someone saw it after the first boss.

- We downed the boss and this person starts in raid to kick the priest because she's just DPSing as a healer.

- He had a big mouth all through trash and seems like he wanted to be "the man" of the group so he probably expected people to jump at his order to kick the priest.

- I am glad most people did not listen, because sometimes jerks like this get away with saying to kick innocent people.

- He posted the DPS meters with me in 6th for damage done.

- Now being I was the only priest I was sure he was talking to me.

- I looked to my healing meters.

- I do not look during the fight and only really look after if I feel there is a reason to look.

- No other priests in the group, so no one I can look at to see if I can learn from them, so it never even occurred to me to see what my healing or my DPS was.

- I posted the healing meters which had me at the top in healing done.

- I said, I did 42.9% of all the healing, I am not DPSing, I am doing my job and looking at the numbers I am doing my job quite well thank you.

- Someone said, pay no attention, he is just pissed because a healer out DPSed him.

- Someone said, wait until next boss, I want to see what he has to say then.

- Anyone that has ever played disc knows exactly what the numbers for the next fight looked like right?

- Absolutely insane.

- Oh yeah I thought, if I beat him on DPS and damage done on the first boss I would double him on on the next boss.

- I did just that and managed to set a new LFR record for myself in the process when it comes to healing.

- I did 63% of the healing on that fight.

- I decided to be a dick, well not really, more a smart ass, and post the healing meters after that fight.

- I said, I did over 60% of all healing done and doubled you in damage done, can I now stay boss?

- He never responded.

- So I did not have many bad runs, but still some jerks in the process.

- The LFR is not the problem, the people in it is.

- Someone from guild was in the LFR yesterday and said "I can't believe how fast this LFR is when you get a group that knows what they are doing.".

- I said, the LFR is a joke to people that know what they are doing, it is a  nightmare for everyone else.

- They need to designed them to be a joke for everyone else, then they might be on to something.

- You should never need a good group to have fun, you should be able to have fun with any group.

- I did have one dreadful run which actually ended my rogues run at runestones for the week after finishing only one LFR (3rd ToT) with no stones.

- Popped into SoO part 2 on the first boss, trash was dead, no stacks of determination.

- Okay, maybe not so bad.

- Pulled, wipe, pulled, wipe, pulled, wipe.

- I get into the LFR an hour and 30 minutes before raid time, we were still wiping when it was15 minutes to the start of the raid.

- Never downed the first boss.

- I said, screw it, I will take the week off with my rogue, it is not his week, no stones for me this week.

- I just can not wait in queue for a chance at that again.

- Anything blizzard can do to stop that from happening would be a good thing.

- Nothing sucks the life out of a game and the desire to play it then wiping on the same boss in LFR for an hour and a half.

- The only character that made any progress on their legendary quest this week was my priest.

- Finished the secrets part and started the rune part with a lot more luck than I had while collecting secrets.

- I got one stone from every boss in SoO wing one.

- None from wing two however.

- So 4 in week one.

- I had done the others to get the secrets already this week so could not go back to them.

- I do not think my hunter had 4 stone until they made the drop from the last boss guaranteed.

- I had went 6 weeks without one.

- So 4 in one week is an outstanding improvement over the experience my hunter had.

- I wonder if my new hunter will have better luck.

- I am hoping he does.

- Someone said that luck "might" be tied to a name, maybe the new name I am using will do wonders and give me luck.

- Hey, an elf can dream.

- A weird thing happened to me on spoils last week.

- I died.

- Yes, that is weird because as a damage dealer the only time you die is if you made a mistake.

- At least I would figure it that 90% of the time if you die on that fight it is your own mistake.

- 5% would be the tanks fault for not handling adds, 3% the healer fault for not keeping up and 2% because your group overextended itself with too many adds.

- The fact I died was not the weird thing however, I've died many times to my own stupidity.

- The weird thing was how I was revived.

- I came back to life with full health, full focus and my pet was already out.

- Did they patch something that when you get a revive from a DK your come with with full everything and your pet out?

- I could swear that had never happened to me before.

- Full health, yes, but I don't recall my pet already being out ever.

- I could be wrong but I am sure I've always had to call my pet before.

- Weird I tell you.

- Maybe it is just a bug on spoils?

- Anyone else want to admit they died to their own stupidity on spoils and got a revive as a hunter?

- If you did, was your pet already out and did you have full focus?

- I think it might just have been a bug, but maybe it is fight specific.

- That was the only time I've ever died on that fight so I can't say if it was a one time thing or not.

- Maybe next week I will kill myself on purpose just to check out if that happens again.

- I must say I like coming back and not having to call my pet.

- Have a great day.


  1. Weird, that happened to me a couple weeks ago; I derped, got revived, and it was like when I die in a BG, or on the timeless isle, I was at full health, full focus with my pet at my side. I thought maybe I had blacked out and rez'ed my pet... weird....

    I'm levelling my first DK, who's half way through pandaland now. I was organizing his bank the other day and thought to myself "jeez, I don't remember needing so much bag space for other alts", and it took me a while to realize that once I got rid of all five billion timeless plate items the bank would be basically empty...

    1. Was it on spoils too? Maybe it is just a bug with that fight. I don't recall it happening anywhere else.

      I bounce my timeless stuff back and forth between characters in the mail. I do not have the bag space for all that crap. lol

  2. I Que'd for SoO final wing last night. Zoned in @ Garrosh with the group having 2 stacks of determination. Thought I had all the time in the world to complete it no matter how many wipes it took. Boy was I wrong! I spent 3 hours total in there and only got one real attempt in due to a lack of a tank. We' d spend 20 mins waiting, get one then despair and they insta dropped group. The longer it took the more juvenile and misogyist the conversations became. Turned out to be an utter waste of good gaming time.

    1. That is the absolutely perfect example of why I say that they should change the LFR to be faceroll easy. It should not take 3 hours to NOT down even one boss.

  3. Not stealth, they decreased the amount of XP required from 85-90 by 33% a while back... patch 5.2 or 5.3, I think, it was in the notes. It's roughly the same speed to level now without rested XP as it was before with it, in my experience.

    Coincidentally (or not), I was noticing last night that my mage was rezzing (spirit rezzers on Timeless Island) with his water elemental out... which struck me as new, although to be honest I wasn't sure about that. I just recall having to re-summon it in the past when I died. So they may have made some sort of change where either pets are auto-summoned when you're rezzed or they maintain their pre-your-faceplant status (if they were still alive when you became not-alive, they're still alive when you're rezzed).

    As for Spoils, the only time I've died on that fight based on (technically) my own action was once on my monk when I was rolling across the room to one of the spirit monk thingies and it decided to pick the split second before I hit the button to do a path of fire blossoms right along my roll path toward me... so, horrified, I realized as I was pushing the button that I was going to rolling right along that fire blossom path and completely blew myself up in the process and there wasn't anything I could do about it.

    Healer (while rezzing me): "WTF killed you, dude? I didn't even notice your health going down, you just went splat. What mechanic in here does that?!"

    Me: "Call it bad luck and a monk-on-monk-specific thing, I seriously don't see that ever happening again."

    (similar reaction to when I was on Durumu on my mage, hit Alter Time, then was immediately targeted by the cone knockback, moved out of it and immediately realized that I was 100% screwed sometime within the next few seconds without, far as I knew or have been able to figure out since, any way of avoiding my fate... and of course, that was with a group I wouldn't have minded impressing a bit, which is hard to do when dying to normally-trivial mechanics for class-specific and really awkward reasons)

    1. I know about that nerf, I have leveled at least 4 or 5 since then. I am talking it is faster now. After that change.

      I usually do all the shado-pan things before I move to the next zone, even after the 33% drop. I left 2 shado pan quest hubs untouched and moved to the next area when I hit 89.

      I level by pattern, same quests, same pattern, same everything. I just leveled WAY faster this time than last time. Yes, after the 33%. So they had to stealth nerf it again or I just really killed a lot more additional mobs to speed it up. But the amount needed for that and being able to skip 2 complete hubs I normally do would be insane.

      The spirit healers on the island work like PvP revives, everything is there. I wish they all worked that way personally.

      LOL - I did the same thing on my mage, alter time right back into the maze. Makes you want to scream.

    2. Interesting, I just did the same thing (leveled my RAF toon solo from 85-90 since the RAF benefits stop at 85) over the weekend and it felt about right even though I was using the 9% XP boost. Using 89 as my example since I moved to DW right when I hit it, I did the starter quests, the first wave of hub quests, the one on the SW island, the ones from the underwater SW cave, the ones from the above-ground SW cave (the one where you collect amber sap, not the one where you collect plants... too many caves), the ones from the SE lake and was half-way through the Pandaren north ones (just got to the point of being told to go visit Sapmaster, or whatever) when I dinged. Pretty much exactly the process all my other toons went through although I did the underwater cave and normally don't since I didn't have much rested XP and normally have a full bar at that point. Were you doing instances? That might have upset the balance if you normally don't and did this time.

      Ah, didn't realize there were different classes of rezzers.

    3. Instances? Me? You have been reading long enough to have heard me say it a million and one times. If you want to level fast stay the hell out of the dungeon finder. Dungeons are the slowest way to level. lol

      So no, I did not do them. I did do some pet battles when I was in the zone with the daily but that would not be enough to throw off my pattern.

      I still have 4 paragons to rescue in DW and three entire hubs to do for the shado-pan. I normally do all the shado-pan or just skip the one in the cave across the island. I also normally only have 2 paragons left. It was indeed much faster.

      I too did not have rested, and I forgot about the 9th anniversary thing. If I had rested and that it would have been even faster.

      I think those timeless island ones are the first time I have seen PvP revive points in a PvE world. Maybe it is a sign of things to come.

    4. Yeah, I know, I've never really done normal instances while leveling either but for the first time on my latest toon I did do some in the 85-88 range, once each specifically so I'd have the quests to do. It didn't slow things down too much and helped get me past some of the quests that I prefer to avoid after 20+ (god, is that really accurate?) times through so since I finally succumbed, who knows, maybe you had too. Not sure if that'll become part of my leveling process in the future but it wasn't a bad experience, they were generally quick and painless (and it felt really weird to be doing 35K dps on a boss at L86 in quest greens... seriously, they buffed warriors for leveling somehow when I wasn't looking). I did 89-90 strictly through DW questing, though.

      (speaking of, now that that toon is L90 in a mix of quest greens, normal instance blues and has an i548 flex BoA 2H weapon, would he fit your criteria to bring into a Flex run since he'd be competitive dps-wise (did 90K on Ordos solo, without any group buffs, so probably 120K in an actual raid as-is)? Curious what the line is... I think 120K is enough for Flex, first wing at least, but I'm not sure I could personally handle someone bringing in a toon with almost nothing but unenchanted i450 blues and leveling greens. Is there some basic requirement to at least have i496 Island gear even if dps is fine without it?

      (those heirloom weapons do introduce some interesting potential dilemmas in the hands of reasonably skilled players...)

    5. 120K is great for flex. Congrats on the BoA. None for me yet.

      I wonder how they will be scaled down with everything else scaling down as well. I would think they would still be amazingly powerful. Just hope I can get a few before warlords, but I will not hold my breath with my luck.

  4. Or you can wait for Darkmoon for the last 5 points. I know I would.
    I'm pretty sure you can level Eng with mining only, I've 4 engineers for some reason and it was pretty easy. Leatherworking, though... nothing could ever make me level another.

    I don't know about hunter pets on spoils, but I've noticed vanity pets are left behind, even if you release and run in, they're waiting for you down there.

    1. I always seem to forget about darkmoon. I'd say only 2 out of 12 months I remember it. Oops. Nice idea.

      You can leveling it with mining only but then that seriously limits what you can make. Lots of things need other stuff to make.

      Maybe the pet being revived thing has something to do with the vanity pet thing. Probably a bug.