Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grin and Bear It: The Legendary Motto

Depending on what source you use to find the description of the meaning of the expression "Grin and Bear It" it can be different, but still the same in concept.  From "to endure something unpleasant in good humor." to "to accept something bad without complaining" but my favorite way of explaining it, and the one I believe to be most accurate is "to accept an unpleasant or difficult situation because there is nothing you can do to improve it.".

Many people that are switching mains, leveling up alts, just getting to the point of working on it, or playing catch up because it has never mattered to them until now are working on the legendary quest line now and playing catch up, quite frankly, sucks.

Someone said, in general on the timeless island yesterday, when they were assembling for ordos groups that anyone that does not have the legendary on at least 3 characters by now isn't trying.  Okay, perhaps he is right.  I only have one because I have only tried to get it on one, until recently when I started to play catch up.  I've been trying the last three weeks.  So there is some truth in his words.

Four weeks ago I decided to start working on a couple of my characters that were at various stages of the legendary quest line.  Here is my progress.  The only one that has done the forth week (this week) is my priest.

In three weeks my warlock went from needing 8 wisdom and 7 power to needing 2 wisdom and 1 power.  That is three weeks of doing every boss that can drop them.  That is a dreadful drop rate.  I did manage to get the four piece tier set on it, even if I could not get sigils to drop for the life of me.  Such is luck right? I most likely will not run my lock this week as I have begun to lose interest in getting it for him.  But I might.  If I want to push on with him, I must grin and bear it because while it might be an unpleasant situation with the bad drop rates there is nothing I can do to improve it.

In three weeks my mage has went from collecting valor for the valor part of the quest to collecting valor for the valor part of the quest.  He is not done with that part because I have not pushed as hard as I could have honestly pushed as I am not capping valor or even close to capping on him.  So it will not take me 3 weeks to get 3000 valor, it will take me a lot longer.  Of course there is no one to blame there but myself as I am not making the effort for it really.  At least it is no longer 7000 valor needed right?

In the three weeks, and now 4th, my priest has went from needing 6 secrets to needing 2.  In the three weeks I did every single boss there is to do that can drop them, that means 20 bosses a week.  So 60 bosses already.  I've done 9 so far this week, so that puts me at 69 bosses that can drop it and only 4 secrets.  And people wonder why people give up on getting it?  The only reason I still press on with my priest is that it is a healer and I get somewhat instant queue most of the time.  Also, being I vastly over gear ToT now it is kind of fun pulling 90K DPS while doing 120K HPS and getting right in.  It makes for easier runs.  I will continue the push with my priest even if I am dreading the bad drop rates because there is little to no wait time involved in getting into the runs.  This is a HUGE key to why I think the priest (both my 90 priests) are the ones I will get the cloak on next.  No wait time, that is what is killing me from getting the stuff I need, not only the drop rates, but the massive time investment needed to not get those drops each week.

In the three weeks my rogue has went from needing 8 secrets to needing 8 runestones.  This is the opposite of the other stories, as my rogue has some amazing luck with drops.  It took me maybe a total of 30 boss kills to get my 20 secrets and I've basically done nothing with him so far in terms of runestones, one flex run and one LFR run for a total of 7 bosses and I got 4 runestones.  Most people I talk to seem to say this is their experience with it.  Everything almost a 50% drop rate or better.  This is the only character that seems to be at that point.

Four weeks ago someone queued with me on my priest, so I could get them into an LFR faster, that had just gotten to the secrets phase while my priest was already sitting at 14.  They picked up their legendary yesterday, I am still collecting secrets.  /cry

Sometimes it is really hard to just "grin and bear it".  I am having some problems with that.

My tanks, all of them with the exception of my monk are still sitting on the sigil phase as I refuse with every essence of my being to tank the LFR.  I wish there were a way to play catch up with them faster than the occasional flex run.  If I ever want to get the legendary on one of my tanks I will either need to learn to DPS with them or I will need to grin and bear it and tank an LFR.  As I refuse to grin and bear it because tanking the LFR is not my idea of fun in any way, shape or form, they will not be moving forward any time soon.  So I made a conscious decision to not do it.  I can not complain about that.  It is my decision.

My "extra" 90s, priest, hunter DK, etc, get played so rarely, so they are way behind as well.  However, my hunter and my priest are actually head of some of my main alts, if you will.  That has more to do with the fact I enjoy playing those characters.  Well, the hunter at more so of course.  The priest gets played because of what I mentioned earlier.  It is the easiest to get through the system as it gets instant queue and it kind of fun to play even in the random setting at lower gear levels.

I am at the point now where I feel like giving up again on getting my cloak on a second character.  I am having issues with grinning and bearing it.  I have characters are various stages, sigils, valor, secrets or runestones, but none of them really seem to be moving anywhere fast in terms of collecting the needed requirements to moving along with the quest.  None of them, except for the rogue that is.

How long have I been saying that the rogue is the class I least enjoy playing?  I can go back as far as my blog goes and point out the various number of times I have said those exact words.  I can also point out that in cataclysm my rogue was my second character to 85.  Can you even believe that? It was my second best geared character throughout most of cataclysm as well even if I never did get the daggers on it.  This expansion, with as little as I play it, it seems to be having fantastic luck with quest drops, if not gear drops.  It is still only sitting at 520 and still has horrible weapons.  To show how horrible 520 is, my DK, which is my bank alt, yes bank alt, and only did the original LFRs and has done basically nothing since then is sitting at 517.  Without even attempting to get any gear what so ever my DK is more geared than a character that actually has raided and has received quest drops and is three phases ahead of it in the quest line.

So I have to repeat the legendary mantra to myself over and over "just grin and bear it".

The thing for me is I am the type of person that I feel that it is my responsibility to do the best I can do at least in the solo sense when it comes to gearing up.  That means I "should" have my legendary on at least 7 characters by now or, by my own standards, I've failed myself because I have not been able to just "grin and bear it".  I've let things get to me. I keep giving up.  I failed.

I let my mages failures in the PvP part get to me and allowed it to sit on the bench effectively taking 6 weeks to win 2 battlegrounds.  I gave up on my DK after 8 weeks of no loot and no sigils and it never returned to LFR since.  I refuse to tank the LFR on my druid, even if that is the tank I am best at by far and it would really benefit from having the cape.  I've let my lock sit on the sidelines multiple times because I got frustrated with drop rates.  I abandoned my shaman, even with her instant LFR queue because I did not feel comfortable playing with it even if I was doing well with it so she is still sitting at collecting sigils even if she is completely ToT geared from running that a million and one times.  I never had that "grin and bear it" mentality to go back and get the things I actually needed from the previous tier.

I am having a big problem with the "grin and bear it" legendary process on alts and it is not like me.  I completely understand the "unpleasant situation I can do nothing to improve" of it but I find myself giving up a lot faster than I normally would.

When all is said and done I will have the legendary on multiple characters because it will just happen, now that SoO drops everything from the first 8.  So they will all catch up, in time, even with their horrible luck, even if I do not try and do not go back to the appropriate content for the drops.

But my question is, How do you just "grin and bear it" and deal with pushing toward getting it?

I just can't seem to do it.  Long waits in queue, bad groups here and there, bad people seemingly everyone, horrible drop rates, and the feeling like you are climbing uphill without any mountain climbing gear. I know I should keep pushing on my alts because I feel my alts will never be fully ready for SoO even if they have a 550 item level because they are missing that one "easy" piece that everyone can get as long as they just "grin and bear it".

Like that one guy said, everyone should have it on multiple characters by now if they try and he is right.  I should.  I should have it on at least 7 or 8 by now, but I don't and I kind of feel like I flunked out of "grin and bear it" class because I don't.

If you are just getting to it now, or getting it on an alt, remember the legendary motto, Grin and Bear it.  Maybe you will succeed where I failed because I couldn't just grin and bear it.

Good luck.  It can't be any worse than mine.

Note:  Someone mentioned that the reason I might not be getting the "guaranteed" drop off sha in LFR is because personal loot sometimes does not automatically put it in your bag.   So check to see if there is loot after the fight and don't just drop group and be grumpy about getting nothing like me.


  1. He's not right, the guy on the Island is an idiot and I'd have put him on ignore on the spot if I had room for him. That's exactly the kind of person I don't want to ever have to deal with in-game, especially in random content. I mean, hell, I don't EXPECT anyone to HAVE 3 max-level toons, let alone geared, let alone that they want to do a f'n legendary questline on. He's the worst kind of mix of peer pressure and trolling, the one you can almost make an argument for.

    I felt "obligated" to get a Legendary on one toon, my main raiding toon. I did that and that was going to be it. Then I ended up leveling a toon on another server who had a potential opportunity to do some raiding over there so I started the process on that toon as well, figured why not, I was mostly running the content anyway. Finally finished that toon off this week after a very quick Runestone phase.

    I did the second toon for two reasons... primarily because I was playing it anyway so why not, and also because the raid I run with sometimes all have the cloak on their raiding toons and I notice it missing on my toon vs theirs (and vs my toon that has it). That was enough to push me to get it done and to actually cap VP every week during that phase and run all the bosses that could drop tokens each week (most weeks, anyway, I think I lost a week or two during the Sigil phase due to a hatred of HoF LFR at the time). It was also quite a bit faster the second time through with the various catch-ups available.

    I'm considering picking it up on a 3rd toon but not out of any sort of obligation... I'd just be doing it to have something to do in-game that has a specific end point (and a nice one at that). I like having those, not exclusively but for situations like this, why not? I won't be pushing it, though, I'll just pick that toon more often when I'm deciding which one to play. No change in my playstyle, just a small change in my toon focus.

    (and you're still wrong about your personal drop rate since 5.4 hit, either you aren't doing all the bosses you should be or you're expanding the timeline you've been doing it, you're GUARANTEED 2 Secrets or Runestones a week, from Lei Shen and Sha of Whatever in SoO wing 1... so while it's possible (but unlikely with a 25% drop rate) to only get 2 a week, it's not possible to kill those bosses and get LESS than 2 a week... so absolute worst case, you're looking at 4 months for both, and likely significantly faster)

    1. I feel I should have it on multiple characters, so I am setting my own standards as I am behind what I know I could, or should have done. So I do believe he is right in a way. I could easily have it on more characters if I made the effort for it.

      I am not wrong about the drop rates. I know what I get. I could be wrong about where I got them from of course, but I know what I get.

      There are no guaranteed drops for secrets. I did all 4 ToT LFR on my priest last week and the first 2 SoO in flex on my priest last week and got 0. So there is no chance at a mistake there. If I got none I can not have made a mistake on who I got them from. Zero is zero. It also shows that they are no guaranteed drops for secrets. (or I really do have the worst luck in the game.)

      As for runestones, there are multiple people in my guild that are on that part of the quest. We kill sha in at least 2 flex runs (plus normals) and there are always people that say "darn, no runestone for me". It is not a guaranteed drop. That is not an opinion, that is a hard fact. If you are on the quest and you kill it and it does not drop that means it is not a guaranteed drop (or you killed it in another difficulty already). People need to stop saying that sha is guaranteed, not even sure where that rumor started. Lei shen is the only guaranteed drop for it.

      I will do the last LFRs and Siege on my priest tonight and let you know how it goes. But even if I do get a secret on sha, it would be luck, same as not getting one. I am so close I can taste it and I am due for a big week. However, even if it is only rumor, I save the last ToT and the second SoO for last, in case I do progress to up my chances of runestones. Hey, even if it is a rumor that rumor had to start somewhere and for a reason, and maybe it just means it has a very high drop rate.

      You never know, maybe my character is just bugged. I noticed I get 100 valor per LFR I do, not 90. Nope, not kidding. I get 100 per. Doesn't always happen and at first I thought it was those extra guys in ToT, but I doubled checked it yesterday and I got 100 from ToT part 3, which has none of those extra valor mini bosses in it.

    2. And again, that's fine if you choose to do it personally, but basically agreeing with a troll who makes a stupid claim like "if you don't have 3 already you aren't trying" is the opposite of the right reaction. Even on the simplest level, why 3? Why not 6? I mean, hell, if you don't have 6 you're a total scrub. Same for 10, or 25, or 50 (what, you don't have a full account of max-level, geared toons? How do you spend your time in-game?!).

      Players need to feel free to find their own level, whatever it is, not to be pressured into hitting some sort of completely arbitrary value of "barely enough" that'll be completely different between any two people for a huge number of different factors.

      It's not a rumour, it's as factual as it could possibly be, I linked a blue comment recently but here it is again again:

      Copied here, just to make sure:

      If you already completed Siege of Orgrimmar wings 1 and 2 for Secrets of the Empire they won't drop a Titan Runestone. If you haven't completed Throne of Thunder wings 3 and 4 though, you can run that with Lei Shen being a 100% guaranteed drop..

      As a side note, only the first 8 bosses in SoO have a chance (Sha of Pride is 100% guaranteed just like Lei Shen) to drop items for Wrathion's legendary quest line.

      Secrets of the Empire (and Titan Runestones) are GUARANTEED from Lei Shen and Sha of Pride. 2 a week. If you aren't getting 2 a week, you either aren't killing those bosses or you killed them when you weren't actually on that quest or you have already killed the boss that lockout and already have one from it or weren't on the quest at THAT time. Period. If you aren't getting stones from those bosses you should be putting in tickets, they should absolutely be dropping.

      I can't speak to VP bonuses, aside from the mobs that sometimes or always drop bonus VP I don't pay any attention to VP except whether I'm capped or not. Some of the heroic 5-mans have bonus VP these days but I'm not aware of anything in LFR other than those bonus mobs.

    3. Someone else posted that link as well. I can say, with absolute certainty, that I have killed sha and not received a runestone however.

      I guess for me I would like to get one healer and one tank there, finished with the quest. Because I want to as I know it will make me better with them.

  2. Dr. StrangeTiggi or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombNovember 20, 2013 at 3:35 PM

    Nothing in this game is mandatory, I know I know you FEEL something is mandatory but that doesn’t make it so. (Conservatives FEEL that climate change isn’t happening that doesn’t make it not happen.) The sooner you can teach yourself to embrace this philosophy the sooner you will get back to enjoying the game. You will have to teach yourself, hell last night I had to talk myself out of spending all night getting the stupid fire cow faction too honored so 6 years later I’m still having to monitor myself.
    You’re on the road to a massive burn out. I've been there; I know what you’re feeling. I used to be like that as well but at some point In Wotlk I had a come to Jesus moment about wow. I could play to my fingers bleed or I could say fuck it do what I want, tell myself it’s okay if I don’t hit the cap or get something done, and that I could still work on it next week. The end of the world will not happen if I don’t achieve all my goals for the weeks. It’s just a game not my second job. I think its really easy for us guild leader/raid leaders to forget that so remind yourself constantly. No one will show up to audit you, check that no one that matters will. :P Anyone that tells you that you haven’t done enough can go fuck themselves.

    1. I have proved, to myself, that just because I "feel" like I should do something I would not do it if I did not want to. Hence the reason I am not done with the quest on multiple characters even if I "feel" I should be. It is my own little rebellion of one, if you will, against the mandatory term.

      I do tend to put to much on myself however, I know that. I always have, it is just the way I am. I've learned this expansion to say "fuck it" a lot. In a way it has made my experience better and in a way it has made it worse. There is a whole post I could write on how taking your time is good for me and bad for me. We each need to find that middle ground for ourselves I think. Where we are doing enough to make ourselves happy with what we are doing, but not doing so much that we are pushing beyond reasonable expectations.

    2. Anon, Grumpy's former guild leader:

      (Liberals FEEL that climate change is happening that doesn’t make it happen.)

      You see what I did there...

      Look, I don't necessarily disagree that lots of political things can be felt. Emotional states in WoW however are better served by leaving real world thoughts and deeds aside.

      The primary free speech restriction we as a guild impose in guild chat is one of an absolute ban on folks making politics and religion subjects of discussion. That is really a good rule to follow on any website not dedicated to Politics or Religion. Now you aren't a guildie of mine, but honestly, what purpose other than inflaming someone of an opposing view, does including the line about conservatives?

      In short, Politics and Religion are not topics to be discussed in WoW unless you are looking for an argument. One of our best players is an absolute loon over an conspiracy theory, a conspiracy theory that as best I can see is nonsensical. Now if I dwelled on that, I could not play with that person, but instead because we stay off that subject, the fact is I truly enjoy playing with that person.

      Now most of the folks who read it either already agreed with the statement, or they were insulted by it. Some probably didn't even read it closely enough to snort in agreement or roll their eyes in disagreement. But really, what real relationship to playing WoW did that statement make?

      TL;DR: Leave politics and religion out of WoW discussions. It serves no purpose but to alienate others.

  3. "In three weeks my warlock went from needing 8 wisdom and 7 power to needing 2 wisdom and 1 power."

    So you literally did...

    16 bosses in t14
    12 bosses in t15
    8 bosses in t16 (first eight)

    for three weeks (36 bosses a week = 108 bosses)

    and you only got 12 sigils from those 108 bosses?

    "In the three weeks, and now 4th, my priest has went from needing 6 secrets to needing 2. In the three weeks I did every single boss there is to do that can drop them, that means 20 bosses a week."

    You're either mistaken or lying on this.

    You're guaranteed a Secret from both Lei Shena and Sha of Pride each week -- so even if literally no Secrets drop outside of those two bosses, you still get two per week. Which means there is no way you went from needing 6 to needing 2 in three weeks while also doing every boss who can drop them -- two guaranteed per week times three weeks means six minimum.

    1. I could be mistaken by a minor amount. As in I did not do all but most. But I am not mistaken about my bad luck. (this is referring to the lock)

      The priest I am 100% certain on, as we had been having some healers missing so I've been making an effort to get caught up with it. It is also the character I am capping valor on as my main is sitting at 3K with nothing to spend it on. So I've been capping by doing all the LFRs, as they are instant queue most of the time.

      You are not, repeat, not guaranteed secrets off any bosses. Not sure why people keep saying that. They might have a higher drop rate but it is not a guaranteed drop rate. You are thinking runestones, that is the only one that has a guaranteed drop off lei shen. But with my luck I would not put it past not getting one on that too. At least it feels that way sometimes.

    2. Maybe we keep saying it because it's true?

      "Lei Shen will now always drop a Titan Runestone or Secrets of the Empire for players that are on the legendary quest line."


      "Lei Shen and Sha of Pride are 100% guaranteed to drop the item that you need."

      So, yes, you are guaranteed two runestones or two secrets a week even if literally no other bosses besides those two drop one.

      If you're going to rant and complain at least make sure you're actually correct about the issue. It is completely unfair to mislead others about this kind of stuff.

      So I would appreciate you editing your original post to reflect this fact so others don't get the wrong idea.

    3. Someone else posted the link but I can say with absolute certainty that I have killed sha and did not get a runestone or a secret. Bug? Maybe. Was it on normal and I forgot to loot it, like someone suggested? Maybe.

      But, no matter what maybe there is, I killed it and I did not get it. That is absolutely fact.

      Like I said, on my lock I could be wrong but on my priest I am sure. I did not get any secrets last week.

      My main is capped, so I capped my priest last week. I did the ToTs and the first 3 SoO in LFR and I capped out in normal and flex. So yes, I did all of them that could drop secrets. Did I do the normals before the flex/lfr, maybe, but I did do all the bosses that could drop them and I got 0.

      Could I be wrong and it was something I did wrong, absolutely, but I got none and that is a fact.

    4. Someone just explained in another post what might be the reason for me not getting the items.

      They said that even in the personal loot system you have to loot sometimes. When I beat a boss I just move on. I have never even considered looting a boss in LFR. He said you have to.

      It would also explain sha and me never getting anything from him in LFR. As soon as the fight is over I leave group.

      So perhaps it is my own stupidity for believing it would be automatically put in my bags that is why I did not get it.

      With as much as I question blizzards coding I should have known better than to trust their personal loot system.

      From now on I will absolutely wait and see if there is loot after a kill.

      I was not going to edit my post, because I am 100% correct that I got nothing off sha, but with what he said, I will add that.

    5. Appreciated.

      I've never heard of that apparent bug (especially since you can't even loot something like Sha on LFR/Flex) but whatever.

    6. It never even occurred to me either but it makes sense, or I would like to believe it does.

      There are only two options. Somehow I did not automatically get it, or I am really the unluckiest person in the game. While I often say the latter, I would really hope that is not the fact.

  4. It really is a constant struggle. I really do hope you are able to find that happy medium. I do feel that it has gotten better with practice for me.

    1. This late in the game I don't expect to catch up quick but I think I would be happy with a 33% drop rate, as in one secret per ToT. I could live with that.

  5. I'm big into alting and I still have yet to get beyond the PVP portion on my alts. I have the cloak on my main and it's not worth the investment... I'm honestly not sure I could do the solo scenario on my alts anyway.

    And I've had rather good luck to be sure. One toon got 20 sigils in 22 boss kills. [Why couldn't that be my main back when that tier was current?!] But I know several of my raiders are still at the mercy of the secrets and runestone drops, and they're having bad luck with them. Hubby and I have co-tanked LFRs to help them out.

    If you want the legendary on multiple toons, more power to you! I MIGHT end up with it on the priest alt someday. I haven't been trying and while a part of me feels I should, I start to try the PVP part and remember why not lol.

    Good luck though, in whatever you want to do!

    1. The priest seems to be the one easiest for me as it gets into the LFRs faster, so less wait means more desire to get it done. For me at least.

      The PvP part is kind of brutal but I like it more than waiting on drops. It is just too random for me. Some characters get tons, some get none. Heck, I've even not gotten something off the the "guaranteed" drop bosses. So luck does not get worse than that.

  6. One thing Grumpy I have wondered as I hear about your horrible luck with quest drops is:

    Do you manually loot each boss in LFR/Flex or rely on the personal loot system?

    I have found on occasion that even when my bags are not full and all things being equal quest drops should go straight into my bags, but they don't. If I then go and manually loot the boss, I get the item.

    So I wonder if there have been many Sigils/Secrets/Runestone that may have actually dropped (including the supposed 'guaranteed' drops) that you just may not have received.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Bronebeard (Saurfang-US)

    1. LFR is personal loot. I am doing them all through there for alts. If I do go on a normal I've already done it on LFR so I can not loot a quest item off a boss I already killed so I never even try to manually loot. (also as loot master if there were something to loot I most likely would loot it and not even notice it.)

      I guess it is possible that they are not going into my bag, if I were doing normals. But can that happen in LFR?

      I remember on my main the first time through I would always have to remind people to loot and the only reason I would even remember is I was loot master and I saw it there. So I can surely see how that is possible to forget to loot. If not for being loot master I might have forgot.

      Thanks for the notice however, I will try to remember to loot should I do a normal.

    2. No worries Grumpy. :-)
      I've only noticed this happen with the personal loot system (i.e. LFR and Flex raids) as you expect the loot to go straight into your bags, but for whatever reason, it doesn't.

      I am also Loot Master for my normal raids, so it's not an issue then as I will have to manually loot the boss to distribute items. I have only seen it happen in LFR or Flex runs.

      Hopefulley, this may increase your luck a bit and you can finish off those outstanding items.


      Bronebeard (Saurfang-US)

    3. So it does happen with personal loot?

      I've never even once thought to loot a boss when I was doing something that was personal loot.

      Thanks, I will always make sure to check for loot now. Maybe my problem is not bad luck, just stupidity on my part for thinking it would be put in my bag.

  7. -I am trying to do the legendary quest on 2 alts at the moment. But I am not pushing as hard as I was on my main. I was doing that earlier, but when I tried to get 2 BG wins before doing the ToT lfrs as I had just done my 3k valor part after the reset, trying to get 2 wins by queuing back to back and losing for hours left me with a really foul mood. I had to take a step back and think ,why I am pushing so hard, whats the point, alts are there to fill the time between main raids, they are not main chars, it will not be the end of the world if I miss a few secrets or dont get a BG win this week, I will get it eventually. So once I had this clarity , I stopped worrying about my progress of legendary on alts and now just casually working on it, not giving a damn if its delayed 2 weeks or 3 weeks or more.
    -Grumpy I have noticed, the main source of your frustration with this game is alts, even if you agree or not. You feel that you need to keep a geared tank and healer to help the group, that is all good and great, but it puts a great pressure on you to keep those alts geared and put as much effort on doing legendary quest as you do on your main. With connected realms coming I hope you get a decent pool of raiders in your realm group, and you get to just play your hunter for entire expansion and not dabble with tanks and healers for progress raids.
    -Regarding raiding, really tired after a 12 hour work shift and sleeping just 4hours the day before,dint perform up to my standards on the farm night after reset yesterday.
    Dint die much but dint rank either as I had really good ranks the week before and you need to do better dps to rank again , you wont rank again till you exceed your own previous record on a boss even if you exceed the rank limit dps on that fight. Kinda dissappointing, because as a dps this is what I derive fun from, getting better and better at my role which is reflected by higher numbers.
    -Also realized something. playing sub , its more important to master your tanks movements then it is to master to the rotation,dps will go down the toilet if your tank turns boss arround while you are shadow dancing and missed the motion. Its like ball rall room dancing, just that there is an ugly monster between you and your partner.

    -straws, kazzak-eu

    1. That is what took me so long on my mage to finish it. After losing 10 battles in a row I took a break for a few weeks. It was not worth it for an alt to put myself through that hell.

      I ended up grabbing a few guild mates that were after the win also one weekend and it took us three tries to get it. Still not great, but better as a group with some communication.

      I gear the others because I want to. Sure I might be pushing too hard because I feel I need to, but I do not mind doing it really. Just get frustrated having to do something I already did sometimes.

      I think I have only ranked on 3 of the first 13 (have not downed the last yet). I've been off my game all tier. But it could also be because I still do not have a decent weapon for the tier. I do have the 4 piece however, 3 from normal, so that is a surprise for me. No new trinkets either except the AoC flex I got first week. Rocking that and a heroic rentakis still. I think once I get a weapons and some trinkets my numbers will really shoot up.

  8. The amount of effort you put into gearing your alts is astounding. I'd never even think about getting the MOP legendary on a second character, one is enough. Then again, if that's your fun, why not. I like tryharding 3v3 on alts from time to time, even on undergeared ones (it's a lot of fun to see if you can hit 1800 while getting your oversized cap, and yeah, it can be pretty challenging), so I can relate in a way...

    1. I like to play, it comes down to that.

      My main is done, he is capped, there is nothing much I can get from LFR (one piece) and few things I can get from flex (three pieces) not to mention the difficulty of finding a group for them.

      So I gear alts because it is something to do. I like the idea of building up a character. If I did not gear up alts and only played my main I would basically be in the position of only logging in on raid night.

      I do it because I want to play, not because I want to gear alts. At least to some extent.

  9. My honey gets so angry when doing pets. Counts the rounds and says look at this like 38 rounds and still the turtle won't die. And complains and complains till I say get off pet battles, they're not for you, they don't make you happy so just stop.

    Why exactly do you do this? Is there an actual logic as to why every alt and their mother has to have cloaks? What progression are they all pushing? Why stop at that? Why not flex on them and pug normal on all of them every week? Why should you stop at solo, because that's defo not the best you can do.

    My two cents? Stop counting. Stop doing them for alts that don't need them. The ones you raid on, go get that for them. Focus on them, don't do 50 alts and 500 bosses so it seems like a neverending struggle.

    But hell... my baby still does pets, still gets angry so so will you.

    You know what else my baby does. Every freaking raid after their group beats Garrosh, whispers me how many heirlooms their hunter now has. 6. Yes. The guy is lucky and gets a heirloom almost every time he comes. 95% of us ( 4 raiding teams) never even seen one. So my baby gets pissed how unfair and surreal this is.
    You're doing this too. You're complaining how some people get lucky and get all their whatevers in 3 weeks and how bad and dreadful it is that you didn't. Just stop looking at how green the grass is for someone else. Every time you get something, even if it's not a lot, you progress further... but you prefer to look at how many more you have left and how long it will take instead of being happy you're closer to your goal. Happy when you get something, not unhappy when you don't...
    Yeah, I know, my words don't reach...

    1. I think I know the turtle she is talking about. lol

      I like the process of building up a character, seeing a character grow. My main it at a stage where the moments of growth are few and far between. My alts however need gear, need the cloak, need to be developed, and I like to go after it.

      If I could get in flex and normal or had the time to do it on multiple characters, with my alts, I would. Absolutely. Because I like to play.

      Just because I do not intend to use the character for raiding does not turn me off of looking to advance them. It is not all about raiding, it is about advancing. It is why I like leveling, you see yourself moving forward. That cloak is moving forward.

      Luck goes in spurts. I've said it before and I will say it again. I finally got my last 2 secrets on my priest last night in the final part of ToT. So a lucky week no doubt right? I went and did the solo thing (wow it is so much easier on a disc priest) and went to the first part of SoO to start collecting runestones, expecting to get none. I got one off every boss. 4 bosses, 4 stones. Luck moves in spurts. At least this week it seems to be moving at the same pace as everyone else.