Monday, July 4, 2011

Pugging Firelands Trash

I just want to let out a big sigh about pugging firelands trash.  Not because it is hard, hell no, I love the trash.  It is easy as sin, more so then heroics trash in my opinion.  It is just that my main is a pure DPS which means no trash runs for me.

I can pug on my tank all day long.  I can pug on my healer all day long.  I can sit in trade all day log looking for a spot as a DPS and get nothing.  It is annoying, hell, beyond annoying.  All I want to do is play the character I enjoy playing the most and I can't.

Sure, there have been a few chances I could have went on.  One was someone asking for DPS saying that they needed 15K minimum DPS or no loot.  First off, I can do 15K no problem so that is not the issue.  The thing that bugged me is that he had the balls to demand raid DPS for trash.  If they where going for bosses it is fine to ask for 15K DPS but if you are just doing trash you are being rude asking for it.  So while I could do it, I refused to run with someone to obnoxious as to ask for it.  Remember, this trash is easy, you could do it with 10K DPS from everyone and have no problems.  I am sure you could do it with 8K too.  Why do you need almost double that for trash?

I am getting to the point of extreme annoyance.  My alts have better gear, more rep, and more play time then my main.  I can pug anything all day long on my alts but I can not even get into a trash run on my main.  Something needs to be done about this on blizzards end. 

Sure, I could have sucked it up and just went with the jerk asking for 15K DPS even if I objected to his asking for it but why should I lower my standards and play with a person that is a jerk.  I shouldn't.

The only thing that can be done really is have blizzard lose pure DPS classes.  Find a way to allow the pures to tank or DPS.  So that way people who have mains that are pures now can still enjoy the game to its fullest without having to roll an alt.

Sure, my warrior and shaman will have all nice loot and rep and play time but my main, the one I enjoy actually playing with won't.  So their argument that you can always roll an alt is bull shit if you will pardon the language.

Same for the stupid baggie thing when they added it and pures complained.  They said, we will make it BoA and you can roll an alt.

That is a piss poor way to solve a problem.  Rolling an alt means not playing your main.  Pures where not as upset that they could not get the bag as they where they could not play their main.

It is not like the game lays it out for new players at the beginning of the game and lets them know that if you roll a hunter, mage, warlock or rogue you will never get fast queue times, you will sit in trade for hours looking for a group, you will have to fight with dozens of other people for one raid spot and you will be pigeon holed into doing one thing and one thing only and that is the one thing everyone can do, tanks and healers as well.  So if makes you basically worthless.

I can start my own pugs with my main, but I dislike talking to people, even more so the low standard of people I usually run into in pugs.  I do not start pugs because I can't stand people.  I do not want to talk to them, I do not want to be friends with them, I do not want to take the chance that they even know how to play.  I am not a people person.  Never have been and I never will be.  So starting pugs is out of the question for me.

All I want is to be able to join a pug on my main, get my rep, maybe get lucky with a piece or two of gear and have some fun playing the game.

Is that to much to ask?

Sure is, if you subscribe to blizzards way of thinking.

Well, off to tank or heal another freaking pug while the one character I actually want to play sits and collects dust.


  1. Sorry, but I think this is one of your more irrational rants. You won't stand up to your own guild to say that you'd rather play your main, but you expect a pug to treat you better than your own guild, while requiring no communication from you? That's really not Blizzard's fault. :P

  2. I guess it was more of my grumpier moments for sure.

    The problem is my own in a sense being I won't stand up to my guild like you said but I do think the underlining fact that as a DPS the game does not have as much to offer remains true.

    I was just stressed about it because one of the days I actually had some time to spend just dilly dallying around in game I could not find a group for the life of me and it was annoying me.

    In the end I found a group, they did only one run, but I got the hunter wrists, so that is a plus.

  3. I feel your pain with the DPS as a main. The childish, but effective way, of getting around this issue is to start sucking with your tanking/healing alts. I assume you're at/damn near the top of every DPS chart you're part of, push that angle with the guild, even if that may mean recruiting a few more folk, which is always a pain.

    Agree 100% with the cheek to ask for 15k DPS on trash, elitist idiots like that are usually the ones with sucky DPS and a bad attitude towards others. Same goes for Guildless people recruiting for a pug, they're guildless for a reason - nonne will game with them.

    I've made that mistake once with an ICC 25 pug, and never again. This chap had the stones to ask for min DPS - not an issue for me - and then berated a Mage in the pug for having Mining/JC as his talents saying Mining was only for tanks. He /rage quit his own pug after a few minutes.

  4. @Raffles

    I am sure people have looked oddly at my Shaman having blacksmithing and mining. Unless you are doing cutting edge raiding, heroics and such, the small addition of professions mean nothing. My opinion anyway. In a pug there should never be a reason to complain. You are pugging, you are not trying for server firsts.

    I don't think I could suck at them. Well, I know I can, sometimes I think I do naturally, but I can not play a character without playing it to the best of my ability. I always live by the saying, anything worth doing is worth doing right.