Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Undocumented Change and New Shineys

Hunters did not really see a lot of changes this patch, which is good.  It seems each time I get used to something they change it.

There are changes we call good and changes we call bad.  Some changes however are just what we call quality of life changes.  Usually those are good ones and this time it is a good one I've been asking for.

When you die and come back you now have the same aspect on you had when you died.  It is an undocumented change but it is a good one.  I am glad to see they finally did that.  Now if only our pets where out automatically like they are in battlegrounds when we come back life would be so much better.

I know they removed aggressive stance from pets which I greatly disagree with, it does have uses, and replaced it with an assist stance, which is actually rather useless.  Any good hunter knows how to assist to begin with so it is a redundant ability that we do not need.

If they really wanted to add it they could have added it as a forth one and left aggressive in.  I still see no reason to replace something that actually had uses with something that has no use except for bad players.  Screw bad players I say.

What I did not realize is that they also removed defensive stance.  Or so it seems.  I am going to guess it is just a bug right now but defensive stance does not work at all.  Well, not at all isn't accurate, sometimes it does, most of the time it doesn't however.

My first dungeon with the new stances I left my pet on defensive, the same thing it has been on since the beginning of time except for the rare occasion where passive or aggressive was needed.

My pet just stood next to me and did nothing.  He did not attack.  Okay, seems like you need to do assist now for a pet to attack?  That really seems completely useless.  Assist does not help me in any way, shape or form.  I am often attacking one target while I have my pet on another, for various reasons, good hunters will understand that.

Now with assist it will switch to my target, so I have to put it on passive and micro manage it to go to a different target.  So they made this change to make things simpler, yet it makes more work.  How exactly is that simpler?

Please say the defensive stance is a bug.  It worked perfect when questing.  I attacked something, it attacked it as well.  If I attacked something and switched targets, it stayed on the target I first attacked.  Just like it is supposed to.  Defensive worked fine alone.

It was in a group that defensive went to all hell.  Defensive means a cross between, useless, retarded and aggressive when in a group however.

Useless, it will not attack what I attack.  I have to manually send it in.

Retarded, it does not attack things that attack me.  Well, sometimes it does, sometime it just looks at me and wonders why I am taking damage instead of trying to protect me.

Aggressive, I thought it was removed but apparently defensive stance is bugging out sometimes and in some completely interesting ways that I never even saw aggressive do. 

My pet took off twice, out of nowhere to go after mobs that where just standing there minding their own business.   Once it ran past 3 mobs to go after another mob 20 yards behind them pulling 2 packs and a boss all at once.

Thanks for making me look like a huntard blizzard.  Making defensive not work when I want it to and making it work like aggressive at the least opportune moment.  I am glad it was all guild, we got a laugh out of it.

I am going to hazard a guess and say defensive is supposed to work just like it used to, which if that is true I am fine with it, and that it is just broken at the moment.

It would not surprise me, misdirect and feign death where broken after 4.1 came out.  Glad it only took them one day to fix that however.

Over all, as far as changes go, hunters got it easy.  The multi shot nerf doesn't look like much on paper but it was huge in effectiveness.  I went for each shot hitting for between 10K-12K to each shot hitting between 6K-8K.  That seems like a bit more then lowering it from 137% to 120%.

New patch, new raid, new shineys.

I got myself two new shineys last night and they are awesome.  Too bad it was my warrior running and not my Hunter.

Sometimes I think my Hunter will never get to run ever again.  I am seriously considering  finding another guild for my Hunter so he can raid some.  I'll tank and heal if need be for my guild on raid night but I would rather be on my main.  Being my main gets no face time, might as well move him along, he serves no purpose in my guild any more.  Not even sure why he is still there.

Have to love new loot, it sometimes seems to be the only reason we play.  You grind to get best in slot, you get there, you get bored, you wait until there is more loot for you to aim for (and more bosses to kill of course).

I am going to take it slow this patch and try to gear up more then one DPS, one healer and one tank.  If anything, just as an effort to keep myself from getting bored again like I did last patch.  That all depends on how horrible pugs are however, so being they will be horrible I don't expect much.

I love new shineys.  I am glad to have new dailies to do.  I am liking firelands so far.  It feels like a wide open zone that you need to do with a group.  That is a sweet feel in my opinion.  I was getting bored of the straight line approach, even if that usually fits my liking.

I see a lot of rep runs in my future.  Good thing the trash in firelands is not that bad.  Except for those turtles.  Those turtles are the only things that wiped us.  Oops.

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  1. I think Defensive (when not bugged) is meant more for PVP and beginning players. PVP for instant pet reaction upon being jumped, and new players who aren't as fast to react to unexpected mobs attacking them and trying to remember where their pet attack button is, etc.

    The new Assist seems weird. I have always had my pet on passive and manually directed it around anyway, so I doubt I'll ever use Assist. And thanks for letting me know about the Defensive bug, that lets me cross that off my list as well (not that I was really hoping to use it or anything anyway.)