Monday, June 6, 2011

All Your Priest Are Belong To Us.

The three least represented classes on my server are, in order of lowest up, Rogue, Priest, Shaman.  We have so many Rogues I could fill a 10 man with just Rogues as DPS.  We have so many Priests that we have filled a raid with a tank and all priests, a few times.  And recently we have added some new Shaman to the mix bringing us to the point where we could do the same with them.

I'm not exactly sure why it is but my guild seems to have no problem attracting the least represented classes in the game.

The three most represented classes in the game on my server, from highest down, are Paladin, Druid, Hunter.  While we do have our fair share of Hunters, outside of mine they are mostly alts.  Same goes for Paladins.  We have one main protection paladin and no rets and no holys.  Druids are another one that seem to be all over the place but we have only one regular and at that it is a cat.  Our main bear left a while back and our main resto has not been getting much playing time in.

Sometimes I am left to wonder why exactly is it that my guild seems to go so far against the grain of the game.  We have tons of the three least represented classes in the game and we are seriously lacking in the three most represented classes in the game.

Are all the numbers we see thrown around on these statistics sites made up or are we just a guild that somehow has found a way to break the mold.

When I first became raid leader for my guild I sat down with the previous raid leader and he gave me a crash course on what our guild does basically.  He also gave me some raid leader tips, all of which I am still learning to be honest.

What he explained to me was that as a casual guild we work on a "whatever you have" approach.  We don't every get the privilege of going into a raid with the ideal make up.  We instead work with what we have and hang our hopes of success on the ability of the players themselves to overcome the challenges set forth for us.

Sometimes going against the grain helps us a lot.  I read strategy guides and I adjust them to what will work best for us.  Sometimes it works wonders and bosses that take some guides a week to progress past we walk past like it was a heroic or something.  One boss we downed on our second attempt when no one in the guild had ever even attempted it before. Other times it becomes a world of hell trying to get it done.

One good thing about having a bunch of Priests and Shaman is that being most have a heal spec we have some rotation ability when it comes to heals.  Not to mention, on some fights Shaman are better then any other class in the game (more on that on a post I have in mind for later).

I just question the break down on how they tell what classes are the least represented in the game and which are the most.

Disc Priest is the lowest class/spec combo as far as the stats for my server goes.  While it is true, we have a lot more holy priests in my guild, we are not lacking in the Disc department at all.

For Shaman, with so few on the server, we can reasonably field a raid with nothing but Shaman in the non tanking roles.  We have Shaman healers, Enhancement, Elemental, all coming out of the ying yang.  One good thing with that many Shaman, I don't see any boss being able to ever get a cast off with that amount of wind shears at your disposal.

It is kind of funny when you look at it sometimes.  I see guild after guild on the server advertising in trade begging for a Shaman or a Priest healer and we usually have a few that have to sit out when we raid because we try to rotate people.  These are top 10 guilds.  We are a lowly fortysomething guild.  Over all, being in the 40s on a server over all is not bad for our make up after all is said and done and when you think that we did not even start to raid until the game was out almost four months then it is even better.

Now if only we could find some of those DK tanks that are crying because they can not get in a raid because their guild is full on DK tanks.  The sites that call for a break down show that DK tanks are in abundance on my server. 

Perhaps if we could find a holy paladin it would be nice.  We have one person that has it as a offspec but he is not a raider.  We have two others that have new level 85 paladins that are making holy their offspec but both of them are rarely used alts.  Yet the break downs show that holy paladins account for nearly 40% of all healers on my server.  I don't think I have ever seen one.  I sure as hell have never raided with one this expansion.

We will just keep going I guess but there is one thing for sure.  If you happen to make a priest on my server, even if you do not want to, somehow you will find your way into my guild.  It seems we collect Priests.

All your priests are belong to us.

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