Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday's Random Thoughts

- I finished off my Brood of Nozodormu Reputation finally.

- I even got the red mount on my last run needed for exalted.

- That was a nice little surprise.

- I'd seen five drop in the process of getting to exalted.

- Two in my last run.

- I finished off my Thunderfury.

- That is one sweet looking weapon.

- It leaves a trail of lightning behind me when I fly.

- I am so going to have to put this on every time I fly somewhere.

- How come no weapons look that good any more?

- With Firelands coming and 359 gear for justice points I figured I should get some normals in on characters I never really play.

- My Mage was one of my targets to do that for.

- I got him to 85 and parked him basically, he just acts as my elixir master.

- I am now sitting at 3999 justice points on him.

- Can't get much better than that can you?

- Why gear up alts if I do not use them?

- Because I can.

- After doing normals for a day all I could think was this is how heroics should be.

- Why exactly are there people in normals doing 15K+?

- I had one normal where a solo DPS pulled 22K over all DPS.

- I had a guild mate with me that was doing that, but he was helping me power through them.

- I see lots of 15K+ DPS doing normals alone.  So they are not there helping anyone.

- There are no vanity items worth getting.

- There is nothing gear wise worth getting.

- If they where looking for SC or VP for the mount why didn't they just drop.

- Maybe they where trying to be nice?

- Maybe they figure that the dungeon will only take 15 minutes anyway?

- With that DPS there should be nothing they need with justice points so quick and easy points should not be an option either.

- Maybe that is the end game for that person being heroics are hit or miss.

- If it is, they sure as hell rock their end game something serious.

- I wish I could rock raids the way they rock normals.

- Could you imagine doing 45K DPS on a non gimmick raid fight?

- Wait another year and you will be doing it.

- Blizzard has done a bang up job balancing item level with item ability/stats.

- I doubt we will have another greatness card.

- Using a 200 item level item all the way up to ICC and even into it was something I doubt they expected.

- That won't happen again with these cards.

- As proof I am not the only one that thinks that you can look at the market.

- Last week cards where going for 15K-20K on the market.

- Friday I saw them posting in trade looking for 10K.

- By Sunday there was one guy offering them for 3K.

- I was tempted to buy them for my alts like my Mage that I never run as they will never get raid ones.

- But I am too cheap.

- Ran a few heroics with my Priest to try and get her those last few pieces I need to get into Zul heroics.

- Nothing dropped.

- Won't spend justice points being I can buy 359 gear with them tomorrow.

- I gave up on my Priest because the healing sucked at the start, and I had no luck with drops.

- Looks like nothing changed.

- My Priest can still not heal for crap compared to my Shaman.

- My Priest can still not heal for crap compared to my Druid, in 320 gear. (22 points less)

- My Priest can still not heal for crap compared to my Paladin, who doesn't even have a full set of healing gear yet and is still using some strength pieces.

- I've played a Priest healer longer then any other healer so it is not a complete learn to play issue.  It is just a Priests still suck compared to other healers issue.

- Sad really, I love playing a disc priest.

- I can raid heal with it, I can not heroic with it.

- Maybe it is not the Priest but the people I am with when I heal on my Priest.

- That actually seems really likely.

- Still wonder why I have no luck with her and drops.

- When I am with a Shaman in a group that puts down the haste totem my healing ability seems to go through the roof.

- Maybe I should look into getting more haste.

- I honestly see the difference with only .1 less cast time on spells.

- That .1 makes healing much easier then just .1 % easier.

- Not like my Mage is any better getting gear.

- Started my runs with a 319 item level.

- Ended at 3999 justice points and a 324 item level.

- Are you aware how many runs that was to only get 5 item level points?

- I have no luck at all with clothies.

- At least my Priest got the spirit cloak from the holiday boss.

- After running it 15 damn times.

- Are you aware that the 353 neck from Zul is better then the 359 one from BoT for hunters?

- Stat allotment wise that is.

- Won't last long, as I said, blizzard did a lot better this time around with stats.

- A few still slip through however.

- I wish more did.

- There is no better proof to see if someone knows their class then to see if they are wearing a lower item level item.

- If someone is willing to sacrifice item level for what is actually better for them then that is the sign of a good player.

- I don't think I've ever seen a Hunter on my server wearing the 353 zul neck that was a raider that had a chance at getting the 359 one.

- Most won't grasp the concept that a 353 item can be better then a 359 item.

- So hold on to that 359 anyway, for now.

- When will they finally give up on item levels.

- People depend to much on them.

- I want to see people deciding on what gear is best based on its merits and not its item level.

- What the hell am I talking about.

- These people can't even move from the fire.

- How the hell can I expect them to know that you are better off with less of one thing in place of another if the one thing is more important for your class/spec?

- It is like the person looking in trade the other day for a tank for Nef.

- /2 LF tank for Nef, please know fight, whisper with item level and spec.

- If you are looking for a tank I am going to have to venture a guess that their spec will be a tank spec.

- After a few minutes I had to ask seeing it again a few times.

- /r I have a warrior tank that is 356.  I know the fight.  Let me know, I can switch.

- Notice how I worded that?  I purposely did not put my spec.

- Because a warrior tank can only be one spec right?

- His reply, what spec are you.

- /r I'm a tank, means Prot.

- Five minutes pass.

- Not necessarily.

- /r Yes necessarily.

- Are you switching?

- /r No thanks, something came up while I was waiting for your reply, thanks for the consideration, good luck.

- What other spec do Warriors tank in?

- Apparently I do not know as much about Warriors as I falsely led myself to believe.

- I think I am going to try Arms tanking.

- Do I wear a shield when Arms tanking?

- I'm going to go look that up now.

- Have a good day.


  1. Xayíde@GurubashiJune 27, 2011 at 12:13 PM

    Well, technically, if you are tanking adds in p1, you are usually a plate dps or a Feral Druid. I really doubt that's what he meant though...

  2. I wonder if your high-DPS-in-a-normal people are looking to cap their JPs pre-4.2? I can see someone taking an alt-tank or alt-healer to normals at 85 if they only just decided they would tank/heal with that character, but given the relatively low "failure cost" for DPS, JP farming is the only thing that makes sense to me.

  3. My Hunter is wearing the 353 neck, but that's more because I've never SEEN the 359 neck even drop to compare, haha.

  4. @Rades - Then you are doing it right by default. lol

    @Xayide - Good point but like you said, I did not get the feel that is what he meant.

    @theanorak - Capping JP is the only thing I can think of. Normals are super easy and even easier with DPS like that so it makes for fast and easy JP runs.