Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- No new 100s to report this week.

- Probably because I did not play that much this weekend and that is when I usually bang out a new 100.

- Seems like up until this week I had a new 100 every week.

- The time I did play I did a pug.

- It took 6 hours, only downed 5 bosses, and I was happy with it.

- Sure 5 bosses on heroic should not take 6 hours, but it was a pug.

- And it really was more like 4 hours, the last 2 hours were spent trying to reassemble later on when people left.

- So it is not so bad more so for a pug with no voice chat used.

- The group was filled with decent people.

- No ragers, no people calling everyone baddies, no people defeating the purpose of being there basically.

- We wiped a few times on all bosses except the first.

- Once on butcher, three times on brack, twice on tectus, once on twins.

- So it is not like there were any wipe fests either.

- Just hiccups that you might expect with a group that is not over gearing the content but learning to work together.

- Just the standard pug issues with people coming and going and needing to reassemble which took time that slowed us down, not so much the wipes.

- We started to break up on the 6th boss, which seems to be the stopping point for most pugs.

- But we were reassembling and we started to get those people that would come in and start trouble.

- Had one big mouth come in raging about how he hates pugs and how he can't deal with baddies.

- Literately I am not lying when I say the raid chat was completely filled with this guy raging about bads, people not moving from trample, people that fail, how his group kills this on heroic with 630 geared alts in one shot each week, how bad everyone was, etc.

- We had not even pulled the trash yet.

- He just joined the group and started in like this.

- I would have kicked him as soon as he opened his mount with that crap.

- The raid leader did not, and that is the only mistake they made the entire run.

- Hey, I hate pugs too, but first, I do not come in and complain and call people names as soon as I join the group and second, if I was in that much of an "I hate pugs" sort of mood, I would not have joined one to begin with.

- Either way, we clear trash.

- This is where we wasted nearly 2 hours of the 6 hours on this boss, only managed three pulls, but people coming and going were killing us.

- And that guy.  That F'N guy.

- I whispered the raid leader telling them it was a nice run thus far but this guy is a jerk and is ruining our chance to go any further.

- You can never succeed in a group when someone is like that, they mess up the whole group, as if they are trying to stop the group from moving forward.

- The raid leader kicked the jerk after I messaged them.

- Do I have to tell you that the person with the big mouth who was so awesome he had to start complaining even before something was pulled was the worst player in the entire group?

- Why is it that the person who "thinks" they are the best player in the group is usually the worst?

- His numbers were below what my 605 mage pulls, he stood in everything, and he managed to get  hit face first with trample as a melee.

- How does one even manage that?

- Over all it was a great pug, until that guy joined.

- His attitude infected the group, we managed a couple of pulls after, but he ruined it for everyone.

- After people dropping and coming after each of the attempts and nearly 2 hours wasted trying to get a group to stay together, the leader called it.

- If that guy never joined the group we would have been just fine.

- We lost so many after he came in because they just did not want to hear his crap.

- I don't blame them, I should have left too, but I was tabbed out playing a flash game while we were reassembling anyway, so waiting did not bother me much.

- He was poison, he killed a great run, and if I could find him and kick him in the balls I would be on a plane in a heartbeat to do it.

- People like him are a cancer to the game.

- Every time I experience a player like that I just wish blizzard would create all content capable of being consumed by the solo player.

- Lets face it, the only way to ensure you never run into people like that is to make everything so you can do it solo.

- We had some, best to call them, less than stellar players in the group but we managed just fine on all the bosses.

- But one elitist jerk and the whole raid blew up and went to crap.

- Once again it has been proved, you can down bosses with some "bad" players, but you can't when you have "bad" people.

- I'd rather play with a bad player that can learn than a bad person that won't shut up.

- I did manage to get 1 upgrade out of the run, an item with a gem slot.

- Which is my only gem slot now.

- Already had a 670, but a 670 with a gem slot is an upgrade, even if not in item level.

- More importantly, I managed to win an item off butcher with a roll.

- It was an item I did not need mind you, but it was still great.

- Because the butcher drops three pieces a hunter can use, and I have now coined 2 of them.

- That means the next time I get lucky enough to win on a coin roll I will get the trinket for sure.

- That is of course assuming that blizzard did not lie about the roll protection they added to the game.

- So that if you already won an item from a roll you can not win it again unless there is nothing else for you to win off that boss.

- So three items, two already won off rolls, means the trinket has to be next.

- That is "if" I win another one on a roll.

- Big "if" there.

- Winning two rolls on the same boss in this short of a time is amazing luck to begin with.

- At least if you look at my history of rolls.

- Remember when they added the extra rolls?

- I used all three coins on the boss that dropped the sha touch gun in LFR each week being I did not need any other LFR or normal pieces and we were not up to TotES yet as a guild.

- Three rolls each week, every week, same boss, never got the gun.

- Was stuck with the normal weapon from MV the entire tier.

- Lucky I got that one too as there were three hunters on that kill.

- The other two had the sha touched gun however.

- Lucky me.

- But that is more along the line of my luck.

- A massive number of rolls, maybe up to 50, and never getting the item I needed.

- So knowing the trinket is next is my biggest win from that pug.

- Sad part is that one bad apple ruined what was otherwise a nice pug.

- And that one bad person that killed the run will be what I remember the next time I go to pug.

- Not the 5 bosses we did manage with all decent people and no one raging.

- Human nature, it is easier to remember the bad than the good.

- But with playing less this weekend and all my free time being in one pug meant no new 100 for me because I had no leveling time.

- That is a good thing, I have to cut back on alts this expansion.

- With the garrison and my personal feeling like I have to max everyone, this is not a very alt friendly expansion in my mind.

- The fewer I have the better it will be for me.

- This is one time, the first time, I think having fewer characters would help me enjoy the game more.

- I used to always think that the more characters I had the more I could do.

- But with the exception of soloing, why do I really need more characters.

- So I create more work for me with the garrisons?

- I play to have fun, not feel like work.

- Garrisons are awesome content, in small doses, but with many alts, they suck.

- They suck at levels of suck as high as it goes.

- They move from the fun category to the work category with too many characters.

- But that all depends on the person.

- To some they might want more, some might want less.

- All I know is that my most recent 100 still has three empty slots on his garrison.

- And no intention of putting anything in them.

- I don't need them, so why put them in?

- It took me 7 100s before I stopped caring about the garrison at max level except for my salvage yard of course.

- Speaking of salvage, got my 6th 665 piece this weekend out of it.

- A strength DPS ring.

- I have absolutely no characters that can use this.

- All my plate wearers tank and tank only.

- Guess I will sell this one, if they are still worth anything that is.

- Sure I could get 12K-15K for it.

- I did my weekly soloing and encountered a bug, once again, that is annoying.

- 9 out of 10 times (guesstimating) I solo throne of the four winds on heroic 25 when I kill the first boss (bosses) I get no loot.

- Has that happened to anyone else?

- Am I killing them too fast, in the wrong order, I wonder why I get no loot from killing them.

- It happens most of the time too, not a once in a while thing.

- I got loot off them twice, just twice, since I started soloing it on 25 heroic last expansion on multiple characters.

- Spine is even easier now with the stat squish, which is nice, but it is still an annoying as hell fight.

- Come on blizzard, just fix the fight that if there is only one person on his back he does not flip unless you are standing in a hole to flip it on purpose.

- I think it is the DBMs announcing everything that annoys me most about that fight, more than anything else.

- I noticed I spend more time in DS when soloing listening to role play or taking flight paths.

- It is so quick to solo now that the extra stuff just gets in the way.

- No new mounts to report on all my soloing, still sitting on 249.

- I really want to get the mount from DS normal as my 250th mount.

- It would get me the achievement for 250 mounts and the drake achievement as well.

- Would get two mount achievements with one mount, I think that would be cool.

- I already have my gift lined up.

- I always get myself a gift when I get a new mount achievement.

- Made myself the 4 panthers and one big panther last expansion when I got one.

- This time I am going to get the mount that costs 50K gold and 5K apexis crystals as a gift for myself.

- I have the crystals and I have the gold, just waiting for the mount so I can get my 250 mount achievement.

- Switched all my enchants to multi strike to give survival a better try this time around.

- At least I had no gem slots, so no extra cost there to change and test.

- Forgot to change to multi strike on my weapon however.

- In that run I did I managed to break 30K on two fights, which is a first this expansion for me.

- I bet you can guess which two I am talking about if you are a hunter.

- And no, I did not go cheese on tectus.

- Multi here and there on motes, not full out AoE.

- Or I could have reached 34 or 35 maybe.

- The other fights I was between 24 and 26 which seem more in like with what I was doing with MM.

- Pure single target I still think MM is better, like butcher.

- But it was nice to start getting into the feel for survival.

- I did manage to pull out top DPS on butcher which I found odd, being in a spec I was just getting used to that I know is not my best single target spec and seeing the people we had in that group otherwise including one with a mythic weapon.

- Maybe they were AFKing or something, but they should have beat me.

- They were ahead most of the fight and just dropped as it went on.

- You know someone has a mythic weapon ( or amazing luck) when you see burst over 100K single target.

- For the group I was usually top 3, but would have never thought I would win on a pure single target fight like that.

- Surprised the hell out of me.

- I am having a hell of a time trying to squeeze in barrage, seems like I am always focus starved as SV.

- I never have focus issues with MM.

- Right now, that is why I like MM more still.

- I hate feeling focus starved.

- But each has its attractiveness.

- Love SVs instants, love MMs focus management.

- MM really needs an instant, SV really needs an execute.

- Add them both and you have 2 full specs.

- Right now the only hunter spec that seems complete is BM, in my opinion.

- Oddly that is the one spec I do not use right now.

- I will have to switch to get the spirit wolf at some time this expansion.

- No rush, I hope.

- Never know with blizzard, they really do love to remove things for no real reason.

- Hope they do not remove that before I get a chance to do it.

- Might try to grab another pug tonight on my hunter to get some more practice.

- Hope I get a good one, like the first 5 bosses, and not a bad one, like the 6th boss.

- That one person and people like him are the reason I hate pugging.

- It is amazing how one person can ruin an entire run.

- And be such a bad player in the process while he is calling everyone else bad players.

- I wonder, if he put as much effort into learning to play his class as he did bitching that others can't, maybe he would be in a place to help people get better by leading by example, instead of killing groups he joins.

- I did well in the pug, I had hunters whispering me for advice, which in turn mean they might get better.

- I am by no means a great player, but I always try my best and I lead by example.

- Calling people out and doing poorly helps no one, but doing your best and offering advice that is asked for does.

- Don't be a pug killer like that guy.

- Rage kills runs.

- Hope you do not run into one of him in your runs.

- If you do, spit on him for me.

- Have a great day.


  1. Drop the lvl 90 talent ST as SV, it is proven to be a DPS loss.

    And you finishing top on butcher is just how SV works, ppl start at stelar number with burstand leave you behind , and then you climb up the damage meter to finish top.

    That was the case for me on our mythic butchers tries....well until I had to soak those pesky adds with deterrence before the charges to not have shit puddles, but at least that gave us a kill.

    Also for the coin thing, they never said you CAN'T get a dupplicate from roll, they said you're LESS LIKELY. But yeah so far for me no duplicate aswell (and still stuck with butcher normal trinket :( )

    1. I have the normal one as well. Hey, better than nothing right, just want the heroic one. I am greedy. ;)

      I thought they said specifically that if you already won a item with a coin off a boss you will not win that item from a coin again until you have won everything from the loot table suitable for you. I am sure they said that. Not "less likely" bit you will not get a duplicate item from a roll until there is nothing else to give you. I think it was at blizzcon 2 years ago. I will have to see if I can find it. But it would not surprise me if it doesn't work as intended, that is kind of blizzards MO.

      I am miles away from mythic on my server. I am contemplating server transferring just so I can do some mythic runs. They should just allow it in the group finder, that is why I managed getting my heroic (now mythic) garrosh kill. My guild, and no guild on my server, ever managed it. Yeah, piss poor server. :(

      About soaking, winning is all that matters. I would not mind being dead last in DPS as long as what I did helped the team win. DPS is fun and all, but there is a lot more to it than pure numbers. One day they won't put you on special duty and you can show them all how hunters rule.

    2. I really hate to tell you this and ruin your day but yeah you can roll the same item twice. I rolled two of the caster off hands from the first boss both heroic versions one right after the other :(

      I still have one sitting in my bags incase I go fire and need an off hand

    3. Both on a roll, or looted one and rolled the other? I've seen plenty of people loot and roll the same thing.

      If that is the case then you did burst my bubble and just showed me that blizzard is full of shit once again. I am really getting sick of them saying one thing and doing another. Unless that is the only item on your eligible list, you should never get it on a roll again until you have rolled anything else.

    4. Once again they never said you CAN'T roll duplicate, only less likely.

      IIRC they said something like "system will be smarter and take into account what you already got" that doesn't mean you can't roll the same again.

    5. Both roll's It's not an item I want or desire. I think what the anony under you said is accurate. but I can't find the blue post to go along with it. In fact I thought it was a more along the lines of a we are thinking of doing this post.

    6. Well, being I rolled a pair of BoE glove off the first boss again and still no boots from it, I can say that it is not as it should be. Hey, at least they were BoE.

      It could have been a "we are thinking of doing this" post. It was around blizzcon 2 years ago. Thought it was said live but could have been a post somewhere around that time.

  2. wtf?!? you don't have the spirit wolf? you mean, I got something before ya? heck I even got it on me - roo, when I was lvl 92. And before anyone says anything, I gathered all the parts myself and yes, had a friend help me with the end portion (fighting that lvl 100, he wiped my behind a few times).

    But you will. It is/was a fun quest line.

    I don't use it much because it seems everyone and their sister has it now. But what would have been really nice is if it was truly a spirit wolf and ghostly white like the wolves over at the Burial Ground area. Now that would be cool.

    Been puggin' with a friend of mine. In chat, some asshole said to me -you are bad, how did you get silver? LOL. Hunters don't get attacked, they just have to kill in a certain amount of time. I asked my friend, should I explain to him and he said, "no, he's a jerk". Was feeling not so good, but that asshole in his own way made me laugh. So thank you asshole.

    But all in all most of the folks we have been grouping with have been pretty nice.


    1. Nope, did not get it yet because I do not have a BM spec to get it with. I am MM and SV and have been all expansion thus far.

      I agree, I think it would look better ghost white instead of what it looks like.

  3. Hey, have you seen this:

    Is it actually helpful?

    1. I find it not so much. (greens and reds are my problems). I just do what I always do and play with my monitor settings, but if you are color blind, try it Del.

    2. I saw that and some of the sample pictures they put on MMO-Cs cover and three of the four looked exactly the same to me. So if there was supposed to be a difference, I do not see it, and in that case the tool will not help me much, if at all.

  4. hey, are you still reading this site or what Grumpy? I gots a question - I just did what I thought was heroic 25 man Twilight Destroyer. My raid settings is set to 25 man and heroic. is there such a thing as heroic 25 man anymore in Litch king? and I did it by myself. :) I love it. was a little challenging, but did it.

    And who do you recommend for up todate info on raids and dungeons on old add-ons?


    1. Hi I'm not Grumpy :) but yes there is still 25man HK LitchKing. You can farm Invincible as much as you like.

    2. To do the OS 3D you need to not kill any of the mini bosses around the big boss.

      If you want to mount you need to leave them up. Best to sneak around and clear all the trash and then go kill the boss with the three drakes still up. That is how you get the mount. There is one for 10 man and one for 25 man.

      As for as OS, there is no heroic mode for it. Heroic was not added until ToC came out. Before that in LK 10 was normal and 25 was heroic, or that is how it was considered. There was no 10 heroic and 25 normal.

    3. ok, you are alive, great! There you go using those initials again - what in the sam hill is "OS"? What is "3D"? And what is "TOC"? I got both drakes on 10 and 25. my question was is there an actually a 25 man heroic in the old litch king dungeons and who would have up todate info that I can read (everything is at least 2 to 4 years old). Not sure what "invincible" is either. But I do know I tried 25 man heroic on that death dragon and he beat me 30 times. I cant seem to figure out which way left or right is when I turn around, etc. Never again unless there is an add-on that will show me an arrow in the direction he is rolling. lol, falling to my death that many times and spending over 500G+ repair bills is not fun.


    4. OS is obsidian sanctum, a raid that drops the mount you were talking about. 3D means with the 3 mini dragon bosses still alive. ToC is trail of the crusader.

      As for the drakes and that raid, no, there was no such thing as normal and heroic as we know it when that raid was out. There is just 10 and 25, that is it.

      Invincible is the mount that drops off arthas in ICC but only on 25 heroic. It is a rare drop.

      The rolling dragon can be hard to get used to. Many people can not do it. But once you get it then it is easy. I died 3 or 4 times before I got it and now it is easy. Just annoying as hell.

  5. Off-topic:

    You saw release schedule for BrF? First appearance in Feb, last wing in LFR open at end of March? It seems releasing a raid tier is going to look like this from now on: two months opening first raid in tier - two months of nothing - two months opening second raid in tier. I guess 5-6 months per tier are going to be history. It'll be 9-10 months. For same amount of content. By players request, obviously (everything is by players request /sarcasm).

    Two tiers per expansion suddenly become way more real than three, as well, because two tiers are now basically two years already.

    "Milking like no tomorrow" doesn't even begin to describe it.

    1. In a way this makes sense. To release it staggered. However I do not care if they call BRF the same tier as HM. It drops higher item level gear, it is a new tier. They can call it what they want, I know what it really is. ;)

      Staggered will work better for them in the long run. The only people that really sufferer from it and see it dragged out is the LFR crowd.

      Normal / heroic raiders still get everything all at once the week of release, mythic raiders still go one week after the raid first comes out. No change for raiders at all in any way.

      The only people that get milked are the LFR crowd. And in truth that is what is needed. You need to keep those paying people coming back and releasing it all at once would mean people could "finish" the game in one day. Not really good for the game.

      Not saying a agree with them but I do understand their reasoning.

  6. Great article as usual. One small caveat: I love it when you use paragraphs, not bullet points for formatting. Much easier to read :).

    I pugged a lot in Mists, for Cmodes and Normal/Heroic raiding, and I most always used Oqueue. I don't and won't Pug in Warlords. Blizz has incentivized Master Looter over Personal Loot, and the scams and Ninjas have become common enough that I don't care to deal with it. Between that, and the "bads" will be kicked rudeness (often from players with the attention span of gnats) I no longer Pug. Any raiding I do will is with my Guild or with people I know.

    Make everything potentially soloable? I'd love it. Soloable with the option to invite a friend/friends with scalable difficulty. I'd be all over it and I'd be raiding constantly under that kind of system. It would be a blast.

    It would also mean that groups/guilds would have to treat players with respect, and be more fun to work with, since players would have the ability to get good enough at soloing to opt out.

    At this point, between reading the forums and listening tonplayer feedback I have come to the conclusion that Blizz knows many players would like soloable content and gearing, but it does not at this time wish to provide it. Not because "it is an MMO" but because the game is focused on guilds. Individual players, duos, small groups can get with the program or walk. Listen to the raging when you even suggest such a thing on the forums and see what I mean :).

    1. The bullet point thing is a monday habit because I would come on with so many different things to say after a weekend and usually it would be little tidbits. Over the years I added some more flow with it, but it because something of a habit to do monda posts like that.

      I doubt we will ever get to the day where everything would have a solo option but I really would love if it ever happened. I too would be raiding so much more. Every alt I had would be in all raid gear and I believe I would get better at them because I would have to. It would give me the chance to get better at them too doing it solo.

      As you said, it would also make groups want to treat people better, because people would not need a group any longer. So if you wanted a group to do something you would have to treat them well, or they will just go and do it solo. The last thing the group people would need is to upset a decent player who would leave and make it harder on them because they did. And I believe many decent players would never touch a group if they did not need to.

      Not sure I would call it "raging" but blind "this is an MMO" comes out all the time as the ultimate excuse why they do not make things solo. Who cares, it can still be an MMO while allowing people to do things solo.

      I saw someone mention the idea of raids scaling down to 5 man. That would be interesting, and if anything, I could see that happening way before solo would. I could get behind that. It is easier to find 5 people of like skill than 20. I swear the only reason I do not clear mythic in the first month is because I can not find 19 people with the skill enough to do it. Heck, I can not even find enough people with the skill enough to do heroic most of the time.

      Yeah, I would love solo play. I would have mythic done on week one. Come to think of it, that is exactly why they do not add it. I and many thousands upon thousands like me would finish current content faster if we did not need a group for it.

  7. I think the Garrison's may have swallowed grumpy!!!