Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- I feel an old school random thoughts coming today.

- Lots of bouncing around.

- Kind of like a female night elf.

- With a lot less cleavage.

- I really wish they were going to redo the female worgen.

- In truth it was the only art I felt needed to be redone.

- It kind of looks like a mangy stray chihuahua.

- You might feel sorry for it, might even think it was cute in a pathetic sort of way, but you would never adopt it.

- Because it was ugly.

- I think they should do that one before they do the blood elves.

- Blood elves at least look better even if they only have 1 sex.

- The masculine ones (thin ones) and the feminine ones  (the bulky ones) but only female.

- So they can use a little diversity for sure.

- But at least they look good compared to the female worgen.

- Not like that is saying much.

- Leper gnomes look more cuddle worthy than a female worgen.

- They could have went the cute puppy route, they could have went the vicious puppy route, but they went the mangy puppy route.

- Who made that decision?

- Are they still employed there?

- I do have a female worgen at 90.

- Had no choice.

- It is the daughter of a male worgen.

- Its on a role play server in case you were wondering.

- Even my characters not on a role play server all have a history in my mind.

- Do you make a background for your characters?

- I like doing that.

- I heard a rumor that there is going to be an outhouse in our garrison.

- Is that true, anyone on beta please let me know.

- Places to tinkle are few an far between.

- It would explain why so many people become your followers.

- You would be a god in their minds.

- The only person with a bathroom.

- They are not there as followers to you, they are there because they want to be close to a bathroom for the first time in 10 years.

- Remember the druid I started the other week.

- Its 90.

- I leveled it doing pet battles mostly.

- They offer massive experience.

- Questing is still faster however.

- But it was nice to level a different way.

- Trying to get back into pet battling.

- But building my over 50 teams all over again since I lost them is still really keeping me from doing so.

- But I did manage to level a buttload of new pets while leveling my character.

- So that could help me get back into it.

- I can now copy some other peoples teams.

- Still, nothing could beat the feeling of doing it myself and building my own teams.

- I miss having my own teams.

- Someone said, level my Kun Lai Runt, it is a good one.

- I had a level 21 rare so finished it off.

- The damn thing hits like a truck.

- I guess they were right.

- Still love my darkmoon cub.

- Not the most flashy pet, not the strongest, not the fastest, but it can kill well and it can heal itself if lined up right.

- Basically I use that to level other pets.

- But I do hate when you miss 3 times in a row with a 90% hit chance move.

- Blizzard and math do not get along well.

- A friend into pet battles has an addon that tracks all his attacks and their hit and miss ratio.

- He has the achievement for over 5000 wins, and is currently over 4000 PvP wins, so he has battled a lot and as such his data is absolutely not anecdotal.

- It is solid fact gathering.

- He said that most abilities are at least 10% less than there stated hit rating.

- Some are as much as 30% less than their stated hit rating.

- If ever you wanted solid proof that blizzard does not know how to code random, that it is.

- Is that enough proof to push them to ditch the whole random loot system because we just proved they do not know how to do anything percentage based.

- At least not on the small scale.

- But I would figure well over 9000 known fights and probably more like 15000 over all fights is more than an ample sampling that the random hit rating should be close to its designed percentage.

- For all of them to be so far off means blizzard can not make a fair random system and as such should never use random as a design for its loot system.

- It does not work for loot.

- One of my poor hunters will tell you that.

- 15th week at 90 on one hunter.

- 15th week doing a celestial boss.

- 15th week using a coin.

- 15th week not winning anything, not even a PvP piece.

- Sorry, blizzard really really really sucks at random.

- Sure, random is random, but 30 attempts at something and winning nothing is not good random.

- What happened to roll protection?

- I am going to guess it doesn't work for the celestial bosses.

- Because if it was intended to, it doesn't work.

- But hey, at least I will have an outhouse.

- So I will be a god in warlords.

- But a god with no pants because the celestials will not give them to me.

- Maybe I'll get arrested for walking around my garrison without any pants on.

- And put on trial for sexual harassment.

- Then I will open a gate to an alternate reality where the celestials are in humanoid form.

- I will catch one of them in a dark alley and beat him over the head and steal his pants.

- Then it will make something in my snap and I will become a raid boss.

- My special move in the last raid as the last boss would be to pants everyone.

- Lowing all their stats, and dignity, by 50%.

- All fear Grumpy, The Pants King.

- If defeated, all I would drop are pants.

- Okay, I am losing it.

- Not sure if I am losing it for making up that, or losing it for getting a laugh out of it.

- Either way, I am quite unstable.

- I had a friend bring a few characters out to the farm in the valley of the four winds so I can have them run over to the fields and pet battle there.

- No mobs, lots of pets, hardly ever rains, it is a nice place to level with pet battles.

- But occasionally I get a little to far one way or the other.

- Wolf... wolf... wolf... run.

- Hozen... Hozen... Hozen... how did he get down here... run.

- Bird... bird... dead.

- Oh crap they are fast.

- That is basically how pet battling there is if you get to close to something.

- A poor level 25 gnome doesn't stand a chance against them.

- The best is when I attract those tiny no bar rabbit mobs, you know the ones that if you sneeze you kill them.

- They are skull mobs to me, they will kill me instantly.

- Can you imagine running for your life from a couple of baby bunnies.

- It makes for a very humorous moment.

- And sometimes they will follow you for a very long time.

- Word to the wise, if you can make it there, the guards at halfhill will help you.

- And the farm is still phased to you and you only, even if you are on a low level.

- I noticed some new stags in valley of the four winds.

- I could swear I never saw them before.

- So I asked a few people in guild, including 4 hunters that I know look at mobs for possible tames, if they had ever seen them before.

- They all said, nope, never seen them before.

- I am guessing they must have recently added them.

- They have huge horns and look kind of cool.

- And they are aggressive mobs, but they do not attack you unless you step directly on them.

- I am guessing they are new, just added, because they are adding stag as a tamable beast for hunters next expansion.

- So come 6.0 before the next expansion we will be able to tame them.

- I am going to try and grab one, if their horns stay that outrageously big, I might even keep it.

- Speaking of animals I want to tame but can't, have you ever seen the flying turtle that flies around northern Kun Lia?

- If you target it and do /wave it will follow you around.

- No kidding, it will go everywhere you do.

- But it moves so slow, so if you are flying you have to keep stopping and let it catch up.

- It must have never purchased fast flight.

- I did beast lore on it, I wanted to tame it, even if I knew I would not be able to because it is not a mob you can kill.

- You can only tame a mob if you can kill the mob, if a mob is not killable, it is not tameable.

- So I flew around and visited grohl grohl with my new flying turtle friend.

- I do that from time to time when I am out there and bored.

- But he does not follow you forever.

- He will eventually just die.

- No, not my flying turtle friend, I wanted to tame you and hug you and squeeze you and call you george.

- Can't he just leave and not die, that is so sad.

- Not like it bothers grohl grohl, he just keeps drumming away.

- He is named after dave grohl, of course, and is located in a tiny hole in the mountain on the north face of Kun Lai where if you were not an explorer like I am you would never find him.

- I found him the first week of the expansion back when everything was new and cool and we were all sharing our finds.

- There are still a few "finds" I made in game that I have never seen anyone on any blog mention.

- I wonder if no one ever found them, or they were just not worthy of being mentioned.

- The day timeless island was released I found, what I call, the love cave, and still have never saw anyone mention it anywhere.

- There is a cave on the island that has those little dirt piles in it.

- The dirt piles are in the shape of a heart with an arrow going through it.

- There are also a few chairs you can sit on.

- I bought my whole guild down there and showed it to them that first day.

- I've gone to it more than a few times and never once saw anyone else there.

- Or saw the dirt piles gone so there would be evidence that someone was there.

- I guess if you have an old school dwarf that would help you find it.

- I found it on my hunter, an elf, because I love to explore.

- But with treasure finding you can easily find it on a dwarf.

- I tell you treasure finding is annoying sometimes.

- Like anywhere on the island.

- The entire screen is covered in treasure dots all the time.

- A friend who plays a dwarf asked me about treasure finding and how to turn it on because he does not have it.

- I told him it was removed from the game, only dwarves that were around before it was removed and had it turned on when it was removed still have it.

- He was upset because he has an old dwarf but he had it turned off.

- He wrote a GM saying that he would like it back.

- The GM told him that it was removed from the game and the dwarf characters where given an archeology boost to finds in its place.

- He said, I have friends that have dwarves that still have it.

- The GM told him that his friends where lying to him, it was removed from game, no one has it any longer.

- Seriously?

- I often say GMs are clueless, but to outright call me and other people with dwarf characters liars is not only disrespectful but wrong.

- Do not call other people liars because you do not even know the game you work for.

- If it were not for the fact that I think they would take it away from me I would ask for the GMs name and put in a complaint about the way he handled the situation.

- Not only was he not knowledgeable about the game but he outright called people a lair.

- That is not right, you do not tell someone that their friends are lying to him.

- Even more so when you are wrong to begin with.

- I am not so much upset he did not know about it, not everyone knows everything, but to call people a lair for no reason is not good costumer service and I find that upsetting.

- How many of you dwarf players out there still have treasure finding?

- I had 2 characters with it but race changed one of them and lost it but still have one with it.

- I will never race change him, I want to keep that, and it awesome, even more so with places like the island coming out and the rare finds around the world in pandaira.

- Being we will have more of that in warlords, I am a little jealous of people that have dwarf mains.

- They are going to have no problem finding things when we get to the new expansion.

- But I do not see me leveling my warrior first to take advantage of that.

- Oh, for those that are wondering about the pet battle leveling, I got a total of 4 stones while leveling.

- Two critter, one aquatic and one flawless.

- I really think with as many battles as I fought I should have had a few more.

- But hey, any amount for doing something I was going to do anyway is cool.

- I was doing it to kill two birds with one stone.

- Level a character and level some pets.

- So it is all bonus stuff to me.

- Did my Onyxia runs again this week and something really odd occurred to me.

- If I ever won the mount I would lose something to do when I am bored.

- It is one of those things, do I want to win it because I have been trying for years, or do I want to keep having something to aim for and something to do when I am bored.

- Not like it really matters.

- I am never going to win that thing.

- I like that you can go in and you are right there at the mount boss.

- It is why I do not do the other raid bosses that drop mounts that often even if I can do them.

- There are huge time investments to get to them.

- Alys and Onyxia are the only two that are quick and easy to get to.

- At least out of the raid ones I have left to do.

- Still need a ton of achievements for so many things but do not have anyone in guild that wants to go get them with me.

- I really need to find a guild that does stuff like that for fun some time and park one of my alts there to go along on runs for stuff like that.

- Finding like minded people is probably the hardest thing to do in game.

- Need one more for firelands, the one you need at least 6 people that are smart enough to kneel to get it, but I can never get 6 people to do it.

- And worse, even when I do manage to get 6 I can never get 6 people that can understand what I mean when I say do not get hit by the fire.

- Is avoiding the avoidable really that hard.

- I think that should be the test to get into a heroic dungeons instead of proving grounds silver.

- If you can not get there without getting hit you can not use the random group finder.

- For anything, not just dungeons.

- How hard it is to kneel, or sit, or lay down, or whatever, to not get hit by something that is timed, predictable and telegraphed.

- If you can not avoid that you should not be allowed to subject others to being forced to play with you.

- So what do you think the release date will be?

- I am siding with the october 14th idea.

- The sooner the better, we really need a bathroom break.

- All bow to the bathroom god.

- I have an outhouse and I am not afraid to use it.

- I want a bathroom attendant outside of it.

- I can picture a goblin with the hand towel over his arm meeting you as you come out and brushing off your shirt.

- What?  No bathroom attendants in Azeroth.

- Guess that makes sense, they still have no bathrooms.

- But at least we are getting an outhouse, which is a step in the right direction.

- If we ever get a full bathroom and I do not have a goblin bathroom attendant I am going to throw a fit.

- Next expansion:  New Feature -  Full service bathroom with goblin attendant.

- Yeah baby.

- Have a great day.


  1. There are 2 outhouses in your garrison. You can interact with them (gear) and find yourself inside. You get an achievement for this.

    There is also a follower mission called "Clean the Latrine". The quest text reads, "Never lose a bet with a janitor."

    1. That is great. I can make all sorts of new potty jokes. I guess we are going from having poop quests where we clean it up in the world to the outhouse where we clean it up in our garrison. There will be a lot of very happy NPCs that have been holding it in for far too long.

  2. so you made lvl 90 in a very short time just doing pet battles? Just over and over and over? That would bore me to tears.

    As far as the Worgen female. I love her! The only things I would change for teh worgen are - a switch to keep them either wolf or human, only I can change them and of course, if they are human, they lose that extra worgen ability until changed back. And remove the worgen female laughter, as it sound like she just snortted her coffee up her nose.

    But other than that, the art is good for me.

    Lon'li Guju is the name of the flying turtle on the northeastern shores of Kun-Lai Summit. One can also do /hug, /love, etc (friendly type emotes).

    It is said he is in homage to Lonesome George.

    1. It is sort of boring. Well, not sort of, incredibly boring. I am just a person that sets their mind to what I want to get done and I do it. I wanted to level some pets and was going to do it anyway. So figured I would do it on a low level so they could get experience. Kill two birds with one stone.

      I would love to tame that turtle, with the wings, and have a pet that flies with me instead of despawning when I fly. Would be even better if that pet was an awesome turtle with wings.

    2. me too, but I did get Terrorpene by myself :)

      Ok, so if I am starting out fresh at pet battles, what are teh 3 pets to start with? How many times do you battle the same pet master or do you go around the area battling all the critters? I really have no clue at how to do this. Thanks.

    3. I got him too as soon as I saw him. Was already 85 so it was not a problem but he is a cool turtle. Not as cool as a flying turtle would be however.

      You will need many types of pets because each one has their strengths and weaknesses. I suggest checking out for a basic start, they have a nice little guide that tells you who is good against who in terms of beasts being good vs critters, mechanicals being good against beast, etc.

      Then there are a few addons that will be worth getting once you get into it. We can talk more about that once you start getting into it.

      The battle masters are dailies so you can only do them once a day but there are pets all over the world everywhere you can fight in the wild. Catching them is a big thing too, to try and get them all. You have to try to get the best types. There are poor, common, uncommon and rare. No epic pets yet.

      As you start and read you will get to understand it more. When first learning it can be quite the challenge but it is rewarding in its own way. Something you can do for fun and something that is not tied to other parts of the game where you ever feel you "have to" do it. I think that is what I like about it most.

    4. ok, will do, Thanks as always GE. I got a couple of wierd horde area pets last night on my new huntress, a Tauren (love those big brown eyes and wiggly butt) named (of all things) "Cow Patti". Guess what song the name is from. :Þ

      But how do you tell whats poor, common, uncommon and the other one? My sister said it is the color of the name and yet, I can't see any difference.

      I got some acheivement last night capturing 50 animals.

      -roo aka Cowpatti

    5. Not sure if it is in game now as I use an addon, but pets are just like gear meaning poor is grey, common is white, uncommon is green and rare is blue.

    6. Oh, and for later once you get into it more, there are also male pets and female pets. No way to notice it in game, not even picking them up and looking underneath, but there are different sexes.

      Then when you get even more advanced there are different styles. There are P/P pets meaning power power so they have more power at the cost of lesser health and lesser speed. There are S/S which have more speed at the cost of lesser health and lesser power. So forth and so on. There could be H/H, H/S, H/P, P/S, and you get the idea.

      Not all pets have different versions buy some do and sometimes those different versions are better ones.

      So not only might you want to hunt for a rare snake, you might want to keep hunting until you get a rare P/P snake. Just as an example.

  3. What happened to your original lineup of battle pets, Grump?

    1. My old computer died and I lost all data and did not have a back up. :(

      I lost a couple of books I was working on as well as many years of writing I never published along with pictures, documents, everything. All in all the loss of the battle teams is the least of the things I am upset about. I feel as if I lost my entire life when I lost all my data.

    2. I don't understand. All our in game data is saved on servers, not our hard drives. How did your computer dying mess with your in game stuff?

    3. All the pet teams were saved via addon. The in game system only allows you to have one team so I had an addon that allowed me to have many so I did not keep to keep switching the one team around.

      I had teams for all the different master trainers. One of each of the spirits. One for each of the celestial bosses. One of all the master trainers before celestial fights. One of each of the beasts of fable. And many many more, over 50 teams.

      I had hand assembled all of them, made teams using my own experiences that worked so I could easily beat each match up. I would then just switch team based on who I was playing and it was nice and quick.

      So now I am stuck having to rebuild all my teams which means either go through the learning process on all of them again to redevelop the best team for each match up or just find someones team list and copy from them.

      Two problems. I liked that my teams where my teams, I built them on my own. And the second is that there is no place online I have been able to find that has a simple list of use these for this battle. Sure there are some match up ones where they give you the "trick" way to do it, but nothing so simple as use these mobs and win, no tricks needed.

      I think I will create a list like that so anyone can join in on battle pets. The game needs something like that and I am amazed as huge as pet battles are and how popular they are there is not one single blog or site out there that offers this.

      Guess it will be my job to do it.

      And at worst, if I ever lose my teams again I will have my own post here as a back up for my teams so I do not have to recreate them again.

      All in all, that stuff should have been backed up online. Blizzard should have the ability to make 100s of teams, not just one, because there are 100s of fights. But as always, while pet battles were superbly made, blizzard is always a little behind on convenience stuff. Like letting us have more than 1 team at a time.

    4. Ah, I understand now.

      I guess I am pretty new to pet battles, I think I have like 5 pets that I've leveled and that I switch out based on what the trainers have.

      So, Im not to the point of needing custom designed teams. Don't have that option yet.

    5. If you ever want to do all the dailies you will need a lot more pets. Trust me. lol

      I have over 100 25s, probably closing in on 150 and a friend of mine puts me to shame with over 600 level 25s.

      I would say, at the bare minimum if you ever want to do the celestial weekly, which is worth doing, you need enough for 8 teams of 3 each and you can not heal pets while in there. So yeah, if you want to move further, you will need a lot more pets.

      Heck, I am sure there are people that put my 50+ teams to shame. I have every wild pet, still need a few others too. Like that darn one off the saurok boss in ToT, the LFR and normal/heroic have different ones and I have done the LFR one at least 100 times already and used a coin on each time and still do not have it. :(

      Pet battles are serious business. ;)