Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- I've been thinking of finding a server to move my horde characters too.

- Have a few scattered around and would like to get them collected on one server.

- PvE server, so I can PvP when I choose to.

- US side.

- If you have any suggestions please feel free to speak up.

- I am looking for a server with a decent pug community where things are always going.

- Horde dominated of course.

- Lets get real, if there are 100,000 people on a server which server is better?

- The one with 50,000 alliance and 50,000 horde or the one with 10,000 alliance and 90,000 horde.

- The one with 90,000 horde of course, because there is a more active community that way and more people to do things with and presumably more things going on.

- That is why servers get imbalanced, people just want to play, and it is easy to play when there are more people around, so people want to be on imbalanced servers.

- I do not play horde side often, but all the guilds I am in horde side are effectively dead.

- So when I do want to play I can never really get much done.

- My DK I got to 82 last week I got to 90 this weekend.

- 58 to 90 time, 1 day 2 hours 12 minutes.

- I like when you first hit 90, it seems like there is so much to do.

- All that timeless gear to get ready.

- Doing the scenarios for the 502 boots.

- The one guaranteed 516 heroic deeds scenario.

- Opening up the land fall, because I will need to if I decide to do the cloak quest.

- Opening up the isle of thunder.

- Doing all those solo scenarios and getting a key to stock up on elder charms, not like I need them any longer with timeless gear, but still like to get them.

- Got black price to over 4000 into friendly just from doing those.

- Did they raise reputation gains?  That just seems like a lot so quickly.

- I managed to get myself to a nice even 500 item level on that first day.

- No Celestial love and no Ordos love either.

- I do have 18400 timeless coins already however, so I will be getting a 489 weapon soon.

- The damn 502 blacksmith weapons range from 18K-24K on my server, so screw that.

- I'd pay maybe 3K for a 502 weapon I know I will replace soon, hopefully, but not 18K+.

- Being it takes forever to making them I can not blame the people for selling them for that much, but I can blame the idiots that pay that allowing them to sell for that price.

- Nothing wrong with the person selling it wanting that.

- I want 1K each for my sha crystals again, doesn't mean it will happen.

- I've played every class at various gear levels through the island and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that a DK is the easiest to get by playing around on the timeless island.

- I was doing rolos questline and landed at garnia with three dead people there.

- I said, in say, invite me to your group and I will mass revive you and help you kill it.

- The did, I did, and then I said, just keep it interrupted and it is easy.

- They said, just take off blood so you do not get aggro.

- I said, I am a tank, that is what I do.

- I spanked the ever living hell out of it.

- Interrupted it with my interrupt, with asphyxiate, step back and grip, step back and grasp and then using cooldowns for the few that got through, because none of the others interrupted it.

- No wonder they died, she hits like a train if you do not interrupt that and do not have the DPS to burn it fast.

- Either way, quick and easy kill and my brand new DK when I was the only one that interrupted and even beat 2 of the 3 there in DPS.

- No wonder they died.

- Even at this super low item level I could pull massive amounts.

- Two expansions later and DKs are still a hero class.

- I've got another DK getting close to 90, this made me want to finish that one off as well.

- I had forgot why they are fun to play when you just want to mindlessly slaughter things.

- Even at a lower item level I can get away with a lot.

- A 500 item level hunter, something, the only thing, I am actually good at, could not get away with the stuff my DK can do on timeless island.

- Speaking of hunters, got a few more 3 v 3 arena wins.

- Seem to be playing at roughly a 50% winning percentage.

- This time we had a 494 healer with us, so winning half was actually quite good.

- But the healer was a paladin and holy paladins are to PvP what DKs are to PvE, a hero class.

- One match we faced three fully conquest geared DPS and all three focused the 494 under geared healer.

- The healer kept himself up, we picked them off one at a time, and we won.

- Name one other healing class that could manage that.

- Even with healing in general being OP in PvP and items scaling down to 532 having three, presumably, decent players pounding on you should be able to take anyone out.

- I am going to guess they were not that good.

- Not even guess, I know they must have not been that good.

- Three people should easily have been capable of making sure he never cast a spell.

- Guess it helped that me and the other damage dealer were kind of quick about it in taking them out too.

- I now have 2 conquest pieces and am saving for my weapon.

- When I have enough to buy the weapon I should also have enough earned for the season to allow me to buy it.

- Have to love the PvP gearing system and the catch up system.

- I love being able to move at my own pace and gear as quickly as I wish while catching up.

- Having a 10K+ conquest cap is going to spoil me.

- What happens if I get into PvP and then when new stuff comes I am once again limited to 1000 a week?

- I really hate caps sometimes.

- If I wish to gear up in one day by busting my ass, let me.

- But playing catch up, having that huge conquest cap is great.

- Think I ran into a problem with PvP that might stop me from playing much later on.

- Once you no longer need honor gear there is no reason to run battlegrounds.

- It is not like alliance win, so why do it?

- If you do not need anything from it, do not get the satisfaction of winning, and get to the point where there is nothing to learn from them, what use are battlegrounds?

- Which goes back to the fact you need a group to do anything.

- This game really needs something, anything, that can support the player that does not play with a set group.

- Not everyone can be on the same time as their friends, or wants to look to make new friends every time they want to do something.

- Maybe they just want to play a game for fun at their own pace when they want to.

- God forbid.

- And no, group finder is not an option.

- Group finder gives you alliance groups that somehow manage to lose 10 games in a row.

- Even when half the horde team is comprised of bots.

- Group finder gives you LFR groups where half the players think they are too good to be doing this, so they do nothing and the other half are not good enough to do anything to help, and all of them love to spew their toxic hate at each other making it a nightmare.

- The game needs some sort of substantial way to gear up and keep progressing in a meaningful and enjoyable way either solo or with a group.

- They need to stop forcing people to group for personal progression.

- I mean why should personal progression require a group.

- I am building up "me" so let "me" do it.

- Without groups, no raid gear which means no gear, for the PvEer.

- Without groups, no or slow conquest gear because you never win, for the PvPer.

- No matter what anyone says, more solo ways to progress are needed.

- While some players might play as a group all players play solo.

- Like the expression, all poodles might be dogs but not all dogs are poodles.

- Even if you wanted to say 90% of the player base participated in group content, which you know is outrageously over estimating, it still does not equal the 100% of the player base that plays solo.

- So if everyone plays solo, and you do, don't say you don't, shouldn't they design more for the solo player?

- You should never need to depend on others being able to do their job well to determine if you get gear or not.

- You gearing is about you, not about finding a battleground that can win, or a raid group that can down bosses.

- The PvPer needs a way to get conquest without a group and without subjecting themselves to random battlegrounds.

- The PvEer needs a way to get top level gear without subjecting themselves to LFR or other group finding methods but since they removed valor gear a way like that no longer exists.

- And at that, valor gear was never really all that great.

- No weapon, one ring, one trinket, sometimes missing other pieces.

- PvE needs more solo gearing options and timeless island gear is not a gearing option.

- Unless you want to gear 2 tiers lower than current.

- It is a stepping stone into group content.

- And I want to avoid group content.

- We all should be allowed to skip group content and gear another way.

- Speaking of avoiding group content, I had this wild idea that is quite the opposite.

- I was thinking of bringing my new DK into the LFR and tanking.

- Yes, tanking only.

- Yes, me.

- Surprised?  Well so am I.

- I figured it would be a good way to find material to write about.

- Not like I need any.

- I will back down from that idea.

- But I did think of it all day yesterday, almost even queued up for it.

- I would have started in MV, not SoO like most people seem to do now.

- Need to get my "moves" down.

- Yes, I already have a blood DK at max, two even, but each character is different even when they are the same class.

- Just because I know what to do, I need to find the feel for this char.

- Is it just me or do you feel as if each characters has its own personality?

- And while I might be geared for SoO, item level wise, I am not gemmed, enchanted, reforged, you know, the things you should be.

- That is the problem with LFR they allow people to step right into the newest one and thanks to the instant 90s what you get is even worse than what you had been getting.

- Someone boosts a 90, gets timeless gear and is ready to walk in, heck, I went from 90 to 500 item level so an instant 90 can too.

- The thing is, they are not ready.

- Yet, as dreadful as it all sounds, I really am tempted to try it.

- More so try the lower LFRs.

- Why you ask?

- Because people like me, people that care about how they do and are trying to do it the best they can will more likely be in MV.

- People who do not know how to play and people with instant 90s will jump right into SoO for gear and gear only.

- And maybe now you see why I say we need other gearing options?

- Gear helps, of course, buy skill should always come first and it matters more.

- I tanked an SoO on my warrior, my first time tanking a raid on my warrior since last expansion.

- It has not even stepped into any LFRs and only had a 514 item level.

- It was ungemmed and unenchanted.

- I threw some quick stuff together for it and managed to tank up to jug based on skill and healer skill and ability.

- At jug I ran into the wall where I needed more gear.

- I "could" have managed it, but why make people wipe for me trying to prove something.

- I switched to another tank and we continued.

- But back to my DK and my odd yearning for doing some LFRs.

- I can do the lower ones, work a little toward the cloak, get better groups in easier content, and get a feel for my new 90.

- Or I can go into SoO with a whole slew of ungemmed, unenchanted, unreforged people that will just AFK, or not AFK and do worse than the person that did AFK with auto attacking.

- And I will wipe, and hear people calling each other names, and being blamed for everything because I am the tank and everything is always the tanks fault.

- Even when you run ahead of the group and pull the boss before any tanks are in the room, it is the tanks fault.

- Because your pet dies because it has taunt on, it is the tanks fault.

- Because the healer did not heal you, it is the tanks fault.

- Because you did not win the item you wanted, it is the tank fault.

- So lets spit our venom now and let the tanks know it is all the tanks fault.

- Maybe I am talking myself out of it.

- Actually, I am talking myself into it.

- Because if all "those" people will be in SoO, maybe MV can use some tanks and those people will be more likely to be grateful to be doing it because they care about getting somewhere, be it seeing the content, collecting quick valor, getting quest items, or just hanging out for fun instead of just in it for the gear.

- Yeap, I think I might give MV a try, and work my way up.

- Maybe start getting some gear worth gemming and enchanting.

- Because timeless gear isn't worth it.

- Even if you gave me the gems and enchants for free on general principle I would not use them.

- Timeless gear is throw away gear.

- Unless it is just one or two pieces then it is not worth the materials.

- Did I mention why I need a new horde server?

- My horde server merged with my alliance server.

- What are the odds?

- I'd prefer to have them on their own server.

- One problem, they are all really old characters and they all, well most, have three letter names.

- Where the hell will I ever find where I can transfer them that I will be able to keep three letter names.

- Well, that is the least of my worries.

- Until then I have some hordies that need a new home.

- Rarely played hordies.

- But still, would like them to find a home.

- My hunter still has arrows.

- Have to love I still have hunters around that have arrows.

- Wonder why when they changed stuff from not having a melee weapon when you first log into a hunter you have your melee weapon equip and not your ranged weapon.

- I had that happen on one of the hunters and did not notice it.

- When I logged in, some months back, and cleaned out my bags I sold the weapon in there thinking it was junk.

- When I logged back in to level from 85 to 90 I noticed I had a polearm and no ranged weapon.

- Damn it, sold my weapon and no way to get it back now.

- Blizzard does some stupid stuff sometimes.

- But no worse than me selling my weapon.

- Except my mistake was an honest mistake, their mistake was bad coding.

- Seriously, who did not catch it in the code that it was keeping hunters melee weapon and throwing the ranged one in their bags.

- I still have my, now gray, totem and relics in my bank on a few characters.

- Nothing beats a grey item with a gem in it.

- Ah, memories.

- Oh, I bought a green weapon for a few gold, did the first quest into pandaira and got myself a new weapon.

- So no harm, no foul.

- Glad they made the first quest give a weapon.

- Seems they do something right sometimes.

- Well, now to think about tanking MV, maybe tonight.

- I am a glutton for punishment, don't you think?

- Could be fun, who knows.

- Maybe all the dregs of humanity will be in SoO making their lives and the lives of everyone around them hell and I might have fun.

- For once.

- Doing the solo scenarios on the thunder island I noticed they changed a lot of them.

- How come they spend time updating those, but not other things that need it.

- No, seriously, if you have not done them in a while do them again, you will notice some subtle changes to things.  Range, visuals, functionality.

- Yet things like hunters kill shot error last for entire expansion, but changing the the size and functionality of the bombs you throw at the totems in old content that no one ever complained about anyway is high on their list?

- I sometimes wonder about the people that make the decisions on this game.

- "I think we should make the bombs a little smaller"

- "I think we should make it a set number of bombs instead of a timed thing".

- "Hey guys, how about you stop talking about something that has been old content for a long time now that no one has ever complained about even when it was new and fix something like the hunters kill shot error."

- "Nah, screw hunters, this will be awesome when we are done fixing it."

- "But..."

- "It isn't broken to begin with."

- Have a great day.


  1. All of my characters definitely have their own personality. That's how I ended up with a paladin for each spec. :P
    Blood DKs are awesome and this post really made me want to finish leveling mine. He's 87, I've just been putting it off. If you do try tanking good luck! I tried starting in MV too and it definitely helped a bit with my confidence for when I go to try it again.

    1. I kind of do the same as well. I have multiple shaman at max level and they have different specs. I also have 1 hunter that is BM and BM only, it does not even have an offspec.

      I might go the MV route. Just for ease sake. I really would take LFR if all fights were 1 tank fights. I've found the biggest issue with tanking LFR is getting paired with tanks that I can not work with. It might be fun, I'll have to see.

      Yeah, blood is insane. Walking around timeless with a 500K blood shield on me is a little insane for a 500 item level character. I can even solo rares. I got spoiled on my hunter who can solo anything and when on other characters I sometimes have to wait for others to attack first. Have to love being on a character like a DK where I just go in head on. Kind of fun, and most definitely still a hero class.

  2. If you can find a partner (preferably a holy pally or a resto drood) for 2s and get your 550 gear, you'll find quickly that you alone can turn the tide in a random BG. It doesn't necessarily make it great fun, because the only times you'll die is if 4 or 5 people target you at once (then you'll die instantly), so there's not a lot of challenges.

    Still, if wining is fun, or you like it as a way to get a little conq each day, going in fully geared is insane. My alliance hunter is 550 pvp gear. I don't take him into randoms too often, but if I'm bored, I'll solo queue then go in and wreck things. He's probably around 75-85% wins.

    If you have just one healer queue with you while you're fully geared, you'll win 100% on either side. Even if you run into a premade you're fighting against, there's just not that many fully geared people in randoms. :-P

    1. I would really need to up my skill level if I ever plan to try and turn the tide in a BG solo. lol Give me a few years. ;)

      I find when I go on a healer, even PvE geared, my win rate is well into the 70% range. So a fully geared DPS with a pocket healer, yeah, I can see 100%.

    2. There's a couple where it's hard. Silvershard mines I can't figure out how to turn the tides on my own, since I can only capture and keep on mine. Battle for Gilneas shoudl be the same, but for some reason it's pretty easy to keep LH and WW capped on your own, just running back and forth.

      Also, I think I read somewhere that in rated pvp, Blizzard wants you to have 50% wins. Which is why the MMR goes up and down so much differently than your actual rating. My highest rating, which is in 5s, is actually the only column where I have more losses than wins.. which is weird to me.. 2s I'm 54-42 this season, and am a good hundred rating points behind my 5s rating. huh.

    3. Being able to regularly turn the tides in a random BG playing alone sounds weird, quite frankly. That's easier to do for a healer, but even then, one guy is just one guy. From my experience, queuing solo, even the best of the best get only something like 55-58% winrate compared to average 50%. 65% is the absolute ceiling. If your winrate from queuing solo is higher than that, you are plain not playing enough games.

      That said, maybe that's the US thing. I am in EU, and if we exclude AV and IOC, the absolute majority of BGs will have a significant number of people who are geared adequately and many will have people who play as a team (because they are a team, they queued together as a party). Maybe it's different in the US.

      In EU my advice would be to do random BGs as a party via OQ.

    4. On counting winrates. Any numbers derived from memory are not to be trusted, you have to write things down. Any numbers derived from less than 100 games are wishful thinking. That applies to both arenas and BGs.

      Yes, the winrate at "your" rating is 50%, that's math. "Your" rating is a moving target though plus sometimes there are landslide changes like patches, so there is some volatility there.

    5. @PvP Anon

      I agree, memory can serve for false information, I've been victim of that myself. I could play 10 games and win 5 but winning 5 will not stand out in my mind, but I will remember each painful moment of those 5 losses which will make me "feel" as if I lost more than I won.

      Looking at stats is better. Twin peaks. 18 losses, 3 wins. Not memory, data, and most definitely not 50% win rate.

      I do not buy the whole it is about 50% win rate thing, even when blizzard shows stats. Either I really do have the worst luck in the world, or base on my actual real stats, alliance win around 25% of the time.

  3. I actually like the conquest point caps currently, and would appreciate something similar for PvE.

    There are two factors to it: higher cap with better CR, and if you skip a week, ~50% of that cap goes into a season pool on top of the cap.

    This gives the advantage to better players who play regularly (more points every week) while not punishing players for skipping pvp for the week.

    A PvE example would be along the lines of clearing Flex raises your weekly cap to 1100 valor, 1200 for normal, 1250 for heroic. If you don't gain any valor for the week, your cap the following week would be 1500.

    1. Ah, if only valor was useful... sigh... :(

    2. On conquest cap. There is a negative effect which I think I mentioned before:

      Say, you started PVPing. You have that large cap and you are enjoying it. But until you exhaust that large cap, you are losing quite a lot of potential conquest every week.

      Eg, it's week 11 of the season, your cap is the default 1800 for 11th week + 10000 for 10 previous week = 11800. You start PVPing, play enough games to get 4000. 4000 is a lot, right, more than 2x than one default cap, you feel good. Well, since you haven't exhausted the cap yet, next week your cap is going to be 1800 for 12th week (assume you are still at the default rating for simplicity) + 11000 for 11 previous weeks - 4000 which you have already got. That's 8800. Together with 4000 which you have already got, that's 12800. But if you had exhausted the cap on the first week by playing relentlessly, you'd have 11800 + 1800 = 13600, which is 800 points more. You are getting punished for not exhausting the cap right away. That's 800 points every week at default rating, and much more at higher ratings.

      This thing has driven me so insane when I was propping the alt in the past that I bit the bullet and capped her in the first week. Then I did that with another alt. That wasn't pretty, I am telling you.

      Other than that, the large cap works fine.

    3. As Jaeger said, too bad there is nothing to use valor on any longer. They need to create a valor gearing similar to the conquest gearing system.

      @PvP Anon

      In the end, as soon as I get all my PvP gear I do not care about cap any longer. There is no need for conquest once you have the gear. But the gem, the enchants, and there is never any gear upgrades so you do not need to buy multiples of them. Once geared you are done and conquest is useless. Just like valor is now. They need to work on giving currency some more longevity.

    4. @PvP anon
      Even if you're losing out on ~800 points by not capping every week, it's better than losing out on ~1800 points, so the benefit is still there as a catch-up mechanic.

      Re: valor
      With the new upgrades, I'd take advantage of a valor catch-up mechanism. I'm running on empty after replacing most of my gear in the last few weeks.

    5. I agree, some extra with not getting all extra is better than no extra at all. (if I am understanding how it works correctly)

      I am glad to have something to spend my valor on again and even more glad to have a place to get rid of those 250K timeless coins.

  4. - The natural migration towards server imbalance is another reason why I feel the Horde vs. Alliance aspect of the game is out-dated. "Can't we all just get along!"

    - Something that is interesting in this regards about ESO is that there are 3 factions, but guild membership is account wide. So you can still chat with cross-faction players in your guild, but you can't group with them... ZOS made one step in the right direction, but still didn't go far enough. Also since the bank is account wide, you can transfer items and gold cross-faction... didn't even realize that til now.

    - My Blood DK is probably my favorite alt. I wish hunters could solo as well as Blood DKs do though.

    - Blizz won't let us progress solo because the hardcore raiders bitch about everyone getting epics...

    - I played mostly solo from the end of Wrath until DS where I joined a heroic raid team. After getting burnt out doing heroic progression with a group that wasn't really playing at a heroic level (we needed the progressive nerfs to clear content), I went back to playing solo in Mists. Since there's nothing to really do solo anymore (no valor gear to grind, hardly any reps left, etc), I only log in to do world bosses once a week and post some auctions... I've all but quit playing...

    - Some players are the opposite though. They hate solo content, so they only want to do group content. That only works if you have an active group of friends who play the game at a similar skill level though, and as Grumpy mentioned, that's not most players.

    - Speaking of "LFR-ready", my Blood DK is ilvl 503 and like you I leveled him from 1-90 myself. He even did a normal 10-man DS run back in the day (as DPS) and has tanked some dungeons here and there. I wouldn't take him into MSV LFR. Heck, I even felt bad doing dungeons on him when he was ilvl 480ish... I'm not comfortable enough playing that character. So there's no way that someone who just boosted a class they've never played before is ready to walk in to LFR.

    - They are going to require Silver Proving Grounds in WoD to queue for Heroic dungeons (which will be close to LFR loot but still lower...), but they still won't have anything beyond normal dungeon iLvL requirements to do LFR... I'm very skeptical that LFR will be the same difficulty as normal dungeons in WoD... They should require Silver (or at least Bronze!!!) for LFR... something to show you know a little bit about your spec.

    - I would try to do proving grounds on my DK (or my mage even), but they are going to change PG in WoD... and the thought of it is just "meh"...

    1. While some players might "hate" solo play, they still do play solo. As I said, everyone plays solo. Not everyone plays in a group. They need to make more content for the 100%.

      Proving grounds silver will do nothing. None of my characters have proving grounds silver except my main which I got gold on just to see if I could do it. And at that, none of my other hunters got a silver but my main has that gold. Does that mean my others hunters I am not "good enough" to queue but my main hunter I am.

      The silver marker is beyond stupid. Calling it stupid would be an insult to stupid things. I can not even believe they considered that this might help queues.

      I can not queue on my alt hunters because I did not want to waste my time doing something that is boring, useless, teaches you nothing, and has no bearing what so ever to how I would work in a group setting?

      Yeah, beyond stupid.

  5. Oh, yeah, on Horde vs Alliance, imbalanced servers and imbalanced factions on BGs (which are real, I have seen this first-hand and this exists in the stats).

    They can't really fight imbalanced servers. People are just flocking to wherever there's life. So imbalanced servers are here to stay.

    They can't really fight imbalanced factions in BGs directly either. People are just flocking to whichever side wins or is purported to win more often, it's Blizzard's fault that they allowed for that to happen on such a large scale, and while they might try various things, there's no guarantee these things will work. So imbalanced factions in BGs are probably here to stay as well, at least for some time.

    So, in order to fix the gameplay for the Alliance (and the Horde - it is boring to be playing vs an inept opponent, and I am not saying that in jest, plus the queues are longer, frequently significantly so) in random BGs, they have to drop the notion of Alliance vs Horde and match random BGs disregarding the faction, like they do for arenas and rated BGs. That's it. One switch, bam, done, problem solved. And gameplay trumps lore, as they said many times.

    1. Imbalanced servers are better. If you are on the heavy pop server. Oddly enough my server is about as close to balanced as you see. Sucks having half the population being useless to me. If we were all on the same side the server would be hopping with things going all the time.

      Imbalance, from a PvE aspect, is good for the game. It gives you more people to play with.

      I agree, for randoms ignore the faction, just make groups. It would be nice if they could work up some sort of point grading system that going on behind scenes to try and match groups of closer skill as well.

      I read a post from another blogger that actually had an interesting idea. Put all players in a pool together and group them in what seems like equally skilled groups against each other regardless of faction.

      Not sure how that would go over, but that would be the best way to balance it. If you are on the "strong" horde side you will often find yourself teamed with alliance players to help them get their wins.

  6. Area 52 seems like an obvious server for your consolidation... high pop, very horde biased, PvE, non-RP.

    1. Actually that is exactly where I started a few characters. Someone mention thrall was a good one as well. Might take a peek there too.

      I like area 52 being so packed. Might be nice for pugging. Even org is so packed you can not move. Wild I tell you. Never seen it that pack, even on other full servers. Must really be very lopsided horde.

    2. I have a few toons on A52 but just lowbies at this point, I'll develop them more in WoD but I think I have enough active servers these days.

      Stormrage is my Alliance high-pop server, there's lots of pugging but not necessarily useful pugging. For instance, I noticed this morning someone selling a normal SoO run with a requirement of 570+, knowing fights and having the ach. The problem with a server having a lot of well-geared players is that eventually they start to require those players which leaves a TON of players hanging out to dry, stuck trying to find the rare reasonable requirement run amongst the constant stream of general/trade spam.

      As on my slower servers, I've found that it's best to be friendly with a small handful of guilds and generally stick to running with them whenever possible vs straight-out pugging.

    3. Same here. Mine are low there as well. Might get to them some day. I level a tiny bit with the girlfriend there once in a while but that usually ends up with not getting anything accomplished. She wastes more time running around than leveling.

      SELLING? With a 570, knowing the fights and having the achievement? Are they insane. You could probably put together an alt run with 550s with people that know the fights and maybe only hit a bump at garrosh. Selling with those requirements is insane. I wonder if anyone purchased it.

      I would ask the guy, how much are you paying me to run with you if you want me to do all the work for you.

      I go the friend of a friend approach to pugging as well. But that is not always great for downing stuff. I sometimes end up dragging people into fights with a 560 item level that can't even do 80K.