Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- I am still working on taking a sort of break from the game.

- I log in to raid only.

- Not much of that going on either.

- Couldn't get a team of A players if I wanted to, so have not even attempting heroics.

- Even doing normals I am having a hard time filling teams lately.

- Guess I am not the only person burnt out.

- The person that was in charge of the second 10 man is taking some time off.

- Two damage dealers and two healers from the main team are taking time off.

- Many others are taking time off.

- This is the worst I have ever seen it at the end of an expansion.

- Blame 3 tiers of raiding each week.

- LFR, flex and normal/heroic.

- You do not need to do anything other than the normal/heroic lock out.

- But I do not have that option.

- Peope end up feeling compelled to do at least 2 versions.

- My two are flex and normal/heroic.

- Next expansion we will have four lock outs for each raid.

- After they did that with ToC didn't they say they would never do that again?

- As the raid leader I need to run the guild flex runs for new players and alts and such to help gear them up and teach them.

- So no matter what I am stuck doing at least 2, next expansion, at least 3.

- Raiding is starting to make me want to cry.

- I am really beginning to hate raiding.

- Not just dislike it, hate it, actively hate it, as in if I never raided again I would not mind.

- And that has more to do with the people that want to raid than it does the raiding itself.

- So many bad people who feel their are entitled to raid.

- No, you are not.

- Just because blizzard has this incredibly retarded idea that they should push everyone into raiding it doesn't mean everyone should be raiding.

- Blizzard needs to stop telling people that "everyone can raid".

- Sorry, they can't.

- Please blizzard, abandon this everyone can raid mentality.

- People pop on vent and keep asking, have invites went out yet.

- What am I supposed to say, yes but we do not want you there.

- I am not that type of jerk, I can't say that.

- Not saying I am not a jerk, I sure can be sometimes, I am just not that type of jerk.

- I do say that sometimes for normal, saying, you are not ready for normals.

- And people, to show how clueless they are, say "I have a 558 item level which is more than enough for normal".

- Gear means nothing more than potential.  If you do not know how to use it you could have an 800 item level and I still would not bring you.

- I must say this line in guild chat every single day at least once just to try and beat the idea through peoples heads.

- I don't care what your item level is, I care what you can do with the item level you have.

- I would rather take someone with a 520 item level that knows how to play than someone with a 558 item level that doesn't.

- And they push and push and push asking for invites.

- I sometimes just have to come right out and be a dick.

- No, you can not come to normal, once you can prove you have learned how to play your class and listen to instruction maybe I will invite you, but every week I say stop DPS on nazgrim and you keep tunneling him.

- Until you learn how to play you are not getting an invite to a normal, sorry.

- And it is that entitlement from people that is making me hate raiding.

- "But I have a better item level and you carry other people with less."

- No, we do not.  We help alts of people that can play gear up.  We help new players catching up.  We help people we see learning.  We help people that in turn will help us.  We DO NOT carry people.  We let people that know how to play play and we let people that want to learn learn.  There is a difference.

- Speaking of helping people that came back we recently had a healer return to the game so we figured we would drag them along as a third healer for a normal.

- They did great but sadly no gear dropped for them.

- But with a few green pieces and mix and match of various levels of crap, they were still pulling respectable numbers in a group that had two already geared healers.

- I was quite impressed.

- Now this person, while you might call it carrying, will be more then welcome to come along, because they can do their job well, they just need the gear.

- I read about the healing changes.

- There was good and bad in my opinion.

- Lets start with the good.

- More focused on actual "healing" instead of just spamming spells.

- That is how it should be from the beginning, let the tank take the bulk of the damage and the raid take occasional damage that needs to be patched up.

- But they will need to stop their raid design the way it is if they want that style to work.

- People did not start spamming their biggest AoE spells because they wanted to, they had to.

- Don't blame the players for AoE heal after AoE heal when every single fight is designed for insane AoE damage 24/7.

- And we are not talking minor damage that can be patched up as you go, like it should be, we are talking massive damage.

- It is two of three ticks of AoE and someone is dead without a heal.

- If they want the patch up design to work that AoE, even if left on healed as it happened, should just get people low and the healers job would be to pick people up over time before the next one hits.

- But todays design is spam heal them with AoE heals or they are dead.

- So an entire new design to raid encounters will be needed if they want the new style of healing to work.

- Lets go back to the new healer from this week I mentioned.

- He died on nearly every fight.

- Not to his inability to move from bad or anything that was his own fault.

- His health pool could not take the simple standard AoE damage doing out that someone geared appropriately could handle.

- That is why people spam AoE healing blizzard, because they have to.

- So do not dare blame the player for doing something you designed.

- If you did not want them spamming AoE you should have never made fights that AoE damage was all the rage.

- I would really welcome the return of real healing where there was a tank healer and a raid healer and the tank took most of the damage and the AoE damage was rare and did not need constant attention because the healer had time to patch them up before the next pulse of AoE.

- If you do not want people spamming AoE healing spells blizzard, do not design the fights that spamming AoE healing spells is the only way to keep people up.

- Common sense blizzard.

- Oh, forgot, you have none of that.

- There are two changes I dislike.

- Smart heals are not so smart any more.

- Well let me clue you in on something blizzard, people are not stupid, only your designers are.

- If smart heals do not work well people will not use them.

- Better players will use what is the best tool for the job.

- If something like dropping a healing tide totem will not heal the people that need it and instead heal people missing 0.3% of their life all the time guess what?

- People will not use it.

- So if you are going to design smart heals to not be effective you are basically designing an ability that good players will not use and bad players will get confused with because they would effectively just be bloat.  A healing spell that no one uses.

- Why design an ability to be a bad choice?

- Remove it completely or let it be good, do not turn it into something that will just confuse people.

- Smart heals need to remain smart.

- If you want to do something with them change how much they heal for, change how often the heal them, change the cooldown, change the smart heal, do not make the smart heals stupid.

- Bad change blizzard, bad change.

- Adding cast times to heals?

- WTF are you smoking at that office over there?

- Have you played this game in, well, the last two expansions?

- When can you stand still for more than 10 seconds?

- Instants are needed.

- In my opinion there should be more instants, not less.

- How many times have you heard a healer say I wish I had more instants, I spend this entire fight running?

- A lot, I am sure of it.

- When have you ever heard, boy I wish there were a cast time on this spell that land locked me.

- Never, I am sure of it.

- They better be redesigning raids completely.

- Can you imagine doing some of the fights we do now with no instant heals?

- I am sure it could be done, but who in their right mind would want to do it?

- And people like being able to do things on the move.

- You feel helpless when moving, more so as a healer.

- When you are forced to move and if someone dies because you can not do anything because you have no instants that adds unneeded pressure on the role.

- No blizzard, just no, leave instants alone.

- Stop fucking with PvE because of PvP.

- Yes, healing is a problem in PvP, we all realize that, but this is not the way to fix it.

- I have gotten spoiled by hunters being able to do everything on the move.

- It has become so bad I do not want to play any other DPS class any more.

- I can not see how casters deal with it.

- I don't even remember what it was like when I used to have to deal with it, or when I even had to stance dance.

- If they ever land locked hunters again I would quit.

- I was spoiled and I do not want to take a step backwards.

- That is what they are asking healers to do, take a step backward to when things were designed worse.

- Sometimes reverting changes is a good thing.

- This is not one of those cases.

- And what is the deal with removing abilities like heal and healing wave?

- While I agree healers have way to many buttons those were never a problem and they actually served a purpose.

- Even more so if you are going back to the days of spot healing.

- Nothing works better for a spot heal than a small inexpensive heal.

- So you are going back to the sort of healing design in raids for that those spells were designed for and then removing the perfect heal for it?

- Really, what are they smoking in the office there.

- I always used things like healing wave as a judge on when my mana regeneration was at the perfect level.

- When it was mana neutral I was at the perfect regeneration.

- I used healing wave and things like it to heal all the time.

- Maybe not often, but they had their places and I always used them in those places.

- Sure, I could have used another spell and over healed, but that is not the way I learned to heal.

- I used the appropriate heal to get them up and not waste mana so when I needed that mana later on it would be there.

- If I used greater healing wave those dozens times during the fight instead of healing wave when the time came where I needed the mana I would be out but by using the right heal, healing wave, I would still have mana.

- It is something I refer to as being a good healer.  Not wasting mana on a more expensive heal that is no necessary.

- Sure you can say that is old thinking, out dated, not needed now, but they are going back to designing healing that way and guess what, I a ready for it because that is always how I healed.

- But now I will not have the tool that was perfect for that style of healing because?

- Because why?  It worked?  And that is why it needs to be removed?

- There was a time it made sense to do something that costs basically no mana and still gave someone a heal they could use.

- If the change to the healing model is to give out spot heals like that and not be doing huge AoE that requires people to spam AoE heals wouldn't it make sense to keep the abilties that are perfectly designed for that type of healing?

- Oh wait, there is that common sense thing again.

- Common sense is not all that common.

- I like the change in healing idea, I hate the way they are going about it.

- So I do not tank any more because of the LFR community and lack of moderation on the part of blizzard has made me want to stay away from it.

- I will not heal any more because while the healing model will be better the heals won't.

- I don't like playing melee because of all the flashing lights and moving mobs and they are going to add more flashy lights, oh joy.

- I can't play a caster because I've been spoiled by a hunters movement.

- So all there is left for me is being a hunter.

- Please do not take that away from me too blizzard.

- You have ruined the rest of the game for me, all the other classes, raiding, leveling, farming, etc.

- Just leave hunters alone, they are all the game has left for me.

- Have a great day.


  1. My view on healing changes is that while they might sound good to some (they sound good to me as a PVPer, for example - and I hear you on PVE vs PVP, I get it, I am not talking about that now), this is the third time Blizzard tried to change healing. This is the third time they are having the same thoughts, saying the same words - "we don't want healing to be about mashing buttons madly, where you get a guy from 1% to 100% in one mash or he dies" and "we want you to choose the spells you want to use, we want you to choose the targets you want to use, we want you to (gasp) triage" and "we want you to cast more and do less instants", etc. They failed twice already. They will fail one more time in WoD, and I am willing to bet money on it. They are trying to do EXACTLY the same thing they tried to do already, twice. They failed both times because they couldn't even get the numbers right for the first tier / season - and, of course, it's like they forgot what they wanted to do in the second tier / season entirely, new gear / bosses comes in, mad mashing is here again, period. They will fail again, it's a no brainer.

    1. I agree, they will fail one more time in WoD. Even if the expansion starts off perfectly and it works as intended more gear will make it get back to button spamming your most expensive heal again. They need to remove spirit and have "active generation" for mana like they have "active mitigation" for tanks. Then, and only then, can they actually start to build a healing model that will last an expansion. As always, in my opinion.

      They tried to do it in cata, they tried to do it in mists and they are trying again. As long as the LFR is around they will never be able to add it because in the LFR, if you want any chance of success, every fight NEEDS to be a spam AoE heal fight.

      Blizzard will fail again. I agree.

  2. Wow, someone is burnt out. Icey got made it to 90 the Sunday before last. And this week-end, her gear score outshines all my others for she was invited by a Mom & son team to Timeless Isle. Much nicer killing giant elite lvl 91 snakes in a group of 3. I got 496 - cape, shoulders, gloves, pants, a really nice trinket & boots. Not bad for my first time. I got to walk ropes, get picked up by a giant bird. So, I am sitting at about lvl 496 or so. And 3,000+ coins. : )

    Also got my Tiller exalted and best friends, oh shucks, "tee-hee-hee", and 100 rep points shy of (whats after rep "Friend") for the Klaxxi. All my hunters and rogues are just setting. Gathering leather and ore is all they are doing right now.

    I was reading that one can make an alt on the server your server is paired up with and let them join your guild. If that is true - I never really a paly. How are they? (and I'll be honest, I forgot where I read that, but if it was here, accept my apology).


    1. oops, not pants - those and the belt are 553. Ju Wun my tailor made those. :)

    2. and yes, it doesnt make since that casters cant move (without getting that silly talent and mashing a button) while casting like a hunter. Or for that matter, be able to instant cast "frozen water" and run across rivers or lakes.

      Seems the masses may have spoken about healing changes? dumb masses, but still the same. I don't have time to target various anyones and then press a heal whatever button. Oh well. :-)

    3. Congrats on 90 and making it to the timeless island. Have to love that place right? It can be fun and when not over geared it is always more fun with others.

      Yes, if you are paired with a server you can invite people into your guild from either server.

      I like the idea of spot healing. But blizzard can not make it work because they get all caught up in "oh big heal moment lets hit everyone and make the healers panic" and then it all goes down hill from there.

  3. In the useful words of Matticus, "Lots of the freakout is taking future expansion plans and applying it to the current game."

    They haven't really changed anything healing-wise all expansion... the fights they've created have been a result of the current state of healing, not the other way around. If they do manage to create a paradigm where triage healing is useful and interesting for more than the first 3 months of the expansion then they can actually design fights around that.

    Besides, they're already on record saying that where the incoming 6.0 changes will impact current fights significantly (Thok, for instance), they'll retune the fights to work better for the new paradigm.

    These changes won't be happening based on the fights you're doing now so even making that comparison is pointless... they're making changes for WoD, not for today, they're only reacting to the problems of today.

    (this covers the removal of instants and the removal of fillers and the incoming changes to health pool vs healer throughput that you didn't mention... they're all in the same discussion, what they're useful for TODAY has no bearing on them being necessary LATER)

    And just for clarification, the change that'll result in fillers like Healing Wave not being needed is NOT that you'll instead heal with GHW and overheal the player, it'll be that if they're sitting at 90% health, you just won't heal them at that point... either they'll be healed through some other method or, once their health has dropped to the point where GHW makes sense, you'll use it then. Yeah, it's a slightly different paradigm and it's exactly the "triage" system they've been trying to implement for a while. Turns out that spells like HW were hurting their ability to design fights that way, now they'll be able to.

    (and just to put it on the record, I have no idea if they'll be successful with any of this... it's not like they've had any track record of long-term success with healing paradigms... but I do at least understand what they're trying to do and generally approve of the concept, I'd much prefer that to the current system where a healer half a second late with a cast results in a wipe)

  4. Couldn't resist.

    December 20, 2014.


    They are going to have 6 million subs three months after release. And that's generous.

    1. "We'd never do 2nd ICC."


      "We seem way more done than we were with MOP [at it's blizzcon]."


      There are a couple more LOLs, but I will leave it at that.

      Blizzard are so full of it and so impotent and lazy, it hurts.

    2. Yeah, and I know that it's "not later than December 20, 2014". It doesn't save it one bit. They have this date because they have NO CLUE when they are going to be ready and just suppose they will have something by that date.

    3. Yeah, they're going to take a lot of heat for the fall release date but can the people with a brain at least refrain from the Dec 20 pile-on? Leave that to the morons who can't parse a sentence. It was a brain-dead way for them to phrase it considering their audience but unfortunately it doesn't say much that lots weren't already expecting with the lack of a beta at this point. My June prediction is looking especially shaky now. :)

      Some MoP dates for context and comparison:

      Release: September 25, 2012
      PTR: July 20, 2012
      Beta: March 21, 2012

      I'm sensing some incoming parallels.

      And yeah, they have no clue, they never announce release dates more than a few months in advance. Since it isn't June yet they haven't nailed down a date, nor have they ever at this point. That isn't news.

    4. Yep, June is competely out, has been for some time.

      Please note that even if they, say, start the beta in March and release in September, like they did with MOP, that would mean that:

      (a) SOO took as long as ICC, despite their numerous oohs, aahs and assurances that this will never repeat - and completely discounting the extra small raid that they did post-ICC (no such raid in MOP, however small), and

      (b) WOD took 3 months longer to develop than MOP, again despite their numerous dances with "guys, we are way ahead now, we have extended our team, we will deliver now, it will be much faster, we promise".

      By the way, they increased the price, too. Yeah, you heard that right, WOD is going to cost more than MOP did. Nice touch, Blizzard.

    5. I'll challenge you to back up any of those promises... they've certainly been vocal of wanting to speed up releases (and I fully believe that's true, they would like to speed them up) but they've never, EVER, promised anything that I can recall. Also, the only "we're ahead of schedule" comment I've seen was from GC and it wasn't intended to be any sort of promise, just a status update...

      And yeah, the increased price doesn't thrill me one bit despite a "$60 value" boost being included. I'm as annoyed with Blizzard the company right now as I've ever been but I want to be clear that there have been no broken promises or missed guarantees... disappointment is fine and fair but arguing that they've made claims that they haven't made doesn't help the discussion any.

    6. If you mean that they never said anything definitive enough to be qualified as a promise or guarantee, then this is probably true, but it doesn't fool anyone. Really. We are not talking lawsuits here, we are talking about the perception that they are going for with all their hype and teases and pretend-promises-but-not-really-because-of-careful-wording. They are trying to keep people playing. So they say things. And people buy into these things. And these things later turn out to be, well, empty. People aren't fools, you know. Saying "hey, but I never gave you a 'real promise' (tm)" changes nothing.

    7. I'm not a fool either but apparently I'm one of the not fools who's also capable of parsing a statement and not intentionally misinterpreting it for purely ranty purposes. Blaming Blizzard because you're unwilling to read what they actually write seems ... odd. If enough of you do that they'll stop communicating at all and I don't think that would be anyone's preference. How about in the future you actually take what they saw as written rather than proving your own spin on it? Should make for less disappointment for you down the road if nothing else.

    8. *say as written

      *providing your own spin

      WTB edit.

    9. I misinterpreted nothing. SOO will last as long or longer as ICC despite their "non-promises". WOD will take as long or longer to develop as MOP despite their "non-promises" and hints and teases and "growing the team" and "being ahead" and whatnot. In the absence of anything solid, many (most?) people did and do take these "non-promises" into account, and this is what Blizzard want, people hooked on "non-promises" are more likely to continue subbing waiting for a unicorn. That the people mostly get burned on that (still no beta after all the "it looks like we are doing better than before", etc) is a legitimate issue that should and will bite Blizzard in the rear. Etc.

      I don't know why you are defending Blizzard. They are in the wrong here.

      I won't continue this discussion out of respect to the author of this blog.

    10. I'm not defending Blizzard, I've been trying to politely point out that your take on this situation is ridiculous. I'm beyond annoyed at the delay but I'm annoyed because there's a long delay, not because of vague "non-promises" and such. What I'm tired of is the misplaced anger. If you're pissed off, fine, be pissed off, but stop blaming things that didn't actually happen the way you seem want them to have.

      "I'm pissed off because 12+ months is WAY TOO F'N LONG BETWEEN TIERS" - acceptable.

      "I'm pised off because BLIZZ NON-PROMISED/HINTED/WINKED THAT WE'D NEVER HAVE TO WAIT 12+ MONTHS AGAIN BUT YET HERE WE ARE" - Not fine since that's not what actually happened, you interpreted WRONGLY.

      Anyway, I'm done with this... some folks just can't be forced into a clue, maybe you're on the list, I just assumed from previous posts that you weren't. My bad.

  5. I completely agree on the active mana idea. They already have it somewhat in place for shaman heals. Some heals giving mana back on a crit, healing wave and the greater version return the same amount so you can choose to use a small heal with the chance for bonus mana or a larger heal that may come out neutral.
    There is also the glyph that makes lightning bolt return 2% mana (net of 1% gained) to add more complexity to the active mana game.

    Give healing a modified hunter model and encourage Always Be Casting to either gain or drain mana. Give healers a tiny heal that will restore 1-2% mana for barely any throughput, and pro-rate it to discount any overhealing done. Give them 2 damage abilities, one that restores 1-2% per cast, and another that restores 5-10% over time with a one minute cooldown.

    Options and variety are going to sell a new healing model, not additional limitations. One of the big reasons so many have embraced Discipline and Mistweaver is the fact that there is always something to cast, you can still be productive when everyone is at full health.

  6. you probably know this already but here is the pre-sales info for "Wabbits of Death"...

    too much - you have to click on the link and yes, it is valid...


  7. - I like the healer changes under the assumption that they will change the encounters so that they don't require constant movement and massive unavoidable damage.

    - I agree about constantly wanting to move. I think that's one of the reasons I don't like my mage. I really don't move that much on my hunter, but I move when I need to and don't have to think about it. On my mage, I have to move even more and that really screws up the rotation.

    - Leveled the druid some more. Up to 47 now. I'd level faster if it wasn't so hard to keep my herbalism up to par. I know I could just say screw it and level, but it annoys me when I can't pick an herb that I run over while questing...

    - I don't like the feral rotation for questing. Building up combo points is annoying and I'm energy starved a lot. I feel like I should just spam Mangle over and over, but that doesn't build the right habits... I need to setup some better tracking indicators for all the dots/buffs/etc.

    - Our 'connection' with Skywall got delayed a week. Supposed to happen on Thursday.

    - Regarding guilds, the recruitment options in the Guild UI are totally useless. It lists people who you can potentially recruit, but they have to be online in order to invite them... so I don't even understand the point of it.

    - Should be able to mail a guild invite to someone and they can accept it or not when they check their mail.

    - It'd solve the issue of not being able to invite your alts to your own guild as well.

    - Saw the Pre-order

    - Digital Deluxe is not worth the extra $20. Non-WoW items are useless to me and I don't care about the pet. I like the mount but it's not worth $20.

    - I don't care about the boost to 90 at this point either, so I'm not going to pre-order. Got 6-9 months left anyway...

    - ESO is out at the end of the month, so that will keep me busy (hopefully for quite a while)

    1. Right... they do need to change the encounters, though, hopefully they'll follow through on that goal.

      Being able to invite my own alts to my guild? Yes please. Sign me up for mailing guild invites.

      Feral is rough for leveling, it's missing the Deadly Momentum that makes rogues tolerable. I leveled my last druid as bear and just pulled bigger than usual... wasn't great speed-wise but it doesn't really slow down the level rate much. Boomkin is doable as well but I parked mine for a reason, it would have only been a leveling option if I'd found bear to be too annoying.

      You're probably in the rough area of herbalism, though, there's an odd spot around there where you don't even have close to the skill to do Blindweed but everything else in zones is green/grey. If you're already into Blindweed, though, can't help you, I don't recall having any other issues. :)

      I'm with you on the pre-order, too, everyone I checked with in-game had already purchased it but I'm holding off, I normally don't pre-order anything as a rule and the 90 boost isn't enough for me to make an exception.

  8. We've been having fairly similar problems in our 25m. And it's kind of a weird mix of issues, because while the raiders are getting burnt out, the more casual/social seem to be more abundant, and since there's less to do, they've been asking to come more and more often.

    We just killed heroic shamans for the first time last week. It surprisingly only took us six pulls. I suppose most of us over gear it at this point, since our progression has been so slow we're getting every single piece of gear out of the first few bosses.

    It's kind of making me yearn for WoD, because we haven't really had a week yet where we weren't really carrying five people. We had a few people on iron jug last week who couldn't quite break 200k. I know there's a lot of movement for the casters to deal with, especially during seige/mortar barrage, but half way through heroics, when most people are 565 - 572, 200k should be a given. I get that it's takes some work to learn your class. I'm less frustrated with the individual people (though I am frustrated that they want to come to heroics without being able to perform at a heroic level), as I am frustrated that we can't put together a group of 25 competent players, this far into the tier / xpac.

    With all of the social players asking to come along, they always ask what ilvl we require. I respond "we're doing heroics right now". To which they say, "oh cool, so what ilvl does that take?"


    1. Q: What iLvL does that require?
      A: Since you have to ask, higher than what you have...


      Or maybe ask how many times they've cleared normal...

      However, an iLvL of 565 could be an answer. It means you have cloak, fully upgraded normal gear, and a few upgraded warforged items. So you "should" have enough experience to try heroics after going through all the encounters to acquire that gear. You could use that as a number if they ask, I guess. Heroics can be done with lower gear, but the experienced person who knows that wouldn't be asking for the iLvL requirement in the first place.

    2. The disparity in DPS between tiers of gear is part of the problem. The slope of the power curve has gotten practically vertical.

  9. I've been stalking the comments on this post all day. I was hoping you would either
    a) reply
    b) post a new post

    You've done neither so I'm just commenting as is.

    I kept telling myself that I just needed to hold on, maintain the status quo. I kept telling myself that I couldn't abandon my co-raid leader, my raid team, my guild. I kept telling myself that when Warlords release date was announced, or it went into beta, or there was some forward movement that I would feel differently.

    I don't feel differently.

    So straw, camels back. I had to face the fact that if Warlords came out tomorrow I wouldn't care. I'd buy it, I'd level to cap, start the endless cycle of raiding again. Enough is enough and I have had quite enough. It's time for a break so for the first time ever I hit unsubscribe. I told my friend, I told my co-raid leader and I told my guild leader. I have given them a months notice.

    So I hear you on burn out 110%. Follow your heart Grumpy, do what is right for you. Hang expectations, say no a few more times. I really hope everything works out for you. I've given myself 30 days to tie up loose ends, that's until my sub expires. I may or may not come back for Warlords, who knows. I'll probably still follow this blog though, I don't always agree with you but I quite often do and it's always interesting.

  10. The thing about the healing is that we've heard all this before. The only result was that healers were so weak they couldn't heal effectively. I guess it's an "interesting" choice of whether you let this person or that person die because you don't have any mana, but it's a bad choice nonetheless. They also don't want healing to be "whack-a-mole" but hey Blizzard, I've been playing for years and healing will never be anything other than whack-a-mole. That's just what it is.

    The worst idea so far is putting a cast time on the paladin healing spells. You already have to build holy power to use them and now they have a cast time too. I half-expect it to be reverted.

    It might be a better idea to just remove dedicated healing roles from the game. They make all raid fights into a 2-D problem, and design would be a lot simpler without having to try to solve that every time.

    I'm also baffled as to why they would price WoD at $50. Inflation?

    1. Why is hamburger at some places in town here, $7 a pound? Yup, you hit the nail on the head - inflation, greed, companies paying for the Affordable Care Act , trying to get as much geld out a dying scotsman - take your pick. I was shocked to see it that much too - but if you are one of those who dont need it right away, I am sure it will drop. I'm waiting for a while. All the important stuff will probably be updated via a patch.

      -roo "I dropped a penny down a gopher hole and dug the wee Grand Canyon"

    2. ok, hopefully GE will be back in spirits (or have spirits in him, as I do) but in the mean GE

      - I made it to something called Thunder Isle! WOW. Did the solo scenarios and I must say outside of 1, it went smooth. the one where it didn't is where you have to throw smoke boms, and get so limited time to do it. You must smoke a path correctly. Hmmm, reminds me of my youth. Still havent found the damned master forge to kill him. And doing those dailies while I have other dailies on the other side of Pandaria is really stupid Blizzard!

      - made a new hunter on the server than is with my server - "Misha" :D as soon as my sister logs in, she will join me to my guild "Clan Tamhais". BUT, the most important, for the first time ever, I am a Survival (sic) hunter. I figure the place to learn is at the bottom and go up. Not up and go down. That explosive shot is pretty powerful.

      - not much else to report. Except - is it still ok to do all the other reps (like Klaxxi, etc) when Timeless Island grants better rewards?

      Roo check out! Semper Fi!

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