Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some People are Funny, Even if Unintentionally

It was reset day and it was time to begin week three of my gear up tour for my new hunter.  I've actually been doing okay gear wise even if not great with the exception of a weapon.  I am still wearing the archeology one I was wearing while leveling.  So effectively I am using the same weapon I was when I was 85.

After a wipe on the first boss of SoO wing 2 where we did come close to getting the boss down but the tower team died the group, as a good group should, started talking about what went wrong and how they could fix it.

I wish more LFRs would have groups like that, ones that work with each other instead of insult each other.  The tower healer apologized for the wipe and said they died because they fell off the first tower and did not get a battle res so they could not go up with the second tower.  This bought up two suggestions, one was of course don't die.  The other was to assign a back up healer should they die and not get revived.  But as someone said, don't die is actually the best option.  I'd have to agree with that assessment.

When we were getting close to pulling again and as the tower team got themselves in order and the one tank went over some finer points with the other tank who was tanking it the first time ever someone had to speak up with some "bad vibes".  Things were going so well, this is how LFR groups should work.  Tank helping new tank.  Deciding teams for duty before a pull.  Making adjustments after a wipe.  But no, there always needs to be at least one ass hat to try to bring a group down.

A guy starts off on some of the people for low DPS saying that it will make the later bosses impossible because of how dreadfully bad they all are.  I, of course, had to inspect him as I normally do with anyone that starts to mouth off like that.  I like to do that because usually the person is one of two types.  An extreme over achiever that is wearing heroic gear and is blaming people that are barely even in LFR gear for not being able to keep up, also known as the elitist jerk, or the person doing horrible that wants to point out others are horrible so he doesn't get noticed for being horrible himself, this person is known as the deflector.

The elitist and the deflector are usually two different people.  This guy was both at once.  He had almost all 553 gear including a 559 weapon upgraded to 567 and just happened to be the same class as me, a hunter.  Bad new for him on this day, good news for everyone else that needed a laugh at the end.

So while complaining about the damage dealt he made an unintentional joke that ended up with him being the punch line.

He said, How can people really be that bad, you all need to pick up your DPS, look at your gear people, there is no reason you should be that low.  He started to pick out people and say how bad they are based on their gear.

I, who normally does not speak, had to point out a little fact in raid.

I said, Don't you think if you are going to call people out for doing poorly with the gear they have you should the least try to do decently yourself in your gear? to which he responded, I was fifth in damage done and DPS, which means I am doing my job well.

I said, You where 5th, I was 4th, I just hit 90 2 weeks ago and am still using the same weapon I was when I hit 90.  Just leave people alone, there is enough DPS to do this.  I then continued, If you are going to look at people for not performing up to their gear you should look at yourself first when you can't even beat me when your weapon alone is 100 item levels higher than mine.

He fit both headers, an elitist because he thought he was great because he over geared the content and looked good compared to the other people in the LFR and he was a deflector because he had to call other people out because someone might notice that he only did 103K with his gear, which actually makes himself the exact person he was complaining about.  Someone that should be doing better with the gear they have.

That was not the funny part yet, that comes after the fight.

The tanks pull and we get going and we down the boss.  Great news for me, I actually won the weapon, but this is exactly what made the funny part happen, it was getting that weapon.

After the fight the other hunter says, I beat you that time (he did 134 and I did 129) are you going to put your low level weapon on again and use that as an excuse.  I know you were using a higher level weapon to get that close to me.

I said, I didn't have a better weapon but I do now because I just won the weapon. He said, You are just saying that so if someone catches you wearing it you can make an excuse that you just won it.  I said, No, I am just saying it because I am going to put this one on and spank the ever loving crap out of you in your warforged normal gear with a two week old hunter and a new LFR weapon so you will learn not to insult other people for not performing up to their item level when you can't.

He said, Prove you were not using that weapon during the fight, you just do not want to admit you are a baddie.

I said, Okay, I can prove I did not have an epic weapon before I just won this one.
He said, How are you going to manage that one baddie?

I equip the weapon and let the achievement speak for themselves.

Thegrumpyelf has earned the achievement [Epic]
Thegrumpyelf has earned the achievement [Cataclysmically Epic]
Thegrumpyelf has earned the achievement [Mystically Epic]

I said, Got my new weapon on now, is that proof enough for you?

He dropped group instantly, I never even got the chance to spank him on the next fight.  I don't think he will be insulting how others perform any longer being someone finally took him to task for how badly he was really doing based on the gear he had.

The raid really did get a kick out of it when I got those achievements, if he had stayed they would have trolled him hard.  Leaving was the only option he really had there after those achievements popped up.

That guy makes me laugh just thinking about him, thanks for being unintentionally funny random LFR hunter.


  1. Totally did not see this coming.
    Absolutely epic (pun intended)!

    1. The archeology bow in only rare, and I had pieces for every slot, so I knew as soon as I got a weapon I would get the achievement. I just never expected someone to open the door like that. It was perfect timing.

  2. Anon, Grumpy's former GL:

    Got your dander up did he, lol. As much as I hate LFR, both in practice and in theory, that is one time I wish I had been there.

    Good job.

    1. Thanks, I had a good laugh when he dropped group.

      It did feel kind of good to get a basically useless achievement in a memorable way.

  3. Unfortunately, guys like that are wired like that, he'll just find a new audience next time that won't fight back.

    Just one more example of why we need a hell of a lot more than 50 ignore slots available, especially in this new cross-realm world... since Blizzard doesn't give us the ability to actually downvote someone, the tool they did give us needs to be at least somewhat up to the task, at the moment it isn't even close.

    1. I think a downvote is a bad idea, people will downvote anyone they do not like even if they do not like them because they beat them in DPS, to spoke spanish when no one else did.

      They need to add an upvote, so if someone does something good you can upvote them. That too would be abused I am sure with friends upvoting you, but it is better than downvotes. I would rather not have enough friends to get enough up votes then get downvotes from guys like that because I pointed out I beat him with a weapon 100 item levels lower than his.

      Some people just live to be jerks, that is true.

    2. I was thinking more just for personal use than a global thing, I'm lerry of global policing options as well. But I'd take an unlimited ignore list...

    3. For a personal thing, absolutely. As long as the data is not shared. People you down vote you will no longer be grouped with in random content without wasting a black list spot. I can support that idea.

  4. This is my favorite post in a long time. I love that you had those potential achieves in your back pocket and were able to (unintentionally) have them ready to slap down on the table in this epic standoff. Great read, my friend! :)

    1. That was just a once in a life time sort of luck. Glad you liked it.

      I am pretty sure he has a few choice words for me that he just did not share. lol