Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fewer Daily Quests for WoD, Good or Bad?

When they announced that there would be almost no daily quests when WoD was released it actually bothered me.  I actually like dailies, always have, but that is beside the point.  What worried me was that blizzard was stepping into the trap they dig for themselves once again.  They do have quite a track record of doing that.

They make a mistake with something and then they over compensate for it.  Kind of like how when the expansion came out the drop rate for cloth was insane, you could level your first aid with the cloth you picked up before you even got to your 5th or 6th quest hub.  I know because I did on my main.  By the time I reached 90, some hours later, and sent all the cloth to my tailor, I was able to make over 300 bolts, just from leveling one character.  They were way over board with their drop rate on cloth so they made an adjustment with cloth drops, which was needed.

When I leveled my first character after the cloth adjustment I hit level 90 having had collected 37 pieces of cloth.  Excuse me?  I understand lowering the drop rate but making it almost non existent is swinging the pendulum a little to far to the other end.  They have since adjusted it to a more reasonable rate but that example is the perfect example of blizzards knee jerk reaction to everything.  They do nothing in moderation, they push full on with everything.

It happened with herbs, it happened with ore, it happened with purple drops from raids, it happens all the time but none of that really matters, all that stuff can get fixed on the fly and adjusted as the expansion goes.  But bigger things, things that are hard coded in and can not be changed on the fly, or they do not like to change on the fly, need to be thought out a little bit more instead of swinging the pendulum like they do to one extreme or another.

Daily quests fit what I mean.  They wanted to give us more ways to gain valor this expansion, so they gave us dailies.  Awesome.  They wanted to add something to allow us to get extra rolls on items, so we could collect them through dailies.  Awesome.  Then they decided that because they were giving us that option they should try to make that option last and give us lots and lots of tiered dailies and make everything tied to dailies and that is when they took a good idea and swung the pendulum too far.

Saying you needed reputation to buy valor gear and the only way to get it was from dailies was pushing it too much.  Saying you needed those lesser coins if you wanted the extra rolls and the only way to get them was from dailies was pushing it too much.  Putting certain recipes behind reputations and needed another reputation before you could even start working on that reputation you needed to get them was putting that all behind a double, effectively triple wall, of dailies to get to it was most defiantly pushing it too far.

They took a good idea and went to extremes with it.  After cataclysm when people said they had nothing to do they decided to give us stuff to do, and a reason to do it, and more rewards for doing it like valor and lesser charms.  Awesome.  But they went too far.  The lets the pendulum swing too far, just like they always do.

As it turned out, later in the expansion.  When you could get reputation from your first scenario and first dungeon of the day, when you could get reputation from your farm, when you could get reputation from tokens that dropped off of rares, it all came too little too late because that reputation barrier was already long gone as that gear was now dated. It would have been the perfect design that way with real options if it started off like that.

As it turned out, later in the expansion.  Where you could get lesser charms through pet battles, through killing any random mob, to being assured at least 1 from a rare mob and sometimes more, even much more when timeless island came, that was good, and was how it should have been from the get go instead of making the only way to get them tied to dailies.

Dailies make for an excellent option, but make for horrible funnels where you feel you are being forced into doing them if you want to do something.  If you wanted to get valor gear, you had to do them.  If you wanted extra rolls in raids, you had to do them.  If you wanted the enchanting patterns you had to do golden lotus before you could do AC and SP to get reputation with them to get them.

When dailies are an option, they are fantastic content.  When they are the only way to do things, you get community rebellion.  That is exactly what happened.

So blizzard might very well swing the pendulum the other way in warlords and that would be as horrible of a mistake as the golden lotus was this expansion.  They should learn from things.  This is not something that can be quickly adjusted like changing the drop rate on cloth or the spawn rate of herb nodes.  You need to get this right from the beginning or it takes forever to fix, like it did this expansion.

If there were multiple ways to get reputation from the get go, there would have not been backlash from people feeling that dailies were "mandatory".  If there were multiple ways to get lesser charms from the get go, there would have not been  backlash from the people feeling that dailies were "mandatory".  And then there was the golden lotus quest design problem.  Making people have to do GL before they could do SP or AC was an issue.  What if someone just wanted the enchanting patterns or the bag pattern and did not care about reputation or valor or getting coins for extra rolls?  Having to grind 2 reputation to get to it and one being the most hated one there was ended up with a huge "mandatory" backlash.

And the golden lotus quests themselves, all six thousand four hundred and nineteen of them each and every day, or it felt like that, which you needed to do every single day if you wanted to get the most from them was a little much.

Look at tiller design, a daily hub people liked.  A few quests, usually in one area, usually one or two that were super simple like collect some money or stomp a marmot or pick up a flower or pearl quest, ended up being quests people did not mind doing.  They were quick, sometimes fun because who doesn't like stomping marmots, and there were only a few of them. 

Even now there are still people that do the angler ones.  Why?  Because there are only 3 of them and they are usually quick.  Unless you do not have fishing leveled and get one of the fishing ones.  Ouch.  But three quests is nice.  How about the august celestial quests, small hubs, never heard anyone complain about those, well, except the torch one, but you get the idea.  Small daily hubs are nicer, people like small daily hubs.

So what could blizzard take from that?  Small hubs that are not the only way to get what they offer are the way to go.  Not the announced version of almost no daily quests.

I fear that blizzard is going to swing the pendulum the other way.  Give us no daily quests, or not many.  So options for valor, reputation, lesser coin (if they still use that format), will be limited once again and we already know people do not like limited options because that is why they did not like the dailies to begin with, because they were a limited option, the only option at the start, for reputation and those coins, and if you wanted gear and rolls, you needed that reputation and those coins.

Will a design with fewer dailies work?  I don't think the "active" world approach of timeless island can work over an entire world map.  People are already getting bored with it on timeless island and frustrated from missing things that die 5 seconds after they spawn and it is just one little place.  They will get bored and frustrated if they have to run, literally as there will be no flying, all over the world to try and get to these things.  If they drop the new version lesser charms and that is the only way to get them, like the one option mistake they made this expansion, getting to these events will become "mandatory" and people will backlash.  But a nice collection of dailies, small hubs of 3 to 5 dailies in various parts of the world can help that.

Dailies are a great form of content, and if done correctly they can be a fun and easy way for people to get the stuff they need be it valor, rep, coins or what have you.  They are even, for many, the number one source of income.  People that do not know how to make money otherwise can always make money doing dailies.

Dailies are good for the game, if done correctly, not like they were when this expansion started.  I don't think it will be good for the game if they take a backseat, like is expected, in warlords.  Like the timeless island with its one daily.  It just doesn't fit.  There should be at least three.  That kill elite one, for its 50 valor would be nice if it was supplemented by a kill any (tiger for example) and collect (crane meat for example) quest for 10 valor each.

I believe they should not almost completely abandon dailies like it seems they are intent on doing and I am not saying that just because I happen to be one of the people that like doing dailies.  I am saying it because I believe that dailies work well as cheap and easy to design repeatable content, as long as people do not feel forced to do it.

I still do dailies from time to time when I need some valor.  But I still hate than when I hit 90 on an enchanter and I "have to" do them to get the enchanting patterns.  See, there is a difference, make dailies an option and people will do them, make them feel like they "have to" do them, and they will hate them.

Add dailies in warlords I say, add lots and lots of them.  Hubs of 3 to 5 of them wherever you can.  Let people do them when they want to and people will do them.  As I said, they are probably the most repeatable content in the game.

Do you think fewer dailies will be good or bad?

I think it will be bad.  I think they could add a lot of them as optional, really optional, not just saying they are optional like this did this expansion, and people will love to have them there as an option only, even if they never touch them.


  1. I think fewer dailies to begin the expansion would be a good thing, but I think it would work to end up with roughly the same number of dailies over the whole expac would be best. My only stipulation would be that there has to be other ways to accomplish the same things with other methods.

    1. That might work, continually adding a few here and there. You did mention the big key in my opinion, that there remain others ways to gain whatever you get from the dailies, which is what will keep them fresh and optional.

  2. I might have been the only person this xpac who didn't mind dailies. I think you've mentioned before that you liked the AC dailies, because they were in a different place each day, and there were only a few so it wasn't so crazy time consuming like GL. My experience was quite different from yours, though, since I didn't level my second toon up to 90 until probably 5.3 (even now I've only levelled three). So I never had to do the daily grind on multiple toons. When 5.2 came out, I spent a lot of time practicing soloing against the warbringers. And even after out-gearing them I still go kill them all a couple times a week for the big bags (and to try to get the third mount I've never seen drop). So both 90 alts of mine had exalted with the big four reps as soon as they came to pandaland.

    I do recall some days when I would log in just before going to bed, and didn't really want to play, but felt like I needed to do my dailies or else I'd regret it later. That wasn't a fun feeling.

    Anyhow, I like the way the isle and the barrens worked with events. I also like the one big weekly quest for 200 valor. It would be nice, as you say, to have two or three dailies. As it is, on my hunter collecting 50 epoch stones takes about 20 minutes every tuesday. Then he has little reason to be on the isle. The rest of my toons go do the daily every day and try to have 50 epochs by the end of the week from that (if they're not already valor capped with nothing to upgrade...).

    I think I'd like the timeless isle / barrens model even more if they coexisted. They were different enough (barrens didn't have a daily, did it?) I could go kill commanders to collect my wood/stone/oil one day, and then go to the isle another day to do my epoch stones. In general, just having the major valor gains for a weekly quest is great for being able to log in whenever you want and not feel like you're missing something by not completing the quest in one day.


    1. I've mentioned a few times I liked the dailies. I actually somewhat liked the lotus ones too once I was a little geared because it was quick valor. But the GL ones where the big problem I think. Too many, offering low reputation, and being a gate to doing the other reps. That was the biggest problem with them in my opinion.

      "I do recall some days when I would log in just before going to bed, and didn't really want to play, but felt like I needed to do my dailies or else I'd regret it later. That wasn't a fun feeling"

      Ding ding ding, we have a winner, that is the exact reason dailies failed for most. That is the mandatory feeling they had, that regret if they did not do it.

      I think the 4 types, release, barrens, thunder isle and timeless can all work well... together. But blizzard tends to have a one track mind which I do not understand, why can they not add a little of each and create real choice?

  3. I personally love dailies - but as you said, that's really beside the point. I think fewer dailies is a bad thing. And there's one thing people seem to be forgetting.

    How many people maintain their basic gold needs by doing some dailies? I know quite a few. People that have NO gold outside of what they earn by dailies.

    Garrisons are set to be money takers, not money makers... with upgrades costing 10k or more a piece.

    That doesn't add up to a great picture overall.

    1. There are also a few players I know personally that hate doing random content and never do it. When they added valor to dailies it was a god send for them. They could finally keep up on valor gear and be ready for the raids without needing to do random content.

      Dailies "had" so much potential, they just over killed it, even from my standpoint and I too like dailies.

      As you said, with dailies being a huge source of income for many, and valor for some, losing that outlet with a gold sink like garrisons being added could very well be bad for the game.

    2. Especially since they've framed garrisons as something that is "not as optional" as pet battles and brawler's guild.

      That likely means required for anyone in organized content.

    3. Additionally consider:

      Less enchants on gear, less gems plus the greater supply from connected realms... less opportunities to make money. Gear from LWing/BS will be standardized into "plate", "mail" and "leather". So standardized pricing there.

      And there was talk by GC of wanting to remove profession benefits entirely the other day. So your ability to make money via professions as well as the personal benefits to the professions will be in question.

      Everyone thinks the garrison will be the solution to profession problems... but to professions not owned by you, it'll be "limited" access.

      Even if you're allowed the gems/enchants or whatever you need, that likely won't be the first tier of upgrades either.

      I think garrisons sound neat but they're not going to be just "free" professions and "free" fun. There's a cost to it.

    4. In that the farms are basically free gathering professions; I suspect the garrisons will be the same. For example, I have a JC, but no miner, and I've yet to purchase any uncut gems off the AH, since I can just farm and prospect (the warbringers were quite helpful for that too).

      Gathering profs were already fairly worthless for gold, but with the farms now, and garrisons next xpac, there should be almost zero market for ore / herbs.

    5. Garrisons at first look seem like they are not optional for someone that wants to do their best. They provide a performance enhancing buff and if that buff works in raids it will be mandatory for any serious raider. Or even casual but serious raider like me.

      I never worry about the profession market, I do not play it to make money, I have all professions to keep myself from having to spend it. So while it will not effect me I see where you are going with that, it will hurt a lot of people because selling profession stuff was their only way to make gold.


      I still use farm (when I rarely do them) for golden lotus. I swear I go through 200 of them a week.

  4. My preference would be fewer (but still some) dailies that actually give a decent amount of rep. The two main issues with the GL dailies were that you HAD to do 14 a day to get the "normal" amount of rep you'd get from 5 of any other type and that they gated two other reps behind needing to do all quests for that one for a few weeks first. Both of those were bad decisions individually and the combination was tragic. Upside, those of us who didn't feel obligated to do them all every day (GL and the others) had a lot less contention doing whatever we were choosing to do instead. :)

    Looking at the options right now is a useful exercise, I think. I can get 250 VP and a full weekly set of Lessers from one day on TI if I'm willing to put a couple of hours into it, or I can spread it out over a few days and pick up more VP from the dailies. That's a good thing. I don't want dailies requiring us to kill a certain thing, at least not while content is current... that just means spending an hour waiting for a tiger (ANY F'N TIGER) to spawn anywhere within range before someone else tags it. If I never see another one of those as a daily I'll be a much happier person. I much prefer the "just kill anything that applies... easy stuff if that's your bent, the rep dudes if you're capable and want/need the rep, frogs if you want the pet, etc" model out there.

    I'd also include a couple of rep factions like we had at the beginning... but just a couple, there's absolutely no fathomable reason to have, what, 8 of them?... again. GL, K, SP, AC, Fish, Serpent, Till... feel like I'm missing one in there. Well, at least 7. Make it 2, 3-5 quests a day, 1500-2000 rep per day if you keep the +100% bonus token at revered or twice that if not, I don't want to be doing a set of daily quests for more than 2 weeks. Also, no locking reps behind other reps, I never again expect that to be a thing.

    Open world content... have rares drop VP, like on Thunder Isle, but spread that to all of them... fewer timed spawns like on TI, there are just too damned many in too damned many places that spawn too regularly. Kill ship, then immediately kill maw... if you miss ship, you're screwed and get to dick around for an hour until it comes around again. Not sure what kind of OCD that plays into but it isn't my personal brand.

    I like the current VP system for heroics and scenarios, along with the bonus rep championing once a day. While the option to chain run for rep might be good occasionally I'm fine with not having it, plenty of other things to do and with that option they'll just gate stuff some other way.

    Include a few weekly quests, like the TI kill 5 rare elites quest (but give it some VP, too, even 50 would be fine), or the one on Thunder Isle where you summon the guys with a group, I never really did that one but I like that it existed for those who did it. I prefer my world with that kind of option in it.

    Basically, I want options... I don't want to have to do EVERYTHING to cap out, whatever capping out will entail, but I want to be able to cater to my moods... if I just want some light content I want to be able to do dailies or just randomly kill mobs. If I'm looking for a bit of a challenge I'll go hunt some rares. If I feel like some group content I'll do some scenarios/LFD/LFR.

    Also... keep a VP weekly cap in place. Please. Save people from themselves. Use that as a brake, not giving crappy little rewards requiring you to do a ton of things, or only allowing you to do a few things. I want lots of options, with nice rewards, and no driving reason to continue once I'm "done" for the week except personal preference.

    (related question - how long should it take an average, non-optimal, playing actively but how they want, player to cap VP in a week? I'm thinking somewhere in the 6-8 hour range, at least in the early days...)

    1. Yeah, exactly what R said!!! :D

      Options and no double/triple gating.

    2. Good plan and I also hate camping for rares (for anything, really) with passion. Camping is just super-boring, if I can't find a different reason to be in an area, I won't camp, the potential reward be damned. The most I will agree to is to logoff at the campsite so that I can check for the rare first on logon and then on logoff. That's it.

    3. @R

      I agree with the fewer quests for more rep. Anglers had it best. 3 quests, 500 per, now that is nice.

      You nailed it with the use everything approach for options. They would be awesome beyond words.

      For the average player? An hour a day seems reasonable at the start. Faster as you gear up. And for there to be options so if you do not want to play an hour a day you can play 7 hours on sunday and still get the same VP, rep, etc that you would have if you had played every day.

  5. I couldn't agree more. I actually like dailies too, but the way they handled them in 5.0 was crazy. it was taking a good thing and just beating us over the heads with it until we screamed for mercy.

    I actually thought the dailies in 5.1 were just about perfect. 5-6 a day with good variety and a good story progression woven into the mix. There were some rep items, but nothing that was essential and certainly no profession items were locked behind the rep. If i could get more of that in WoD, I'll be a happy camper.

    Alas, I think you nailed it on the head that blizzard has this bad habit of taking feedback and swinging too hard the other way. if we end up with something like TI, where there's one daily and that's it, I'll be very disappointed, but based on their track record, I can definitely see them doing that. I guess that will just leave more time to work on my garrison.

    1. They have a habit of going over board with everything, this time it was with dailies.

      5.1 dailies were not bad. Some I disliked because of the quest themselves, but it was much better design.

      Yes, based on their track record, expect one "big" dailies for 200 valor here and there and not much else. It is almost certain, unless they come read this post and many like it and figure out that idea is bad.

  6. Agree, it really is puzzling how they keep going from one extreme to another, time and time again. Dailies in Pandaria weren't the problem in and of themselves, many people said as much, yet the only message they seemingly picked up is that dailies are bad. WTF. They do this all the time, I can give you plenty examples wrt PVP, for one thing. It might have been amusing at first, but now it is just frustrating.

    The ironic thing is - they use negative reaction to their extremes to brush off all critique from time to time, eg, "we did dailies, you complained, we removed dailies, you still complain, we think you will just always complain so your complaints aren't an indication of anything". Talk about arrogance and childishness.

    On topic: yes, I think a combination of dailies (minus gating) and events would have worked better than anything we've had to date. That seems a no-brainer, franklu, and I think the majority of polls on the subject tell that most people think the exact same thing. Right now they are planning to go with events and no dailies. I hope they realize that this isn't good and add dailies in 6.1.

    1. In general I agree with you (and Grumpy), they do tend to go from extreme to extreme and I'm generally not a fan but I think there might be a reason. 6-9 months ago I think every one of us was as anti-daily as we'd ever be (and James apparently still carries a grudge)... 6-9 months later, we have a bunch of people actually saying "hey, include some dailies in my game going forward". Now if they include a limited number of dailies in WoD, they'll probably get a positive response along with a bunch of community back-slapping.

      If they'd kept a heavy daily focus in the game in 5.2 and 5.3 and 5.4, though, limiting us to that type of content, there's no way we'd be championing for including dailies in WoD.

      I think they're actually pretty damned smart about how they deal with that type of situation even if it seems wrong to intentionally overshoot where they probably figure they'll end up...

      Basically, I think they're implementing a real-world version of the overdrive technology that improves response time in modern LCD displays:

      Maybe they figure that we'll get to a happy equilibrium point more quickly by going from "oops" to "hey, where'd it go?" first. They might be right, too, 6 months ago could you have seen anyone asking for more dailies in the next expansion? When 4.2 came out I thought THAT was too many dailies but at this point in hindsight, it seems about right.

    2. That would be too complex. :-)

      I don't think they are overshooting intentionally, seriously.

      I will just hope they add some dailies sooner rather than later.

    3. Forgot to say why I don't think they are overshooting intentionally - they are a business. You don't do stuff like that in business. If you do A, and you think your customers want B, you don't give them C in some kind of a grand "and then they will want D and I will give them E and we will eventually settle on F" plan. That's just too complex to work, there are too many factors you don't control. If you think your customers want B, you try your best to give them that B, that's all. You will have enough trouble executing *that* very simple plan as it is.

    4. @R

      So you are saying they do the swings on purpose so we will enjoy things more then they change them back?

      The thought has some merit to it I must admit. I just would not think they would ever be smart enough to do something like that on purpose. They are more a knee jerk response type of company.

    5. This tangent actually ties into a thought I had recently about the anti-GC backlash that's out there. I'll loop it back around in a bit. :)

      General rule of humanity - people usually want a little more than they have. I'd be willing to argue that point but I think it's a reasonable statement. With GC and with a more open communication platform, Blizzard set a new expectation for what we could/should get from a gaming company, especially when that company is Blizzard. When nobody really communicated we wanted them to. Then they started to we wanted dialogue. Then they gave us that and we wanted faster dialogue. Twitter led to a more casual, immediate feedback loop where if we can get answers immediately, we should get IMPLEMENTATIONS immediately.

      Basically, I wonder how much of the open GC model of Blizzard communication has resulted in this current culture of entitlement and expectation. I'll bet you it isn't a small amount, I think it's probably the driving force behind it and why you don't generally see the same reaction about other things. Real world example - there's one type of microwaveable mac & cheese dinner that's awesome except for one flaw, the plastic that covers it shreds and gets into the cooked food... they made the plastic so thin (probably both for cost reasons as well as environmental) that it won't actually peel off in less than 20 different shards. Have I ever contacted them to complain, though, or even really thought about it? Nope. Anything half that annoying in a Blizzard context, though, I'd be making suggestions/bug reports to them about it. Hell, 10% as annoying. I'm even AWARE of that disconnect but it doesn't mean I'm immune to it.

      Looping around... Blizzard is, for better or worse, a company that wants to make a lot of money. So yes, while engineers and design folks would probably say "alright, here's where we'll end up, let's just get there ASAP" as PVP anon indicates, I doubt that's actually how they operate. Everything they actually implement will go through PR and marketing and psychologists and whoever else they have on staff who has input in how things are presented. It isn't a coincidence that you see articles about skinner boxes in reference to Blizzard games... any successful company with an MMO (and probably a lot more besides) will operate that way, they'll do whatever will have the best LONG TERM impact, regardless of short term interests, where you see companies in a death spiral is when they act for TODAY (remember when Blackberry was clearing out their Playbook tablets? That wasn't a sign of strength or long-term viability as more recent events have proven...). Basically, their goal is to have you subscribed next year, they're less concerned about next month, the next month momentum is already in place. That's why I think it's entirely possible they do this kind of thing intentionally, they make a BOATLOAD of money every month and if putting some of that toward behavioural psychology and analysis means that continues, why the heck wouldn't they?

      Add in the fact that they KEEP doing this... big mistake, over-reaction, eventual leveling of the field with community back-slapping amidst Blizzard explanations and apologies. Rinse/repeat. I can't imagine anyone thinks Blizzard is dumb, they're far too successful to think that. It must be intentional.

      The only thing I can point to that was out of character was the real name forum thing... and I honestly think that was intended to be for our benefit, not to sneak in some lesser equivalent that we would find acceptable. I think they honestly thought we'd want accountability in the forums to decrease trolling and noise and didn't really have a backup plan... they were wrong and the forums are still pretty much a pile of steaming crap as a result.

    6. GC set the bar to high, in terms of communication, so now everyone expects it. Anyone that replaces him will have a hell of a hard time if they are not as active in the community as he was.

      I still can't believe it is intentional. They would have to know balance is better, in theory anyway. Perhaps it would not be for the bottom line and that is why they keep swinging. So perhaps, as you said, they are not really that dumb, they are just playing dumb so they can rotate content, so they are always saying "we got what you want" to try to keep dragging people back in, and then when it swings the other way, they just hope they do not lose some of the people that dragged in last time. And they do this over and over again. On purpose.

      So as I said, it has merit as an idea. I just do not see them doing it like that intentionally. It is a business, they will do whatever it takes to make the most money NOW and I think that drives them. Everyone like loved dailies, they gave them tons, then everyone hated them, so they removed them.

      They are catering to make the money, not some intentional plan to swing a pendulum.

  7. I hated the dailies. Hate. Hate. Hate. 3 hours a day for dailies (at best). 3 hours a day for raid. Something wrong here. I work, basically 11-12 hours a day. Which leaves what, 6-7 hours to sleep, eat, shower. Not even talking about going out, shopping, taking care of the house and the rest.
    Out of my raid group, I think I'm actually the only one who works 'normal mode'. I mean wake up in the morning, go to work, take paid leave out of the 21 legal days if I don't feel like going, do overtime to finish a project and so on. The rest of my team either doesn't work at all, has part time whatever, works from home or can go at work at 2pm and leave at 6pm.
    This more or less led to me to being tired to the point of being broken and feeling bad I actually have a well-paid job. And thinking that this game is no longer for me, it's for people who stay home the whole day.

    So I hate dailies. At some point I cracked. And I stopped doing them alltogether. Even now, when I need achis from them and I could do a few once a week, I don't. Becuase I hated them.
    But I'm wrong. I don't hate dailies in general. I hate Pandaria dailies. I didn't have a problem with Argent Tournament dailies. I liked them. Did them at the time to get my tabard, Argent Charger, pony, Dragonhawk, pets. Even now I do them once in a while to get the rest of the mounts. The thing is - dailies worth doing whenever I feel like it with still great rewards, even after, what, 5 years? Rep, achis, mounts, pets, tabards, xmog stuff... always cool to slowly do them at your pace...
    Blizzard always does things from one extreme to the other. Not sure why.

    1. @James

      I am like you, working 10-11 hours a day, and I was really hurting when the expansion came out. Didn't hurt me as much as you because we did not start raiding for a long time as it took longer for the "casual" raiders to gear up thanks to the retarded gating of valor and rep. But if I had to raid and do hours of dailies per day, I am not sure how I would have handled it.

      They went over board this expansion, they knew that dailies as the single best creation you can add to the game for optional content so they added tons of it and then made it so it was not optional. Ouch, now that was extreme. That is why you hate the panda dailies, because of the way they presented them, not because of what they are. At least that is what I believe.

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