Friday, October 4, 2013

Where the Hell Am I?

Have you ever logged in and wondering where am I?  Or ported out of an instance after a random and don't quite remember the place you are in as the place you were in when you entered?

Usually I chalk it up to someone drank a little too much the night before.  Someone in my guild logged in the other day and they were in ironforge.  They said, what the hell am I doing here?  I said, were you drinking last night.  She said, no.

Most times I would think that has to be the reason but even without drinking we sometimes find ourselves in weird places.  One night while raiding back in T14 one of the people DCed during a fight.  Of course they died but we went on and finished the fight.  When they came back online they released and were at a graveyard in redridge.  In redridge?  Yes.  That secondary zone near the human starting area. WTF?

I remember back in wrath leveling my warrior when I charged a mob and the ground glitched out and not only did my charge miss the mob but I missed the ground too.  I just kept going right through the ground.  Oddly enough I started to get a breath bar.  Underground is filled with water in case you never knew that.  I began to swim wondering if there would be some way to get out of here but there wasn't. 

I ended up drowning and guess where my graveyard was?  At the horde base in dragonblight.  I was on a dwarf, one that of course could not get back to his body as it was under the ground somewhere and judging by looking at the map that somewhere was not even in dragonblight even if I started my charge in dragonblight and the graveyard it put me at in dragonblight.  So needless to say I had to take resurrection sickness and got my butt handed to me again because apparently the horde do not approve of dwarves reviving in their base.

I once logged into my mage falling.  Thank god for slow fall and the reaction fast enough to hit it but where the hell was I falling from and more importantly, how the hell did I get this high up.  I was so high up I needed to hit slowfall 3 times before I landed.  Yes, three times.

There have been many times I logged into a character and I can reasonably understand why I was there.  Like when I recently logged on to my death knight and I was on the isle of thunder standing where goda spawns and he was there, which was an interesting way to log in.  At first I thought, what am I doing here but then I remembered that I was on my way to buy a piece of valor gear when someone needed some help and I switched to help them and just must have not went back.

Other times I logged into a character, like my druid not so long ago, and I was flying in bird form over dalaran.  What the hell was I doing in dalaran.  I tried to think of why I might have been there.  Was I soloing some old raids and just left myself there?  Did we do some old raids as a guild maybe?  Did I happen to run across one of those dalaran jewelcrafting things and was turning it in?  Was I in the area looking for the Valk pet?  I am sure there had to be a reason I was there but I would be damned if I could remember what it was.

I logged into my hunter one day in the middle of org.  I am a night elf.  Not one of the best places to "surprise" log into.  Oh yeah, I was trying to fish up that stupid fish that still eludes me to this day.  But I could swear I had hearthed back before I logged out.  Guess not.

Have you ever logged in and thought "Where the hell am I?"


  1. Haha! I thought I was the only one. My guild laughs at me. I have around 30 alts across 2 factions and 5 servers. I believe I have actually given myself a type of schizophrenia with this behavior. I have been playing long enough that you could drop me anywhere in the game and I could tell you where i was without a map. But lately when I spawn in a strange place I actually have to stand there for a solid minute trying to figure out where I am. My wife laughs and makes her senile face at me. I am not quite 50. Is that too young to be crazy?

    1. Never too young to start losing it. At least I hope so, because I am losing it too and I am a bit younger.

      I think it happens when we are switching a lot. At least that is my guess.

      I do the same thing however, I log in and sit there for a minute sometimes wonder, what was I doing here?

  2. I played a prank on an ex once. This is back in BC days. I took her rogue up to one of the floating islands in Nagrand and drooped her off there and deleted her hearthstone. She was none too happy when she logged on next. Another time back before they buffer underwater breathing my undead warlock would summon non-undead guildies to the deepest part of the ocean and watch them try in vain to make it to the surface before they drowned. Oh and the time a group was killing pirates in Tanaris for goblin rep...a priest had to pick up her son from school so she atm auto followed on my Druid after asking me if it was ok to do so. I walked out to the deep waters, popped swim form and watched her die from drowning. Took screenshots and entitled it Why not to trust devious Druids.

    1. That is so mean. Maybe that is why she is your ex. ;)

      There are a few people in my guild that liked to do things like that. When have group was first added a druid could use it in flight form, so one druid in the guild was known for going really high up and using it to summon us to the raid.

      I learned early on to always be mounted on a flying mount before I ever accepted a summon from him.

      When we are both on druids we still like to have our fun at stones. We can summon while flying, so we get as high up as we can before we start.

      Druids are evil. :P