Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- I managed to keep out of the LFR all this week, which is nice.

- Well, I sort of lie, I did do the third part of ToT to try and get the saurok pet.

- And the first MV on my priest just to practice full out atonement and try to get out of the habit of switching to full on healing.

- But I kept out of the new stuff, which makes the game so much more enjoyable.

- Oddly enough it also makes the game so much more boring too.

- The random system was a great idea because when you were bored you could just pop in and get some quick fun killing stuff in.

- I would like to see that ease and usefulness be how the LF* system is used.

- It all should be super easy no matter the skill level of the people you get thrown together with.

- I did not get my saurok pet on my trip through the ToT LFR.

- I did get some serious practice on my priest but still found myself going to straight healing a few times.

- It is a really hard habit to break.

- Was funny doing the first part of MV.

- I grossly over geared it of course but it looked like a lot of people that should be there were there.

- So in a way it was nice to help them out.

- I also noticed something rather surprising while in there.

- Well, not so much surprising, but validating something I have said before.

- Good players or at least players that are trying their best to be good will go through all the paces.

- So that MV, where I had more life on my priest than both the tanks did, was actually pretty freaking awesome.

- No wipes but at the same time no great players either.

- They were all people appropriately geared for the content.

- They were all people that understood the fights and followed the mechanics.

- Moving together when chained, moving out when they have the arcane thing on them, all things I used to never see.

- There were a buttload of people with island gear and almost only island gear that could have gotten into SoO but they were in MV.

- And that is what I mean about a decent player.

- These were probably alts, they were doing mostly 40K-50K DPS, they were in the LFR they were supposed to be in, not in SoO because their gear level said so.

- Too often people get to SoO item level and think it means they can do it.

- Just because you "can" get into it, doesn't mean you should.

- They really need to take a page out of the books of these players I was in the MV with.

- So while we had no 100K+ people there to carry the group, we did have a solid group doing about what they should be doing for that content.

- Needless to say as an extremely over geared healer for the content I lead the healing charts and even came in at #5 on the DPS charts in one fight (7 and 8 on the others), but it was not about numbers, it was about me trying to straight atonement heal.

- I ended up failing at that.  I did well, sure, but I was over whelmed with the desire to straight heal when I would see the entire raid dip.

- I guess it comes down to me not trusting the other healers, but I had to play catch up healer and help.

- But otherwise I did fairly well in keeping to my learning to "not" heal.

- I'll get it some day but it is hard to change a mentality I've had since I started to play.

- Healers heal.

- It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

- Speaking of an old dog, it seems that old dogs remember old tricks even if they have not used them often.

- I decided to do the PvP part of the legendary quest on my priest being I had just gotten it.

- My priest was always my PvP character, I leveled it to 60 through PvP only basically.

- While it has been a long time since then it seems with a great deal of luck and a little bit of the old dog remembering old skills I one shot both battlegrounds.

- Compared to all my previous characters where if I did it in 10 tries it was good it was a nice change of pace.

- I did my thing and healed people and the people, amazingly, did their thing and protected me.

- I never died in 2 battlegrounds and the people that were protecting me never died either.

- That is the key to winning any battleground.

- Keep the healer up and let the healer keep you up.

- It was nice to get a group that protected me, that is rare in it own right.

- Hence the reason I said it was a great deal of luck involved.

- Interestingly enough it seemed that my mana lasted better in PvP than it does in PvE.

- Like I said, I never died, but I also never rand out of mana and that included many times spamming flash heal.

- That is the most expensive heal I have.

- Does mana regeneration work differently in PvP and I just never noticed it?

- If I had cast as many flash heals as I did in the PvE environment I would have been OOM big time.

- Joined a group to heal SoO normal but not on my priest, on my shaman.

- Only got one boss down but it was nice trying to give raid healing a try again on my shaman.

- I have not touched it all expansion really.

- I need a lot of work on it, and gear, still sitting at a low 510 item level.

- But even if we kept wiping on the second boss and did not really put in a lot of attempts, I got better each one.

- It was not an issue with healing, just with people on the wrong targets.

- Speaking of which, a group caught on the second boss still, came to me asking for some advice.

- Even if I am only 6/14 and there are three guild further along on my server, a lot of people still come to me.

- I asked them for logs, which they did not have, and I pointed out that was the #1 thing I would need if I was going to help them.

- Can't recount work?

- To answer some questions yes.

- To answer the questions I am about to ask, not exactly.

- I figured their issue was the same as that group I attempted it with on my healer was.

- Not enough people switching to the right targets fast enough, or at all.

- Like in the group I was in when rook went to desperate measures by the time one add was downed the other two adds were at 40% and 60% respectably.

- In theory, if everyone was on the same targets, 2 would have been downed in the same time it took them to down one.

- This puts added pressure on the healers and that is never a good thing.

- It is why we wiped in that group I joined in on and no doubt it was the reason that group was wiping.

- We used recount as best we could and were able to find that some of the DPS were not even switching.

- They had minimal damage on the adds over all.

- I do not need logs to figure out that they must have not switched there.

- So that was problem, one for them at least, not switching at all, address that first.

- Then address being on the right one.

- As much of a booster as I am for the damage dealers doing big numbers those numbers mean nothing if they are at the expense of doing the right thing.

- Speaking of which, I joined a flex group that had the same issue on the forth boss.

- I got thrown into the prison on attempt 4 or 5 of them wiping.

- No one came to get me out.

- I said, quite bluntly, even if it was not my place to do so as it was not my group, "if you are not going to follow mechanics I am not going to waste my time any longer."

- Mechanics first.  DPS second.

- Then, when you become a better player, do them both at the same time.

- But learn mechanics first.

- I dropped that group not getting that forth boss down after another two attempts and seeing people completely ignore mechanics.

- Not getting people out of the prison fast enough, not spreading out for the big damage that leaves the swirls behind, the tanks not even trying to pick up the adds.

- The numbers looked fine, they had more than ample DPS to down the boss, the healing was fine, but if you do not do simple mechanics, you can not beat the fight.

- It really is that simple.

- No, serious, it is really that simple.

- Yes, you might sometimes hit a wall where your skill at the class can not carry you any further. You can not put out the healing or damage needed for it or you can not take the hits.

- If that is the case, you might need more gear, or to get better at your class, but either way, without doing mechanics correctly, you are doomed to failure.

- And I must say I love that about flex.

- Flex really is normal light.

- Nothing is as deadly on its own, but all of it is deadly if you do not do the mechanics right.

- It is a great tool to learn, to get better.

- But it is also something where you need to cut your losses when you see the team can not get it right.

- There is no determination in flex.

- I read someone say there should be.

- I disagree.

- I would rather wipe 10 times in flex with no determination with people I see learning than to wipe with 10 stacks in LFR hoping we just get lucky once with the help of determination.

- I think it is how I view the two formats.

- I view flex as a tool for people that want to raid, that want to get better, that want to learn.

- I view LFR as a means to an end for the absolute worst of the current level gear.

- It is why I have no issues with wipes in flex and do not want determination.

- It is also why I want to see the LFR turned into a laugh fest even when grouped with the worst of the worst.

- I did one dungeon on my priest, while getting to the 3K valor as I only needed 80, and I zoned in to a tank in full DPS gear.

- He just joined as a tank to get the fast queue.

- He did not hide it, he asked me if I thought I could heal him.

- I said, go for it.

- We finished the heroic dungeon in 6 minutes.

- Yes, 4 bosses, 6 minutes.

- Now that is how LFR should be.

- Not 4 bosses 6 minutes, but no more than 6 minutes per boss including the trash leading to it.

- So the longest I should ever be in an LFR is 24 minutes.

- Once they make LFR that easy, so even the moment it comes out it can be done in 24 minutes, then and only then will I consider the LFR a good thing.

- Until then I consider the LFR the worst addition to the game ever.

- Going back to that guild that was asking me for advice on the second boss.

- He asked, what item level should people have to be in normal, maybe it is a gear issue.

- I answered in my standard style, I don't care about item level, I care about what they can do.

- Figure you would like to see around 150K from all your people if you want to get through the first four easy, maybe a little more for some wiggle room and to make life even easier.

- So what item level should they be for that?

- I repeated, don't know, don't care.

- If they can do 150K in 510 item level, awesome, if they need 540 item level to get there, get there.

- They need to meet a minimum level of performance, not a minimum level of item.

- People get too hung up with item level, really.

- When I ran the guild flex the other night someone asked what was needed.

- I am getting tired of saying it so I've actually resorted to using item level for a blanket answer too.

- I'll say 510.

- Someone said, darn, I only have a 508.

- I sent them an invite anyway.

- I just want to see what they could do, if there is an issue with too many under performers I will remove them.

- Simple as that.

- Oddly enough flex can get extremely difficult if you get too many under performers in it and not enough over performers.

- I am not kidding, my 10 man ran through our run this week and someone asked me if I accidentally put us in flex.

- The first four were a complete joke.

- I said, the reason it seems like that is all thanks for flex.

- Normal is the exact same thing as flex, just need to step it up more.

- By me bringing so many under performers on the flex runs we are making it a little harder than it needs to be.

- So it is making the flex almost the same as the normal is when we move to 10s.

- That is why the "10 best" feel as if it is easy.

- But there is a line.

- I will start asking people to sit out for part 3 because we can not be dragging along 5 or 6 people doing sub par numbers damage and other 2 healers doing sub par healing.

- Maybe once the main characters get better we can carry them, but we can't quite do that yet for part 3.

- We are just not that good.

- Heck, even part 2 is a bitch still with all those low numbers.

- First two bosses are easy enough, last two can tend it be an issue if we have many low numbers in there.

- But one thing is for sure, while the normal team is moving along, when we get to 7 and 8 we will be used to doing them in the harder flex mode with all those lesser people which in turn will make the normals seem a lot easier than they really are.

- Is it wrong that I am purposely making flex more difficult than it needs to be by taking some lesser players?

- I think it is making the better players, play better, because they have to.

- But they are also starting to complain about "carrying" people.

- I try to explain that they are getting the chance to get better, get gear, and get the raiding bug, which will only be good for the 25s.

- It is also adding a little difficulty to the flex as it is scaled to the number of people in it, so it will in turn make us better for our tens because the difference between flex and normal will be minimal with this balance.

- There are many reasons to take lesser players, but #1 is that we need to see who we can teach.

- Where do you think the next generation of raiders is going to come from?

- I like flex as a tool.

- Too bad it is not quite to that perfect pug point yet.

- Even using open raid I see things like LFM flex wing 1, 560 item level +.

- Excuse me?

- Or my favorite, LFR Flex wing 2, must be 14/14 on the character you are bringing.

- I do understand the idea of asking for the people to have done the bosses, because you would rather not have to explain everything, but why do you need a full normal clear to do flex wing 2?

- I could see asking that they have done wing 2, I can even see them saying they want the people to have normal experience, as it will make it that much easier, but to ask for full clear experience is just too much in my opinion.

- Just ask for experience with those 4 bosses.

- It reminds me of the good old days of wrath, just like GC said it would.

- LFM Naxx 25 for weekly, must have 5000 gear score.

- So I need to be in ICC 25 heroic gear to do naxx?

- Wrath was great, but people asking for insane things will always be the way it is.

- Blizzard can add all the best things in the world and the people will find a way to screw it up.

- Take the LFR for example.

- It is awesome, in theory, but what makes it suck so bad and makes me want to avoid it is the people.

- Tried to get a flex run on my monk, for wing one, and got turned down because I am not geared enough for it.

- I tanked the first three the week it came out, on normal, and have gotten more gear since then.

- How the hell am I not geared for flex?

- I never got an answer.

- I really would like to know, if I can tank normal just fine how come I am not geared enough for flex?

- Hey, the person making the group makes the rules, but sometimes I just do not understand them.

- I guess that is why I sometimes can easily be anti-social.

- I just can't talk to these people because I do not understand them.

- Maybe I need to work on my "dealing with people that have outrageous demands for flex" ability just the same way I need to work on my "don't heal just DPS" on my disc priest.

- I wonder how long before they start asking for heroic experience to do flex?

- I say give it a couple more weeks.

- Flex really has bought back the good old days of wrath.

- Both the good things and the bad things.

- But I'll tell you one thing from my standpoint, I would rather dig through all of the "need 560 for flex" posts then do LFR any day.

- So glad pugging has returned, even if it is still a little hard to get a group, at least it is an option that allows me to stay the hell out of the LFR.

- Have a great day.


  1. Heh your "but what ilevel do I need?" reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday. This pally /w me, said he was a friend of someone that had pugged a few raids with us and he'd like to do Throne heroic. I told him we were hip deep in 5.4 and that we wouldn't be going back to Throne for a while. Alarm bell one was when he said that Siege hadn't been fully released yet, as apparently he thought LFR release applied to everything. Alarm bell two was when he asked what ilevel was required for normal. I told him that there wasn't one, that it was dependent on performance. He refused to believe me, as ofc blizz put ilevel gates on everything. I pulled 520 out of the air and he only had 503 so he did lots of :( and thankfully gave up. We are really full on paladins anyway so I had an out if he persisted but I was surprised by his fixation on ilevel.

    Though it does seem to be a thing. My guild has set ilevel minimums for flex. 500 for wing 1, 510 for wing 2 and 530 for wing 3. Personally I probably wouldn't have done that as it's a guild + friends run and it seems unnecessary. If someone isn't making the grade, and we can't continue with them, then either they swap to something better geared, pull their socks up, or come back when they have better gear. If anyone was so unreasonable to argue, if the difference in performance was marked, then we have bigger problems.

    I geared my first alt all expansion. Well actually I put a full set of timeless gear on a couple and tried it out, as I needed to find something I liked and that I was reasonable on. I set myself a requirement of Proving Grounds Silver which retired my mistweaver straight away. I used to raid heal but I clearly lost it. So I decided to pull my kitty druid out of retirement. That had been my favourite alt in cata, but when I tried it in Mists it didn't feel the same and I was so disappointed I hadn't touched it since. Well, apparently getting it to 90 and banging some gear on and it's fun times again. After getting silver I ran first wing of Throne LFR to see my numbers in a quasi real environment. I had a 471 weapon and averaged 90k, it was higher on the buff bits obviously, but I was happy enough with that to sign up to flex wing 1 on wednesday.

    My point is, I had ilevel 503 so I could have just signed up to flex as I'd met the criteria but I agree it's not the right criteria. Maybe instead of an ilevel requirement people should ask for a demonstration.

    Oh and random but who but heroic raiders have ilevel 560? I have 532 I think on my main and have half cleared normal. I don't get why people need heroic gear for flex.

    1. I set a hard line for 100K DPS for the damage dealers for wing three and I think that is fine. Some are upset by it because they means they need to sit. Sure, I do not mind helping people to gear and stuff, but we tried one night when we had a few minutes left after we finished part 1 and 2 with half the raid doing under 100K and while we did get the first boss almost done all that kept going through my head was if only they had done 100K we would have had it down. So I think that is a fair number.

      530 seems a little excessive, but very true in that if you can not do 100K with 530 you should not even be in a raid.

      I know there will be problems when I start asking people to sit. What is even more said is when I start asking people at 520 and 525 item level to sit because they can not pull 100K.

      I always get things like, I am being held back because I do not have my 2 piece yet. Your 2 piece of what? Current tier. If you have the 2 piece of current tier you should be doing 150K minimum, do not use "I don't have current tier" as an excuse. I am getting that a lot. We were all doing over 100K last tier. You do not need current gear to get there, you just need to get better.

      90K is really good for that gear and a 471 weapon, I might even say great. I wish some of the people that beg for spots at a 530 item level could hit 90. Seriously.

      I don't know why people would ask for heroic gear for flex. The only thing I can think of is they want people to carry their alt for an easy run or they are just doing it for a quick valor cap and figure that if you get all 560 item level people you could blow through all 3 wings in under 2 hours easy.

      At least those are the only things I can think of. Big thing in open raid now are people looking for 540+ for heroic scenarios for that exact reason, to valor cap easy.

      Did that one one of my characters this weekend. Hit hero at the end of the first scenario, finished 2 others before the debuff was gone. So yeah, doing them in high gear is awesome for valor capping. But at least those people that say 540+ for a scenario say they are doing it for a quick valor cap.

  2. I've more or less sworn off LFR at this point... since there isn't any raid content expected after this there isn't much point gearing up my less-geared toons beyond where they are. They're all at roughly flex-capable level and that's as far as any of them are likely to get.

    Yeah, the over-requirements for pugs is back in force, I see folks in trade for HOURS trying to find players to meet their expecations, what I don't understand is why they think a 560+ geared 14/14 players would WANT to join their little wing 2 flex group. If I'm looking for fill-ins for my runs I'd look for someone slightly above average for those in my group... and I'd settle for someone slightly below average. In actual practice they'll probably be significantly below average but you can only work with the info you have available.

    What does surprise me is that I've NEVER seen requests for Proving Grounds experience... I really expected/hoped that would become a core requirement that actually has some skill requirement to it, you can't be carried through or overgear PG. I'd much prefer to see groups asking for "150K+ dps on Immerseus plus Gold proving grounds dps" than iLvl requirements. Experience is also useful to have but as you say, not much point asking for experience beyond what you're actually going to be running, you're just cutting down on your pool and making your own life (and for your fellow raiders, if you're looking during raid time and they're stuck waiting) miserable in the process. Any unrealistic expecations with "... and G2G!" included make me laugh and sad at the same time.

    All things being equal, I'd rather have someone who's undergeared but skilled as long as they do ENOUGH dps, especially if they might come back to run with you again at some point... they'll get a lot more benefit out of gear drops than overgeared folks who underperform. As long as folks can be carried successfully, no reason not to bring as many quality ones as you can.

    1. "... and G2G" is a trick. It is actually a well known ploy to get people to join your pug.

      If you say you need three healers, no healers will join but if you say you need 1 healer and are G2G even if you need three, the likelihood of three whispering you is extremely higher.

      I know personally I've joined a few pugs and saw that there were 4 people in the group and dropped ASAP. I tell them, whisper me when you are ready to go.

      Even more so with the island now where you can not loot while in a raid, I am not going to sit in your raid while you assemble. If you say G2G then we better be pulling within 1 minute of me joining the group or I am going to drop.

      I agree. I would rather have someone with a lower item level that knows what they are doing than someone with a high item level just for high item level sake.

  3. You were mentioning having to carry people in flex being good motivation for doing better, which made me think of my experience with dark shaman last week. We were trying a new strat with three tanks, which meant I had a good chance to out-dps our (usually) crazy multidotting locks. The first three or four pulls I had was owning the dps charts. A lot of that was because the first 10 - 15 seconds I was putting down 1 - 1.2 m dps while I had my prepot up and all my CDs lined up perfectly with AoC and rentaki procs. And that burst was keeping me ahead through-out the fight. However, on the fourth or fifth pull, someone pulled early, with a second or two still on the countdown, which threw off me, and threw off our tanks, leading to my pet dying just a second into the fight, and me rezzing my pet while my pre pot was still going. Anyhow, just a bad pull for me, almost no burst. The point of this silly little story is, I spent the whole fight, fighting to get back on top of the dps meters.

    Even with the terrible pull, that was the pull we downed them on, and I ended up about 10k higher than I'd been on any other fight that night; I think, due to actively trying to make up for my poor dps in the opener.

    On another note, I think the timeless isle gear has helped to make ilvl mean even less. Even for hunters, who maybe even more so than any other damage dealer rely on their primary stat, well, primarily, the 535 gear is not on par with, for example, a 536 warforged item from last tier. Even though in theory it's only one ilvl different, when that ilvl is accompanied by good socket bonuses and full amounts of two secondary stats, it makes a huge difference.


    1. Nice with over 1M on the pull, I usually am in the 700K-800K on the pull on that fight. Settles down to about 220-230 by the end of the fight however unless I can cheese some AoE here and there.

      That is exactly what I mean. When there are some lesser people there (or you get a bad start) you are forced to try harder, which makes you better, and then makes normal easier for you when you get there.

      The island 535 gear with 1 stat is really more like 515 gear. Maybe 518 gear. Not sure why they have it at 535, I thought they changed gear to be itemized by item level a long time ago and then they add this that ignores all the rules. Sometimes blizzard just loves to throw in a curve ball for no reason.

  4. -LFR went a little better this week. 3hr runs instead of 5hrs. In one case, all but 4 of us dropped on Shamans. We just hung out and talked about mounts... Anyway, it pulled in 21 more people after about 20 minutes. Quite surprising really. I think the runs went better because there were 2 or 3 people doing 150K+ instead of just me... Tanks seemed to be a little more knowledgeable as well.

    -"tried" to do flex for the first time. Got invited to a semi-pug for the 3rd part. 2 other people from my old raid team, another from their new guild, a couple people form another guild they know, and a couple random people. 12 altogether. A couple people had done Malkorok before and explained things. Read up on icy-veins as well.

    -Made good progress each pull. First pull saw the mechanics, 2nd pull got to 2nd phase, 3rd pull got to 20%, 4th got to 10%, 5th got to 3%, 6th got to 1%... so close... And then people started bitching.

    -One was just annoying; I swear the guy just liked to hear himself talk (Big Mouth). I'm sad to say he was a hunter... There was also a lock who acted like a Flex Hero. Flex Hero was bitching that people were dying or taking too much damage from the conal attacks. So what? It's flex, and we just had a 1% pull. We would have gotten it on the next pull. Anyway, they started arguing and name calling. We got them to shut up, so we could do another pull. 7th pull got to 20%... Flex Hero and Big Mouth kept bitching again. The group leader (at least I think he was leader...) tried to bring them inline and threatened that if people didn't follow mechanics, they'd be kicked. People were still bitching though. 8th pull was a bad pull; hadn't rebuffed, people weren't in position, etc. Got to 30%. People started bitching again during and after the fight.

    -Bitching does not help; it just pisses people off and makes them do worse. If it was my group, I would have marked down the couple people never to invite again, privately discussed things with the rest of the group (kick them and continue or just call it a night), and moved on. But I wasn't the leader.

    -So I just said: "Good night everyone. I'm tired." and left.

    -They had more than 10 people, so they could have continued if they wanted to, so I didn't feel horrible leaving. I still felt bad, but it was 2am, I was tired of the BS, and wasn't having fun.

    -I was top DPS (doing about 175k), I had the mechanics down by the 3rd pull, my old raid leader even made a comment about me kicking ass, so things were going well; However, I stopped having fun with that group of people, so it wasn't worth it to stick around.

    -I would have continued to wipe 10 more times and not cared; it was the negative attitudes that I couldn't deal with. I thought to myself, if I want to hear name calling and bitching, I'll go do LFR. This is flex; it's supposed to be fun.

    1. Exceeded the character limit...

      -In other news, did the Noodle Cart quests. Soloing the normal dungeons was SUPER EASY!!! I had heard they were easy, but I was still very surprised. The solo scenario for the noodle cart is really dumb though. Did it once and lost... the instructions aren't very good. Read a guide and watched a video, got it on the 2nd attempt. I guess the key is just to serve the right soup to the right patrons and that you can cook and seat and serve in parallel.

      -Farmed up enough Brewfest tokens to buy the Brewfest clothes to get the Disturbing the Peace achievement. It was the last 'holiday' achievement that I needed. I'm so glad I never need to get on one of those stupid Brewfest rams again. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate, loathe, despise vehicle quests?!?!?

      -No loot from LFR or world bosses. Got a couple dual-stat Timeless items at least. iLvL is up to 538 now.

      -Timeless Isle is losing it's luster. Not nearly as many people out there and running around trying to get to rares before they die is getting annoying. I tend to just do the dailies, kill any convenient rares in the process, and leave. Still never seen Golganarr...

      -Got a couple more Bigger Bags items; need 31 still. Trying to focus my kills on the mobs that drop the items I need, but these 1-4% drop rates are just cruel... Especially for the ones that drop off the rares.

      -Got the 250 pets achiev while in LFR; someone dropped a bling and I got the pet finally and then got the achiev. Got another bling pet the next day... I'll have to sell it.

      -Heard about Durendil being the first hunter to get Gold in the Tanking Proving Grounds. That's pretty cool.

    2. Even 3 hours is still 2 hours too long. LFR needs to do something to fix itself.

      That is not a joke of a fight, even on flex. I would say flex wing three is equal to normal modes first 4. You can not just bring in your average pug to it.

      Our 7 DPS on flex were 4 doing 230, 2 doing 200 and one doing 190. We were also 2 healing it with a group of 11 which might have made it a tiny bit harder but we destroyed the timer. It was just that second stack up phase that was the issue. Took the healers a while to understand when they could actually heal.

      It is the negative attitudes that kill things. it is probably the biggest issue I have with the LFR. Sure there is the difficulty, there is the wait time, but it is the people and the constant hte being thrown around that makes it completely unbearable.

      I could not even do bronze on the tanking one, but I used a DPS pet in DPS spec and did not really plan it out. Just did it for fun.

      Tried the DPS one as well, just once, and missed gold by a tiny bit. I will get it next time I try but all I can think was I had to be doing something wrong.

      I was doing 102K DPS in 463 gear, not sure how much more could be asked of me, and I ran out of time when the mob was at 2%. That is why I did not even try a second time.

      I figure there has to be something I missed because I seriously doubt they are asking people to do more DPS than I did. I would be willing to bet 100K in 463 is extremely rare to begin with, so it surely is not needed and I missed something.