Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- While killing commanders over the weekend I noticed they nerfed them.

- I did not see anything mentioned but perhaps I just missed it.

- When they first came out there were a couple where if you did not interrupt them it would kill everyone.

- Kind of funny the first time you encounter it.

- I guess I should interrupt that next time.

- But you learn and you interrupt and it never takes a chunk out of you again.

- Now, you can just ignore it.

- Excuse me?

- And you wonder why there are so many bad players out there.

- They had to nerf it because people cried about it being too hard?

- Interrupt it and it is no problem.

- So instead of turning this into a learning experience, they decided to change it so people do not even need to bother interrupting it.

- Good going blizzard.

- That was sarcasm if your sarcasm detector is broken.

- Week 2 of patch and the pet collecting is not going well.

- Soloed the BC raids for pets on multiple characters and still have only 3 of them.

- The drop rate must be horrible.

- Still no valk, but I admit I just fly by looking once in a while.

- I like to play the game, not sit in one space waiting for something to spawn.

- I know, how dare I want to play the game.

- Farmed the filthlings while waiting in queue on various characters.

- They all drop this one thing, so it is easy to keep track of how many you killed by counting how many of those items you have.

- I was almost at 500 combined between three characters when I gave up.

- A friend went, when I told him about it, got 6 of them in a few minutes.

- He gave me one, no charge and sold the others for a ton on the auction house.

- I know random is random but how does one person get 6 in 25 kills, remember the one item lets you know how many you killed, and I kill almost 500 and get none.

- They really need to fix this whole random bull shit.

- I am sick of it.

- If a drop rate is 1%, for example, count how many I kill.  If I have not gotten it by kill 100, make it a guaranteed drop.

- That seems fair to me.

- 6 in 25 kills and none in 500 does not sound fair to me.

- So no pet love for me for another weekend.

- Only 1 of my 3 raid pets was new this week.  I had gotten 2 last week.

- And ashes last week too, so that really makes up for all of it I guess.

- Funny how I killed it so many times looking for ashes and it never dropped yet the first time I go in there looking for pets I get it.

- Perhaps I should not look for things and then I will get them more often.

- Hey, my luck can not get worse, right?

- I think I have noticed a trend with bad players.

- They seem to enjoy the game a lot more than the players that try to do good.

- When you try to do good, that is when it starts to feel like work.

- When you just don't give a hell you can have more fun.

- Take my mage for example.

- It is around 483 item level, I rarely play it, I can only put out 50K-60K max, a few of my items are not even enchanted, I am probably under hit cap, to an outside person I am a bad player.

- But it is a character I just don't care about.

- I have not done dailies on it since it first hit 90, only opened the isle but never did the quests, don't do dungeons, and have not done a raid in months on it.

- Yet I have a fun time playing it when I do.

- I use it for pet battles a lot because it gets around faster being a mage and all.

- But I still read the forums so I still see the venom from people so I still continue to fester bad feelings about the game and the community.

- But if I did not read any of that stuff, or even know it was there, combined with my I don't care approach to playing it, I can see why those people that we look at as bad players just have a lot more fun than we do.

- They say knowledge is power but if anything the reason I would ever quit the game is because of my knowledge.

- It would be because I read the forums and see these people and read their nonsense.

- I believe that I have never finished a session reading the forums without at least thinking of quitting the game.

- Just reading the stuff these people say irks me.

- It makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with me if I play the same game they do.

- I am not like them, I do not want to be associated with them, so maybe my place is elsewhere.

- Yeap, in this game, knowledge is bad.

- The people that keep away from the forums, the so called bad players that do not know what they are doing, they are the ones that have it right.

- Just play and do not give a shit about anything and you will enjoy the game so much more.

- I've tried that, doesn't work for me.

- It is just not in me not to try and to try that means I need to go outside the game and that is where I see those people that ruin the game for me.

- But I see them in game too.

- Was riding a low level through dread wastes on my two seater mount so he could pick up the rare items to get him some experience.

- One thing we land on and his low level attracts a few mobs.

- So we are fighting on top of the thing he was about to pick up.

- Someone sees us there, lands on us, literally is feeling around as he can not find it because we are fighting on it, and picks up the item and flys off.

- I know all is fair in love and war and all that, but that is bad form, bad play, and exactly the type of person I want nothing to do with.

- I put him on my black list and thanks to that new feature where we can see all his alts he, or any of his characters, will never be allowed in our guild or any pugs we do.

- I don't endorse that style of play and I do not want to be associated with anyone who acts like that in a game.

- If you see someone fighting on something like that, step the hell off and let them get it.

- Simple as that.

- When farming materials in the barrens on my hunter I pull whole areas.

- If I see someone working an area, I go to another area, so I do not clean out the area they are working on.

- It is called being a decent person.

- Sadly not many in the game understand that.

- On my Rogue I was skinning the animals near the shano-pan base, best skinning spot in the game currently if you ask me, when I saw someone starting the quests.

- I have done them, I know they will need to kill these, I was keeping the area basically empty at the speed I was killing and skinning.

- I could have kept skinning and made their quests take so much longer.

- I could have said, who cares, I do what I want to do because it is my 15 a month.

- But what did I do?

- I said, I will come back later and skin more then, let them finish their quest.

- I took off and found something else to do.

- It is called being a decent person.

- I wonder what is so hard about that.

- So hard not many in game can do it, or even grasp the concept of it.

- On Saturday I entered the queue for storms and mentioned on vent that it said 1 hour 20 minutes was the average wait.

- One person on vent, a healer at that, mentioned he has been in queue for 1 hour 40 minutes already.

- Another three were together in queue for a little over an hour with 1 healer and 2 damage dealers.

- I looked at my queue again and said, fuck it, and dropped queue.

- And I did not run any LFRs this Saturday, my usual day to catch up on my alts.

- I was fed up, this is the end of the line for me.

- Even if I got guaranteed drops off every boss and 250 valor, it is not worth waiting that long to be put into a group only to be with those people I mentioned and having to listen to their venom.

- And then, if it is a bad group, have to wipe with these very same people that I would not even give the time of day in real life.

- Blizzard really needs to do something about this.

- Either remove the LFR or fix it.

- As long as the option is there I will want to use it but in the way it is implemented it is not usable.

- At least not on Saturdays.

- Not sure what it up with it but it is only on saturdays I run into queue times like that.

- I ran one LFR on sunday, on my healer.

- First LFR I have run on a healer in over a month.

- I think I forgot how to play a healer.

- I only entered the queue as a joke to see how long it would take.

- The second I entered it popped up, so I took it.

- Fresh run too, cool.

- Got put in with two other disc healers, I was on mine.

- I hate when I am with other disc healers.

- But I did not have to worry about them stealing shields, all they did was smite the whole time.

- Smite healing is fine and has its place, but when people are getting low, you need to direct heal.

- The other healers there were not very good so people were going down left and right.

- I went to full healing mode, only smiting for the buff in those few moments I could.

- Basically it felt like I was solo healing it because the other two disc priest were just smiting away.

- The two shaman were throwing healing rains on the ground where no one was standing and the one paladin was, well, I don't know what he was doing.

- Now I remember why I stopped healing these.

- Yes, LFR is easy.

- If people do what they are supposed to.

- But when you are the only person trying to keep a raid full of people that are making no effort to avoid the avoidable it is not worth the stress or effort.

- And it most certainly is not easy in that case.

- I should have just smite healed like the other two disc priest were and let us wipe.

- But it was not in me to play that way, I had to try and do everything I could.

- It was the third part, so it was doable even in my 485 gear.

- First boss there does not require too much healing and oddly enough these people did know their way around the maze for the most part.  So we downed it.

- Second boss everyone is triple stepping the slimes, leaving none for the healers to get, just so they can get their buff faster.

- With 4 other healers not even attempting to get the buff, and one doing it just so he could DPS, I was left, again, the only one really healing.

- I was running around like a mad man trying to get some puddles.

- I would have downed them myself as I am disc, but I could not take my eye off the tanks or they would die.

- I finally get changed just as the raid is all at low life and I pop everything and get everyone up to full again at the expense of my entire mana pool.

- When I lose my buff I basically just sit there mini healing as little as I can to keep the tanks alive and basically ignoring the raid so I can regenerate some mana.

- Still no red anywhere for little old me.

- The damage dealers, once again, just care about their DPS and don't realize leaving a few behind for the healers helps them stay alive.

- Same as before I finally get turned blow everything I have to bring the raid back from near death, and we down it.

- I am worried about animus, these people are just going to go AoE crazy.

- There is no way I can solo heal that and I do not trust these others healers to help.

- They pull without saying a word, recount goes insane with everyone in the raid being over 250K.

- They are AoEing like crazy.  It is going to be wipe city.

- I know it is coming in a few seconds so spirit shell time, and I prep it all up as the larges come out.

- I blow everything I have and apparently even the other healers decided to help this time.  Saw a cascade that wasn't mine, amazing, the priests were not atonement healing for once.

- Or maybe they used cascade on the mobs and they were for DPS reasons.

- Who knows, but we did not wipe.

- I saw myself peak over 200K HPS during that phase and actually stay over 150K for a considerable amount of time, it was funny.

- But with that damage it was possible even in lackluster gear..

- Only lost once person that fight, I was amazed.

- It was fun and exciting to be put to the test like that.

- It is good sometimes.

- But it shouldn't be like that.

- There was no reason for it to have to have been like that.

- A trial by fire for me getting back into healing.

- I kept having to look down at my keys to see where I have things bound.

- I use mouse over macros for everything and pain suppression got a work out there.

- I had just forgot where it was at first.

- Don't you hate when that happens?

- I've become so spoiled by my mouse overs when I play my healers too often that when I switch to a damage dealer I start to wish I had a damage grid like I do a healing grid where I could just mouse over and do my abilities.

- I wonder if it would be possible for them to make an addon that will show all mobs currently in battle with you so I could just mouse over attack.

- It would make multi doting so much easier.

- I am not sure I will be healing much again.

- Both my healers are still in last tiers gear and I am not making any major effort to get them in current gear.

- I really do not like playing them much lately and even worse I really hate that I always have the feeling I have to do it all in the LFR even when I don't.

- And that thing about the shaman and their healing rains being in the middle of nowhere, I wasn't kidding.

- Every fight I saw healing rains on the ground.

- Every fight there was no one in them.

- What possessed them to put them there?

- Is there something that changed with shaman that I do not know about?

- Like if your healing rain heals no one you get a boost to your direct heals or something.

- Because that is the only reason I could ever see for placing a healing rain in a place it would heal no one.

- But you know what, they were probably enjoying themselves a lot more than I was.

- As I said earlier, bad players have all the fun because they just don't care.

- And now for the moment to make all hunters cry.

- One LFR last week there was a hunter that had growl on his pet.

- The tanks kept asking him to turn growl off.

- After the third or forth time he finally says something in raid.

- Just give me a minute, I am trying to figure out how to do that.

- How do you make it to 90, get to a 480 item level, finish all the LFRs so you can get to the last one, and still never figure out how to turn growl off.

- And people wonder why hunters get called huntards.

- Because of guys like that.

- But I bet he was having a great time because being bad is good.

- Have a great day.


  1. hey GE

    Ok, so i am reading your thoughts for today and this stopped me dead in my tracks-

    "- I know, how dare I want to play the game."

    WTF?!? You want to playyyy thhheeee gggaaaammmeeee?

    you don't want to "farmsville" or "poke-mon" or "camp"? As my daddy always said to me - "Whats wrong with you boy!"

    stay frosty...

    1. Yes, I know. I did not mean to offend anyone but I do want to play the game.

      It is also the reason why I do not have the spirit beasts on my hunter. If there were something else to do in the area so I can justify being there waiting I will. Otherwise I will not sit around waiting for a spawn. That is not my idea of playing the game.

      Playing the game would be allowing me to catch the pet no fuss no muss and then use it. That would be playing the game. Sitting there waiting for it... nope, not playing the game.

    2. Regarding the commanders specifically, I haven't noticed a nerf (may have happened since the last time I was out there) but I think it was warranted, at least for some of them.

      I never group for those fights, I just try to keep myself alive on whatever toon I'm on, so I get basically no external healing. My mage spends half of some commander fights Invocating (?) for the spammable 10% self-heal. Not exactly the experience I want to have on that toon.

      Half the commanders were fine, never had much issue. The other half, though, the ones with unavoidable damage (like the rogue one with FoK that hits for about 15% of the health pool of everyone)... on some, on some toons, I'd have to corpse run multiple times. They were basically smaller-scale (slightly) Sha zergs.

      Did they NEED to be nerfed, if they were? Probably not... but there was too much variance between the difficulty depending on the mob. If that's been smoothed out, that's a good thing for me.

    3. I don't see how any of them needed a nerf to anything. Every move they had was avoidable, or healable if you had a healer.

      The one ability I was specifically talking about (wish I knew what it was called) was like a fan of knives effect that would take out anyone, even with a healer, but it was a very long channeled effect. So there was more than ample time to interrupt it. Quite honestly, if there are a group of 5 people on it, and it spins that long and no one things to interrupt it, they deserved to die. And then they learn. Hence the reason I say it was a good thing, a great thing even. They need to put that back in.

      As for flying solo like you do. Unless you can heal yourself, there is too much unavoidable stuff that will slowly kill you in time. You need to have some way to heal yourself. Even bandages is fine. Heck, I put my hunter in spirit link and that is enough to keep me well healed.

      The rogue thing you mention might be the thing that was nerfed. It hit like a truck and was a 10 second channeled effect that could be interrupted.

      The goblins are the only ones I dislike. They run your butt all over the place. It is insane.

      Only one of them I know I can solo. Might be able to do more but hard to tell when so many joining in. The reason I know I can solo the one is because I did it with a group of 2 others from guild with my pet tanking and them DPSing. No healer, my pet barely took a lick of damage, and no one joined in to take threat off my pet. So I am sure even without the other two DPS I could have soloed it. I think that is the only one I could solo.

      On my mage I have mage tanked a few of them, goblins specifically. They are susceptible to slows and I just kite the ever loving crap out of them and use them jumping all over the place against them.

      As I said earlier however. Do not bother doing most of these alone. Heals are required for them.

    4. Oh, I've killed probably 3 dozen of those commanders across toons without grouping (I'm almost always in an LFR queue when I'm out there so I can't group even if I wanted to)... about half of them have been clean or I've been able to keep myself up with self-heals (Disengage + Spirit Link (?), Invocation, Leeching Poison + Shiv + Recuperate, Expel Harm + Chi Wave, Death Strike, etc) but the other half have been messy... and in the case of the FoK I mentioned, I've never noticed any sort of cast bar so I don't think it's interruptable. Having said that, I'm usually so focused on self-survival and dps (there are a lot of folks doing that fight who are adding more to mob health than they're removing it, SOMEONE has to do the pointy stick poking) that I may be missing some opportunities to actually avoid damage.

      It really just depends on which commander you get. Some are brutally harder than others... if they nerfed anything, it's probably that disparity.

    5. Trust me, it was there and it destroyed people. It was changed.

      I guess if you are in queue you really have no choice, but as you mentioned, some of them are just brutal on the solo player at them.

      Doing them as melee I find I take a lot more avoidable damage. Seems easier, for me at least, to avoid stuff at range. One of the reasons I always hate playing melee.

    6. aye, I knew what you meant. Basically, it seems Blizzard doesn't want one playing WOW, they want folks to play all those silly mini-games, farmsville, hunt-a-pet (aka Pokemon), Zombies versus Plants or whatever that one is based on, and the other little crap. Me, I just want to be able to do the quests without the extra crap that takes away.

      As far as spirit beasts, I do wish in the next patch all spirit beasts are like Savage is in Mists. Footprints. But make it where all hunters can track and get them. Get rid of LK spirit beasts.

      ok, stay frosty

    7. I loved that plants vs zombies thing. Wish they had kept in all the achievements that were on beta. Sadly they never made it live. The singing sunflower is cool however.

  2. it seemed to me like the commanders hit harder the more people that were on them...

    1. I was thinking that too. Like I mentioned in a reply to someone else, my pet solo tanked one of them when it was just me and two others yet (I could swear) on the same guy when there were many there, my pet kept getting his ass handed to him. Could be bad luck or they could get stronger. It is very possible.

  3. I am surprised that CRZ hitting the darkmoon faire didn't come up.

    1. you saw that too this week-end? I am guessing it is so strong hitting this time around is because for most of the US, kids are out of school now.

      But you know GE - (whispers) he wants to play the game. I know, tee-hee-hee. :D

      stay frosty...


    2. If I had went there and experienced it I probably would have said something. I only go to get my 5 point quests and turn in quests so I never do it first day.

      The only other reason to go there is for the pet battle but I have the pet from it already so it is not a priority.

      And with that said...

      CRZ should be removed from the game. Noble idea, massive failure.

    3. I actually have an upside for CRZ... low-level zone PvP on a PvP server. Of course, this came up with someone complaining about CRZ forcing them to PvP while leveling... on a PvP server.

      I would hope most people rolling on a PvP server are doing it FOR the world PvP. Without CRZ, that actually would be an issue while leveling... you'd never actually run into anyone. Or at least, nobody at your level.

      So, for PvP servers while leveling, I believe CRZ is a good idea.

      The rest of the time, it's neutral to bad... either it doesn't really change anything, or it makes it worse.

    4. If that happens that is fine. I know when they first added it and I went on my PvP server I could not even step outside of org. I was constantly camped by high levels.

      So yes, it is good for PvP when you are facing like level players. Not when you are being camped.

      I am not a PvPer but sometimes like to do so. I have absolutely no problem with being killed. I just dislike when you are trying to quest and are constantly being one shot by people 50 levels higher than you.

      So while it is okay for PvP in that aspect it is also horrible. For the CRZ to work well on a PvP server they need to add something where you can only see people plus or minus 5 levels of your own. In my opinion.

      Unless they can add that to the technology, CRZ is a failure on PvP servers as well.

      As a note, I have not logged into my character on the PvP server since the CRZ was released and I learned I would not longer be able to play the game thanks to high levels.

    5. They want you to see the crowd so they probably wouldn't make disparate players invisible.

      Instead, maybe set it up so that you just can't attack someone who is more than 5 levels above or below you.

    6. That would be good. I would not mind getting spanked by a 45 when I am 40 knowing that even if he is stronger with some good play I might stand a chance but against a 90, he could just stand there for 10 minutes and I would not kill him. No chance.

      That, in my opinion, is not PvP. That is someone that has a horrible home life taking it out on the only people he has power over.

    7. Sure, but that's a flaw with the current world PvP system, not with CRZ. I still think CRZ allowing for some world PvP is a good thing.

      I'd rather see anyone who ganks a lowbie get some sort of stacking "Jerk" debuff with a long timr that lowers his relative power as it stacks... to the point where the lowbies can fight back.

    8. CRZ for balance PvP would be amazing. Give horde dominated servers and alliance dominated servers something to fight over.

      Without some sort of control over it however you create a system were you now camp people from other servers not only because they are in a different faction but because they are not one of your people. So they go after them tenfold.

      A jerk debuff would be okay. But accidental jerkiness does happen too.

      I remember one time I was leveling a hunter and this one horde lock comes in and starts killing all the quest givers. He left me alone even if was flagged but I decided to attack him. I knew I would die, I just thought it would be fun. He stood there, took a few shots, laughed at me, and promptly one shot me.

      No hard feelings, it was fun for me and I hope he got a laugh out of it as well. When I revived, he was there but did not attack me. Not all players are jerks.

      I like the idea someone one said. If you are more than 5 levels over someone you can not attack them unless they directly target you with a spell of ability first.

  4. My LFR queues on Saturday were quite short actually. I killed Iron Qon 3 times in a row, with each queue only about 25 minutes.

    I was trying to get the tier shoulders to replace the 483 shoulders I have. Instead, I got the 502 gun twice which I don't need...

    Did barrens stuff again so I'm basically done with that for my hunter. Got the pet and the brawler's item. Don't need anything else.

    Got Valor capped pretty quickly on my hunter. Only did 1 heroic scenario though with a guildie and someone from openraid.

    Didn't win any new gear, so went on a valor upgrade spree; 2/3 of my items are fully upgraded now. iLvl is 518.

    The raid team I would run with sometimes on my hunter switched from Fri/Sat to Wed/Thur nights, so I can't raid with them anymore. I almost feel a bit of relief about it; sad and happy at the same time. I can just have fun now and not worry about making sure I'm on during raid times in the chance they need one extra player (usually they needed 0 or 4 players, but anyway...).

    Worked on the DK some. Got another Barrens 489 item. Did a couple scenarios and tried to get a couple pieces from specific queued dungeons. I got 1 piece I needed.

    I tried setting up WeakAuras but just didn't like it. So I configured J's Hunter Bar for Blood DK use. Works pretty well actually.

    I'm also trying out Blood Shield Tracker but I don't really see the value it gives. The point is still to use Death Strike when you have multiple Blood Shield stacks, right? The button on my bar shows the count so I don't really understand what BST helps with...

    Not ready to random queue dungeons yet since I'm tanking them for the first time. I like to read up on the fights before I just dive in; most players probably wouldn't do that but anyway. Did Scarlet Monastery and Shado-pan Monastery.

    I did OK tanking. Kept aggro for the most part and only died once when someone pulled an extra pack at the end of a boss fight. Group didn't wipe though.

    No one complained so I guess I did OK. Having a 466 ilvl certainly helps I'm sure. I could still use some upgrades from dungeons though. Trinkets and rings and a better weapon. And replace some of the 458 pvp gear I'm still wearing.

    I'm fully gemmed, enchanted, and reforged at least.

    I also helped tank Galleon, Sha, and Nalak. Got a 483 pvp item off Sha... nothing else despite using coins on everything.

    I'll continue working my way through the dungeons and doing barrens stuff before I make the jump into MSV LFR. I'm leary to tank it but I "want" to try tanking it. Once I get comfortable with it, I want to start pugging trade to see if I have any luck doing LFR with more "local" players; try to get to know the community better. I'm sure a lot of people will jump for a "tank queue", but the community stuff is probably just wishful thinking.

    1. You are lucky. Saturdays seem to be horrible LFR times for me.

      You hunter has passed mine item level wise. Nice. I really need to get some drops. Don't think I have gotten an upgrade in ages.

      I like need to know for stuff you, well, need to know. Tried weak auras myself but could not get into it. To each their own I guess. Need to know is the same sort of thing, you need to have a taste for it.

      I have not played my DK in a few weeks now. Put it on the shelf for a bit. Have to rotate things to keep it fresh. At least for me.

      I would not take the LFR without a partner. Not even the early ones. Not that it is hard, just that I hate the people in it.

    2. I've used Need to Know before. It was fine. Then JSHB got redesigned so I switched back to it. JSHB basically has the same functionality as Need to Know, just a different layout mechanism and customized features for hunters.

    3. I have JSHB downloaded but have not used it in ages. Never really liked it. To each their own.

    4. I use both JSHB and TellMeWhen... I mostly use JSHB for the energy indicator and TMW for everything else but JSHB does give a decent snapshot of where things stand. Used to use Power Auras but I find TMW to be significantly better.

      @Jaeger - Blood Shield doesn't have stacks, it has a value... the amount of the absorption shield, basically. The idea with a tracker is to know when you actually have one up and equally importantly, to let you know when the timer will expire so you can make sure to refresh it before it drops off and you lose the existing shield value. If a tracker isn't helping with both of those then I'm not sure what value it brings. I use TMW for my blood shield, the way it's set up it gives me the value (in K) and a timer.

    5. I tried tell me when but just did not click with it. Power aura I think I used for a short bit back in wrath but have not tried it since.

      I should look into something for my blood shield. I usually only do lower end content and soloing with it but it would not hurt to have something I am used to if I ever plan to step up my game.

    6. Ok, the stacks that I'm seeing are for Scent of Blood, which stacks up to 5 to increase the healing from Death Strike.

      I guess I need to mess with BST some more and really understand what it's showing me and how to utilize that info.

    7. He most likely means the time remaining on your shield and not the number of stacks. Just a guess however.

  5. DPS are priority for buff at Primordius. DPS mutate first and preferably at the same time, lust, destroy.

    And along your lines, we have a saying based off a quote of one of our proustian writers, (aproximate translation) 'the more lucidity, the more drama'. As in, the more conscious you are of the things around you, the more you understand, the less happy you are. It's natural, really. Or, if you care to be on the more religious side, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven"... in my language it's "Blessed are the weak-minded", but yeah, same thing. The more you know and want to know, the more you question... well, you get the point.
    I doubt this comes as a surprise to you, though.

    1. I am talking the LFR on that one James. The slimes die in three shots. The DPS could be kind enough to kill a few for the healers too. ;) Just my opinion however. Seems no one in the LFR agrees with me.

      Not really a surprise. It is that way in everything in life. It is like a penalty for being informed and intelligent.

      Too bad we can not go in reverse and just become that bad player and not care. Just sometimes, for one weekend. Would love to do something and no see everything around me being wrong. It would be nice to do it and not notice anything is wrong.

    2. you can't - it is in your make-up and who you are. But if you are willing to try here are some tips -

      Forgive yourself for your shortcomings.

      Focus on what is really needed.

      Define a goal.

      Separate Results from Judgment.

      Learn from Judges/Critics.

      Get started.

      Set a time limit.

      Create a sheltered environment for learning, one where you have permission to make mistakes.

      Try new things.

      Recognize that for many activities, especially anything with an element of creativity, there is no one 'right' way, no one 'right' answer.

      Recognize the beauty and benefits in imperfection.

      Reflect on your failures.

      Failure is really opportunity, an opportunity to become better, to discover yourself and inspire others to feel better about themselves.

      Reflect on your successes.

      Stoopnocracy is peachy"

  6. "I put him on my black list and thanks to that new feature where we can see all his alts he, or any of his characters, will never be allowed in our guild or any pugs we do."

    Hrm. I thought I was somewhat experienced at WoW, but this is a feature I'm not familiar with. Would you point out where in the UI I'm missing this?

    1. If you look someone up on wow progress it will show you all max level alts he has as well as the character you looked up.

      It won't work all the time because there is an option in game to disallow this tracking which I normally disable but it comes unchecked by default and most people do not notice it.