Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I am really enjoying mists so much at the start.

- As soon as I start finishing off things I am sure there will be a lull.

- But until then I am going to soak it up, the feeling of something to do.

- I have only run one heroic.

- I don't have time for them yet.

- How different is that?

- The one I did I still say would be way to hard for people to understand.

- Blizzard keeps forgetting the masses are not all that bright.

- We wiped once each on two bosses, figured out what we did wrong, knocked it out the second time.

- I don't see pug people doing that.

- Even if it was only a 3/5 guild group, it was not a full pug.

- When the full pug people hit 90 I can see a lot of wipes in our future.

- I also think the scenarios are way way way to long for their purpose.

- They all, except arena, take longer than the one heroic I did with 2 wipes.

- I thought they were meant to be quick content.

- Quick is not longer than a heroic, sorry.

- Did like 20 of them and saw every person I was with win stuff.

- One person won 4 things.

- I won nothing.

- Guess my luck is not changing from last expansion.

- I will have to run heroics to get gear it seems.

- Maxed valor really easy even without them.

- Word to the wise, do not become best friends with the people on the farm.

- I became best friends with all of them already.

- They no longer offer their dailies for food now.

- So that is a quick and easy 50 valor a day I screwed myself out of.

- If they are my best friends why don't they want to give me valor any more?

- You would think your best friend would give you more, not less.

- And the turn in for lesser charms being once a week sucks.

- I already have well over 200.

- What the hell I am supposed to do with all these things?

- They greaters are capped at 10, so let me trade in until I cap at least.

- Seems fair to me.

- They are taking up bag space and I am really running low on it.

- With all the goodies from quests and all the rares I have killed I am screaming for bag space.

- With all the food and seeds and everything I am screaming for bag space.

- Farming hint for you people out there, throw away your shovel, watering can and bug spray.

- They will reappear if you throw them away.

- So that is three bag spaces you do not need to worry about.

- But having 2 26 slot bags filled with food I need and use is a little insane.

- I love the fun toys the rares drop.

- The little foraging guy from major nanners is great.

- Brings me back elixirs, motes, you name it.

- Pop him before doing your dailies and when you are done he comes back with your goodies.

- The swimming thing that makes you look like a ghost is cool.

- I like the one that turns you into a statue and sometimes the things you kill into statues too.

- Looks great when riding on my flying disk.

- Yes, I have lorewalkers exalted already.

- Just for that disk.

- Wish I had did refer a friend before launch, the double rep is awesome.

- A friend did it and is exalted with nearly everyone already.

- But I guess that would take away from things to do, so good thing I didn't.

- Back to my bags, they are bursting and I need more space.

- What is blizzards problem?

- They keep giving us things they want us to keep and not giving us the space to keep them.

- I know what I want on my farm, a toy box for all that meant for fun type of stuff.

- I got my cat, my yak, my mushan thing, my chickens, my pigs, and it is great.

- I love that place and did not think I would.

- I am not sure if that zone is my favorite or wastes is.

- Wastes is just awesome, it is everything that deathwing should have come with and didn't.

- It feels evil there and there are lots of evil things to kill there and even a sort of evil faction there.

- Now that is how you build an enemy or at least a feeling of dread.

- Guess that is why they call it dread wastes.

- I will probably jump into heroics this week, I wanted to get my grove on with the dailies first before I went in.

- The heroics and their valor mean nothing if I do not have vendors open to spend that valor.

- And drops are drops, I can grind them until I get them.

- The reputation is more important.

- I got a nice little patten going now, should keep getting faster, if I do not get distracted.

- I keep getting distracted.

- Rares, lost and found spawn points, herbs, mines, fishing pools, you name it.

- I got so many herbs while leveling that I leveled up 4 alchemists and 2 scribes to max and sold roughly 2500 so far and still have over 3000 across my characters.

- I can really see a nerf to spawn rate on them coming because right now there are way to many and it is way to easy to level profession that use them.

- You can max out alchemy or inscription with roughly 300 herbs each.

- Seems a little too easy.

- Makes me wonder why I can still get upward of 500 gold a stack for them.

- Or 100 a stack for green tea.

- I could farm 2K green tea in a hour if I wanted to just flat out farm them and only them.

- Why the hell are people paying 100 gold a stack for them?

- Hey, who am I to complain?

- As they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.

- While I've had no luck with drops for me to wear, as killing all those rares and doing all those scenarios prove, I have had some with rare world drops.

- I even got a BoE 476 item, and a few 450 BoE items that can be equip at 85 items.

- How awesome is that?

- If my server was a bigger server I would easily get 250K for the 476 item.

- My server it would be like pulling teeth to get 30K for it however.

- I don't get it, they will pay 100 gold for green tea leaves when it takes all over 20 seconds to farm a stack but they will not pay a decent amount for a fair piece of gear much better than anything you would find in a heroic.

- Even found a 450 helm with two gem slots that can be equip at 85.

- And got the polearm from arch as well.

- My druid is going to have a breeze leveling with those head start items.

- The the two other arch rares I had heard of too, but now I am working on a forth.

- Interesting, I had not known there was a forth.

- All I knew of was the dummy, the off hand and the polearm.

- Can't want to see what it is when I finish it.

- I love new things, makes it feel as if I am playing for something again.

- And I have barely even touched pet battles yet.

- That is for when things start to slow down and get boring.

- And a little here and there.

- I've got a few level 3s now, that is all.

- My mists is off to a fun start, how about yours?

- Have a great day.


  1. I was very surprised how long it's taking to get rep with the JP/VP factions. I've done Loremaster and I'm not even close for most of them. My highest rep is with Shado-Pan and I can't even do their dailies until I get revered with Golden Lotus. That's a major pain that you can't work on them all.

    I got exalted with Lorewalkers and got Explorer. Got the flying disk... didn't even know about but saw it on the quartermaster and said "ooh, a cheap mount!". Birthplace of Lui Lang was bugged where it would disappear if I got close to it so I had to dive bomb it and click frantically.

    Did half a dozen heroics and a scenario yesterday with guildies. VP comes super slow... 60 per heroic/30 per scenario. Only got 3 upgrades so my ilvl is a whopping 446... My DPS is awful though. I'm doing less than I did at 85. The game of whack-a-mole with my keyboard is not fun with two more extra keybinds now (Stampede and Glaive Toss). I find that I hardly use Stampede, at least in heroics. However, I tamed a Quilen and I've used battle rez several times...

    I'm championing the Tushui Pandaren and I'm about a third of the way to Exalted with them. That rep comes too fast... Come on Blizz, can't you balance things...

    Finally being able to fly again is just amazingly convenient. Wasn't too bad be stuck on the ground for leveling since things were always close by but anything else requires flight.

    Been selling somethings on the AH but prices dropped super fast. I've sold some herbs and leveling potions and some random ore that I got but the demand still seems low on my server. Hopefully, it'll pick up as we get more 90s.

    Only about half our raid team is 90... so we won't be raiding the first week. Which is OK, more time for other stuff.

    Still lvling cooking and I need to work on fishing and arch. The changes to arch are nice but I was hoping to get an edge by collecting a bunch of older artifacts and creating them. I got two rare pets but no skill ups... Have to do Panda stuff. Already got a 463 BoA caster off-hand from Panda arch though.

    I've killed every rare that I came across except one (13 killed so far). I needed more interrupts. Silencing shot + Readiness + Silencing shot but I needed that twice and Readiness was on CD... Have to go with a friend or try using a Gorilla for the extra interrupt.

    My stable is full!!! Need to see if I can free some pets back into the wild.

    1. Sounds like you are off to a bang up start too. I have a little room in my stables because I never got lucky enough to get many rare pets. So I guess that is a good thing because it keeps me from having to make the hard choices.

      I forgot about panda rep, I should do that one time, later, when I am bored. Too much to do now.

  2. I just want to say that I love your Monday posts. They make me laugh and I agree with most of what you say :)! I have my flying disk mount too! Pure awesome!! And yes, we need more bag space. What's with no regular bags made from the new MoP cloth. So weird!!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it.

      Get the thing that turns you to a stone person and mount the disk with that, it looks cool.

      Yeah, they really missed the boat with bags this expansion. I am hoping they add more with double what they can hold now. Or finally let us stack things to 9999 or something, anything to ease the pain of bag space.

    2. I want a 36 slot cooking bag!

      The 28slot tailoring bag can be crafted with 480 windwool cloth but it takes 12 days of CDs to make it...

    3. The 28 slot bag just does not seem worth the 12 days, but 480 cloth is nothing really, I usually end up with a 200+ just when done with my dailies each day, cloth is amazingly easy to come by this expansion.