Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Random Thoughts

- For as much as the last week was a good pugging week for me, this one wasn't.

- After multiple attempts, and failures, to find a heroic archie group, I gave up and just did a normal.

- Figured what the heck, the only thing I need off archie is the neck but only if it has a gem slot and is warforged.

- For the outside chance of not only winning it, but it having not one but two rare upgrades, is it really worth putting myself through hell?

- I think not.

- If that were all I needed, maybe.

- I am weird that way.

- Went looking for gorefiend groups, took forever to find one.

- And it said, no hunters.

- Really?

- All I want to do is roll a coin, why no hunters.

- No really, why?

- Hunters are awesome on that fight.

- Mobile DPS for below, spot on target switching capability for the adds, high powered burst for feast if you save stampede.

- So I don't get it, but oh well, I will keep looking.

- Found another group, no hunters.

- Found a third, no hunters.

- Was there a memo put out that said do not invite any hunters to pugs any more and I missed it.

- I had seen one of the archie groups earlier that had that.

- Another fight it makes no sense to blackball hunters from.

- Saw a xhul that had that too.

- I always saw the occasional group not wanting hunters, but there were a lot this weekend.

- Wonder why that is.

- If you ask me, and I am not saying this just because I main a hunter, but I would take a hunter of nearly ever other class in nearly every single situation.

- The are ranged, they are mobile, they are good at target switching, good at handling special mechanics, they are the only ranged class with a taunt, they can kite, they can slow, and being they are both mobile and ranged they can easily avoid more damage that any other class.

- When it comes to a raid group, hunters are the absolute best class to have "too many" off.

- I would take a group with 6 hunters over one with 6 warriors, or 6 mages, or 6 rogues or 6 shadow priest, or 6 anything, you get the idea.

- So if you are going to have "too many" of one class the choice is a no brainer.

- You go for "too many" hunters.

- I finally got fed up with seeing no hunters I applied to one that had no hunters listed on it.

- I said, 786 ring, will do over 100K while making adds first priority, and you do not want me because I am a hunter.  Reconsider.

- I sat in there waiting for 3 minutes and got accepted.

- Just as they downed gorefiend.

- I said, thank you for the invite, but I wanted gorefiend, and left.

- Wish I had thought to do that 20 minutes earlier when I first saw that listing.

- Oh well, my timing is horrible, but I always knew that.

- Maybe a lot of the people that lead these pugs had some runs ins with bad hunters and now they shun them.

- They need to remember they are the #1 played class in the game.

- They are great soloers.

- They are great gatherer because of their pets keep mobs busy while they loot.

- The are the best questing class.

- And they have more tools that any other class in the game making them, when in the right hands, a very powerful tool.

- So being there are more hunters, the likelihood or running into a few bad apples is much greater.

- How many bad rogues have you seen in your pugs?

- I can tell you how many good ones I have seen, I can count them on one hand, and I pug often.

- Hunters are played by roughly 6 times as many players are rogues.

- So of course you will run across more bad hunters.

- I would say I have seen roughly 20 rogues recently in pugs, 2 were good, the rest sucked.

- I would say I have seen roughly 100 hunters, about half sucked.

- So that means I have seen about 50 bad hunters and 18 bad rogues.

- Does that mean, because I see more of them, hunters on average are worse than rogues?

- Hell no, look at the math.

- 90% of the rogues sucked, only 50% of the hunters did.

- So stop shunning hunters because you see more bad hunters out there.

- Of course you do, they are the most played class.

- Doesn't mean they are bad over all.

- Just that there are more of them.

- You can't just a book by its cover and you can't judge a player by their class.

- Speaking of can't judge a book by its cover, one raid leader of a heroic archie I was on really summed it up.

- We were on voice chat, because he wanted us there.

- He said, you can't judge someone my AotC, because you can buy it and buy it super cheap on many servers.

- You can't judge a player by their item level because getting to 720 is super easy.

- You can't judge a player by their ring any longer because you can buy upgrades.

- I sort of agree with him on most of that.

- Except the 720 item level thing.

- If you have bad luck, getting to 720 is near impossible.

- You read how much I raid, I just hit that.

- And I work my butt off to try to get gear, I just don't.

- So I would say, you can't judge a person by their item level either.

- My item level is low, my damage done, knowledge and execution of mechanics and damage taken are always near the best.

- One run I was in saw only someone 739 item level beat me.

- By 5K.

- And he funneled boss while I switched to adds and took the least damage myself in the entire raid.

- Can't judge a book by its cover, that is 100% true.

- Sad part is, how else do you judge people if not by kills, achievements, item level and the like?

- I wish there were a better way.

- Sadly there is not.

- I've also come to a conclusion that will have me make a blanket statement right here.

- Mind you, this is only in reference to the people I have seen.

- Anyone that wears the title "Proven Assailant" purchased it.

- I always say proving grounds is not about DPS, it is about mechanics, but that is in reference to getting bronze.

- Going for the proven assailant requires mechanics and DPS.

- And everyone I have ever had the pleasure to pug with that had that title could not fight their way out of a paper bag.

- I remember one run on the third boss I think, my pet beat a mage that has gear equal to me in total damage done.

- And no he did not die early, he lives the whole fight.

- The issue here is, I am MM and I use the lone wolf talent.

- That means I have no pet.

- I have no pet, and my pet beat him in damage done.

- For those not in the know that means stampede, a 5 minute cooldown that I used only once, did more damage in those few seconds it was there than he did in the entire fight.

- Some proven assailant he was huh?

- Lets get to some no raid random thoughts.

- I was thinking, why can't humans be druids?

- Worgen are humans.

- Worgen can be druids.

- Therefore shouldn't humans be capable of being druids?

- And don't say the curse allows them to be druids, that is beyond silly.

- Speaking of things beyond silly, when are rogues going to be available for all races.

- We already have warriors that way, hunters are joining them, so the only other physical class that has no magical abilities of any sort left is a rogue.

- There is no reason any race should not be able to be a rogue.

- Anyone can sneak around with daggers and stab someone in the back.

- Maybe gnomes would do it better than tauren, but they should still both be able to do it.

- I can understand why some races can not do some magical things.

- That makes sense.

- But the ability to pick up a dagger and stab someone with it needs absolutely no skill.

- If anything a hunter needs leaps and bounds more skill to create a bond with a create so it would willingly serve him.

- I can see some races not having that ability, yet all races will soon be able to do that.

- So all races have the, somewhat, magical ability to talk to animals, but not all of them can pick up daggers and be sneaky?

- Makes no sense.

- I rolled a character for season 5 on Diablo.

- This will be my first seasonal character.

- I only did it because I read somewhere that will be the only way to get the extra bag space.

- So I am doing it for bag space.

- It is amazing what people, like me, will do for more space to collect junk.

- I hit 70 and am at paragon level 102 now.

- Highest greater rift is 30 currently.

- I still have squat for gear, all rare pieces, 2 legendary items and one set piece on.

- Nice to see my no luck with drops is not confined to warcraft.

- That was sarcasm in case you missed it.

- I hate my luck, or lack thereof.

- I did get 3 potions already.

- On the main servers I only got 3 potions, ever, over all my characters.

- Already got three in the season.

- They must have adjusted how things drop in seasons.

- And must have adjusted experience gains.

- Because it might have been a while, but I don't recall getting to paragon level 100 in one sitting.

- From creation to paragon level 100 took 12 hours over this weekend.

- Sure a lot of time played, but I am sure nothing even remotely close to what it did originally.

- There has to be some experience boost going on with the seasons, I am sure of it.

- I did not cap out my valor this week, Diablo side tracked me this weekend.

- So I did not max out my ring as I was planning.

- Oh well, I do not think I am going to rush it this time around.

- Have to give myself something to do long term.

- Maybe level some alts and start working on their rings.

- It is a powerful item worth getting.

- It is something to think about.

- But right now, I am at a loss for what to do in game.

- But I do have good news from the guild front.

- Not sure what spurred it on but this weekend we had the return of 6 players.

- Yes, 6 players.

- Sadly three were tanks and we do not need 3 more tanks, but three were damage dealers and we are in desperate need for damage dealers.

- What are the odds of having ex raiders return this late in an expansion when the new one is nowhere near close?

- And then what are the odds of 6 of them coming back over one weekend.

- Three of those all within 5 minutes of each other.

- No, I am not kidding.

- It was awesome to see all these people return.

- It makes me actually want to run normal again to gear them up.

- Did a normal run for one returning member and as luck would have it, decked him out in a full 4 piece in one week.

- Three from normal and one from heroic.

- Sweetness, don't you think.

- At least with the returns we will finally have some people on the paladin, priest, warlock token.

- Our priest healer has been getting all of them as he is the only one in the raid that can use them.

- Allowed him to get some awesome tier pieces as he gets them all.

- And it seems they are the only ones that drop.

- Next expansion they have to lose the classes on tier pieces and just make them so anyone can roll on them.

- Nothing worse than seeing the 10th tier hands going to someone that hasn't needed them since the first when there are still a dozen people in the raid that do not even have them at all.

- They need to fix their loot drop system big time for legion.

- But right now I am not looking forward to the hell that is coming that is making me want to quit.

- I am looking forward to blowing through some normal runs for fun and to gear up some returning players.

- I needed this, I needed new life in the game.

- Returning friends did that.

- More than any content blizzard could add.

- It is the people I play with that keep me playing, it is not blizzard.

- It has not been blizzard since cataclysm.

- In truth, blizzard should be paying us, we should not be paying them.

- Because it is us, the players, that keep others playing.

- If we left, they would leave too.

- The people, the players, we are the best content blizzard has.

- We are what keep people playing, keep people engaged.

- Maybe blizzard should be paying us.

- Hey blizzard, send me an alpha invite please, thank you.

- Have a great day.


  1. Wow gr30 in rares? That sounds like quite a challenge. I'll assume you're playing a demon hunter since... well, "hunter" is your thing. Out of curiosity what torment level do you farm on? That has the biggest influence on your drop rate. My seasonal character is only 55 at the moment but I have a rough plan of what to do at 70. I've always found that the initial hump of acquiring your first set is the most irritatingly long and arduous part of gearing a new character and the developers might agree with me because they added a way to get a full 6 piece set from doing the season journey. Make sure you complete the first 4 chapters (which should be cake for you) and claim your gear from the mail. It will give you a huge boost in power and make farming easier. Plus if you want the stash space you have to do it regardless since you need chapter... 8 completed, I think, to be rewarded the extra tab. Hope this helps out a bit and good luck with your seasonal progress.

    1. Currently playing on 4 mostly. Less if I go back to story mode, as I plan to, so I can just blow through it. Might do T1 just to get it done. And yes, demon hunter of course.

      I want to try the melee spec, but it seems that spec is best suited for team play as it is single target focused for taking down priority marks fast.

      Thanks for the info on how to get the extra tab. I'll focus next time on finishing the objective, which I was going to do for the set anyway. Just read online how to easily get the melee weapon I need. Did not know how and that is why I did not rush it this weekend.

    2. Cube upgrading I assume? How did I ever live without that thing. I personally like the playstyle of the unhallowed essence set, spamming multishot like a machine gun. It is weaker than the other sets at the extreme high end but is capable of doing over gr70 at least.

    3. Yes, cube upgrading. There are only 2 daggers a demon hunter can get, one is BiS for me. So upgrade a rare and get a 50% chance to get the one I need. It will take a long time to get the "perfect" one for me, but at least it will be a lot easier due to the loot list than making the perfect bow or crossbow would be.

      I want to try that set build too. Do not have any pieces of it yet however.

  2. So not to say that there's any excuse for any lvl100 toon to do less DPS than your cooldown, but just a thought on the "proven assailant" thing.

    Keep in mind that titles are account-wide. That was probably an alt (maybe totally ungeared? I don't think you mentioned ilvl) of a player with a character he can play that got the title. And he probably has no gear and no clue how to play a mage.

    How does one buy a PG anyway?

    1. I didn't really put much thought into their item level but I did inspect and they had all 710 and better, some 725 pieces as well.

      I did not think about it being account wide, that could very well be true. Maybe he is just bad at playing a mage.

      There are dozens, if not hundreds of sites out there that sell PG carries. You give them your log in info and they get you the title. Heck, I know people in my guild that have done it for free to help their friends get PG done. They logged into their account to do it. It is as simple as that.

    2. Wow. Really? Give your login info to some shady illegal site to get an achievement? What could possibly go wrong?

      Do you get anything for it other than the title? Hard to see how anyone would find it worth the cost or the risk.

    3. I know I would never do that personally, but apparently many do as the sites that sell that stuff seem to still be in business with new ones popping up all the time.

      If I could not do it I would just practice, practice, practice.