Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blizzard Wants You To PvP

With just less than two days before the launch of warlords of draenor I can't help but think that blizzard is really trying to push PvP this expansion, more than they did last expansion which was supposed to be the PvP faction conflict expansion.  They are doing it well too, for the most part, unlike how they did it in mists.

The fact of the matter is that more people PvP on a regular basis than raid.  While I am not personally a PvPer I can understand and accept that fact.  PvP by nature is more open and welcoming than PvE even if the venom in a random battleground is often worse that an LFR, which says a lot.

Blizzard tried to actively push PvP last expansion in the wrong way.  By adding the PvP part of the legendary cloak quest line they did more harm than good in trying to entice people to PvP.  The number of "never again" posts about PvP after being forced into it was astounding.

If you were a horde player, while you were almost all but guaranteed a win in each battleground, you had to wait to get into it, sometimes up to 30 minutes.  If you got unlucky and lost, which is extremely rare for those playing horde side, it was frustrating because you knew there was another long wait before you could to try again for a win.  If the unthinkable happened and you lost two in a row, it might push you to the point of giving up.  A hour wasted and two lost battlegrounds.  Admittedly that never happened to me, horde for me were instant wins.  I think I lost a total of 1 battleground the entire expansion as horde.

On the other hand if you were the alliance you would be blessed with instant queue times but that usually resulted in a lot of losing and frustration mounting up.  In the same hour it would take a horde character to win one battleground an alliance character could very well be in 5 or 6 or even more battleground and they would lose every single one of them.  While it is true that on a couple of my characters, one hunter and one priest, I one shot both battlegrounds as alliance, the over all result for me was a nightmare.  My warlock took the worst of it, losing 17 battlegrounds in a row at one point.  It was enough for me to quit even trying to get the legendary cloak on it.

So you can see that adding the mandatory PvP part of the quest line worked for no one.  If you were the alliance you had to deal with what felt like a 90% loss rate and if you were the horde you had to deal with the long wait times.  Either way, no matter who won the battleground, everyone lost in terms of fun.  It was nothing but frustrating and was no way to try to get people into PvP.

This expansion blizzard is going with the more subtle approach in trying to get PvEers like myself into PvP and it is already working for me, even if the expansion is not out yet.

There is one small mistake I think blizzard made and that is not making the gladiators sanctum a standard building in your garrison.  If blizzard had done that I would have stood up and cheered for intelligent design and the perfect way to attract new people into PvP.  But sadly, they didn't.

But even with that said, the gladiators sanctum is a fantastic way to try and get people into PvP, at least people like me.  It offers some interesting titles to be won, an ongoing collection of broken bones that can then be used to possibly get you some free gear through work orders, and dailies of a sort.  It also gives people something to do in what is an otherwise lackluster expansion in terms of content.

By adding the building and all the things that go with it, it worked as bait, bait that will or could get me to bite and want to try to PvP a little more often.  More importantly, it would be making me do it because I wanted to do it and not because I felt like I had to do it, like with the legendary quest line.

As I mentioned, the one fault here is that the building is not a standard building.  You need to spend one of your limited medium plots on your garrison to get it.  But even with that, it is still near the top of my list of building my main will be getting.  Yes, me as a PvEer is planning on getting a PvP only building on my garrison.  Good work blizzard.  Your bait caught one fish.

The other way they are baiting people is with gear.  Anyone that plays both ends of the spectrum knows that PvP has a MUCH better gearing system than PvE does.  It has for a very long time.  PvP gear is based on working for it whereas PvE gear is based on luck.  Given the option I would rather earn my gear (PvP) than be handed it (PvE) any day.  PvE seriously needs to adopt the PvP gearing system, but that is for another post all together.

Looking at the item levels of gear and seeing that conquest gear is better than anything you could ever get out of LFR really makes me interested in PvP even more.  Anything that can keep me from going to LFR is a good thing in my opinion and offering me better gear to NOT do LFR is a total winner if you ask me.  I have never PvPed on my paladin, or warrior, or DK, outside of the occasionally open world dust up, which are the only three classes I never got a legendary on because I refuse to tank LFR and all three of those classes I only tank with, but now I can skip the LFR completely if I decide to PvP.  I really like having this option.

I am not sure if it is a good idea for PvP gear to be better for PvE, that is an argument for another day and will always be based on opinion but it is something blizzard did on purpose.  And I believe, just guessing here, that it was done on purpose.  To give those people that do not like LFR another option and maybe bait them into trying something new.  Well, once again, it is working.  At least for me.

Blizzard is not forcing PvP on the players this time around, but they are making PvP seems like a viable option for both fun and gearing and letting us, the player, decide if we want to do it.  Blizzard wants us to PvP and they are going about getting us to do it right this expansion.

When all is said and done I might end this expansion the same way I did the three before it, with only a little bit of PvP done and being more of a PvE player.  But this expansion offers me something additional that appeals to me, and that is good.  It is a lot better than forcing PvP on me to get the legendary cloak.

Do you believe that blizzard planned this out, enticing PvEers to PvP, or is just happened to work out that way?  Either way, blizzard wants you to PvP in warlords of draenor and I think I might take them up on the offer.


  1. yup. the pvp building looks very interesting. i am a main pve player but occasionally did pvp on and off. the big issue is, like you said, the community. i have yet to find a group of decent people (not players) to do rbg with. i'd like that, like once a week or so. but all i found are either unreliable ones or those who spend precious oxygen ranting and complaining all the time or demanding stupidly high ratings from previous seasons. i don't mind baddies as i am mediocre at best myself in pvp. people can improve. i'm not overly ambitious in pvp, just aiming at a decent rating but not top, but finding people with likewise attitudes is hard.

    the pvp building is what i'm planning with as 3rd medium building once i'm done with either inn or trading post, whichever comes first. it certainely is the most interesting long term building once the levelling, pre-raid gearing, profession levelling and primary achievement hunting madness is over.

    1. You would be surprised how many people are like you. Myself included there. I just want to play and have some fun. Sure I would like to win but even if I don't we can get better as a team. I'd guess for many PvEers like us this is the situation, there is no place we fit in. This might let us get our foot in the door and play a little on our own and maybe get better at our own pace.

      Same for me on the PvP building, once I am done with the inn I will be trading it in for the PvP building most likely. Or I would at the least be considering it right after. Still think it should have been a baseline building like the garden and mine.

  2. I think this is probably true. Ashran as a whole and specially putting the faction hubs on the Ashran island seems like an effort to pull more people into pvp. I support this. I loved WG back in the day.

    I am planning to start with the Inn and Trading Post, and will likely switch one of them to Gladiator sanctum as soon as I can.

    1. Yes, the ashran placement is perfect for that. I mention it in my next post (already posted) that while I was against the idea of the capital being there I actually like the idea now. I was a fan of WG as well even if I did not do it all that often.

      Same here. The sanctum will most likely replace the inn after I do all the quests and get all the goodies it offers.

  3. The biggest problem in pvp is gear disparity. Most new people entering pvp are likely to be behind the curve of people who pvp, and are thus easy targets.

    Getting smashed in a BG while feeling your gear can't protect you and also can't do any damage is probably the biggest turn-ff for newbies.

    Losing BGs in itself should not be an issue for people; how often do you finish an lfr without wiping on bosses? Or for people who are progession raiding, whether casual or hardcore, dying in a boss fight is almost the norm.

    I would say it is the feeling of helplessness that is the problem in pvp for new people rather than anything else.

    1. They are addressing that, in part, by scaling UP gear in PvP. So everyone will be closer to each other. Not sure how well it really works because my PvPing on the beta was limited as is my PvP skill, but it seemed okay for the most part. But I am not really one to judge as I am no expert on the matter.

      Losing BGs is not bad, if the battle still feels like a battle. I hate, and so would everyone else I guess, those BGs where you lose so badly and your entire team does not even have one HK.

      I am hoping the scaling issue will help a lot with the helplessness. In theory it seems like it could, which would be awesome for people trying to break into it.

  4. Considering how bad they made MoP PvP (compared to Cata, the first patch of MoP was okay-ish, though nothing like Wrath PvP) I wouldn't keep my hopes up, especially as the PvP format they supposedly balance for (3v3 Arena) is rather different from the kind of PvP most players actually engage in.

    Perhaps more importantly, it appears that at least on EU Realms they wiped people's Archeology Progression and are preparing people for the possibility it won't be restored


    Puts any progress/effort put into things into perspective.

    1. Oh well no. I spent so many man hours, over 700 tol'vir solves and still not mount and no pet. I am not starting over with this crap again.

      If blizzard does not fix that I hope the community get on them really hard and does not give up. A gaming company can not just "lose" data and shrug it off as "oh well".

      I'd put in a simple request. Either restore the word I did since the profession was added, or kindly refund me all money paid to you during that time frame since it was released, as you did not provide part of the service that money was intended to pay for, and that is to keep my data available to me.

      Enough people put in a ticket like that and trust me, they will find a way to fix it or risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars to angry subscribers.