Friday, September 3, 2010

Stupid Gold For Lazy People: The Wool Cloth Edition

There are a million and one ways to make gold.  There are also almost that many different types of people.  I fit into the category of when I need money I will go make some.  I can make 5K in a day no problem if I put my mind to it, but if I do not need the money I prefer to level alts, run dungeons, work on achievements, do old content or new raids. 

The time does come in everyone's life where they will look back and say to themselves that they need some gold.  If you are not like me, with tons of professions, gatherers, and the willingness to do the work then you are going to need some quick money making tricks.

This little tip guide is about Wool Cloth.  On my server the prices can sometimes reach as much as 60g per stack. For the lazy people out there the only investment is time.  You do not need a profession, you do not need uber gear to farm it and hell, you do not even need to be an 80 for it to be easy.

The Wetlands
1) Go here in the wetlands.
2) Kill the mosshide mobs.
3) Loot.
4) Roughly 10 seconds later, kill them again.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your bags are full.

Having a portable mail box will help, a portable vendor is good to.  Otherwise you will need to run back to sell and mail stuff once in a while but you will be killing nearly non stop while you are there so it is a no down time farming spot.  Remember there is a nice golbin vendor right here you can use if you want to and it is not really far from there.  The mobs are only 20-26 so even a 30-35 can farm them easily.  It is a tight packed area so it might get a little trick for anything much lower then 30 with the super fast respawn rate unless you are really good at your class, or you are a paladin.

The Stockade
1) Go to the Stockade.
2) Kill everything.
3) Loot.
4) Run out and reset.
5) Rinse and repeat.

Any class can solo this one by level 40 even if it is not ideal time wise.  By 80 soling this will take no more then 3 minutes for any character, even a healer.  It will take you longer to loot then it does to do the instance.  You can get as little as 2 1/2 stacks per run and as much as 4 stacks per run.  On a server like mine that is anywhere from 150-240 gold every 12.5 minutes.  12.5 minutes because you can only enter an instance 5 times per hour, so even if you run it faster you can you can never get more then one done on average of every 12.5 minutes. 

Best case scenario would mean that even someone with no money making skills can afford their epic flying by investing only 5 hours here.  Less if you only do 5 runs per day for 5 straight days and do not wait to get back in.

The biggest bonus to doing the stockade is that there is a mailbox right outside to pass anything you might want to pass off and a vendor right out to sell the junk, might as well auto loot, it might only be a few extra copper but if you run it a lit it will add up.  If you have an enchanter you will be getting lots of low level greens as well to disenchant and depending on the server the materials might get you another 5g-10g per run.

So there you go, two super easy spots that even someone with no professions can make money at.  It is so easy that even stupid people that do not know how to play can do it and lazy people that do not want to do any hard work can make money.

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