Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moving time?

It might be time to switch guilds again soon.  There are many things I like about the guild I am in and there are many things I dislike.  I mostly overlook the things I dislike being that they are not game breaking so to speak.  However, overlooking the things you do like when they disappear it a lot harder to do.

We have not raided in over a week.  Leadership does not even want to put the raids on the calendar at all.  I know the deal and the raid days but I still like to see it listed.  Everyone does and for some people if they do not see it then that means it was canceled this week.  I am not in a guild just to hang out and talk to people.  I actively dislike people in general.  I have a few people I like to talk to and that is all I need.  Everyone else I talk to is basically just because I am nice and not the type of person to ignore others.  I can deal with most idle banter as long as it is not stupid crap that usually comes out of the mouths of 12 year olds.  On a side note, I do not recall being that stupid and that needy at 12, why it is that nearly all kids now are like that?

Back on topic here.  ICC progression is at a dead stop because the guild leader is not around and we can't run without him.  I guess the idea of what is best for the guild does not mean anything if he is not there to experience it.  So we do not run.  We no longer even schedule 25 mans because the guild leader does not want to PuG.  The Co Leader who is around does not want to PuG either.

Last night I got the Co Leaders ear and told him that if this keeps up I do not give this guild even another full week before everyone is gone.  Some people are already leaving and many are grumpy about it.  Mostly they come to me.  I don't know why but it always seems people like to come to me.  I guess that is a good thing.  I told him that if he does not do something the guild is gone.  He complained that he is sick of not having enough for 25.  I said PuG.  He said he does not want to PuG, he has a guild so he doesn't have to PuG and 25 people should show up.  I told him too many have left and we do not have 25 active any more and we need to PuG so his thought was, we just will not run 25s any more.  Screw that.  I told him he better PuG or kiss the guild good bye.  I even reasoned with him that it is because of his PuGs that I am there and many others are there.  He is steadfast in his decision that he will not PuG any more.  He has a guild so he does not need to PuG.

I am sorry but that attitude does not cut it with me from a guild leader or co leader.  I, as in me, the hunter, the one that is not an officer, join a guild so I do not have to PuG.  You, as the tank, as the co leader, need to make it so me and all the others have people to run with and have days that we run.

If you do not want to run you can at least assemble it.  I do not give a crap if the leader has his fucking head up his ass because starcraft 2 came out and that is more important to him now.  He is being a total ass and ignoring the guild he set up.  He is wrong, dead wrong.  Does not mean that the co leader doesn't do anything else just because the leader is gone.

That is another issue which really never came up with both where on all the time.  When both where on the glaring absence of any other officers was never an issue.  But with the leader having his head up his ass and playing starcraft and the co leader throwing a temper tantrum like a little kid at the playground taking his ball and going home just because he does not want to run if the leader doesn't it just a joke.  Now the absence of other officers is glaring like the sun on the hottest day of the year.  You just can't help but notice that burning ball of fire in the sky.  For guild purposes, that burning ball is falling and is about the set the entire guild on fire.

I will most likely go back to my old guild and hang out there doing nothing if anything.  Maybe drag a few of my old guildies with me if they want to come and even a few of the others that are upset with what has been going on.  Sad part is I really wanted to get things done and I thought I could with this guild.  Doesn't seem like it any more.

It just seems to me that stupid rule I mentioned way back about tanks and healers getting their marks first worked out exactly as I said it would.  Now that the main healer (guild leader) and the main tank (co leader) got their marks they no longer want to raid.

I am not a grumpy elf.  I am a pissed elf.  The used everyone around the to get themselves geared up and then once they got geared they said screw us all.  I hate that crap.  I hate people like that and over all I am beginning to hate the game because of its multi player aspect.  I can not get the things I want to do because I need other people to do it with and 99% of the other people of selfish jackasses or complete morons that can not do the content.  I should be able to gear myself up by myself.  I should not need other people to do it.  I play WoW to play a game... not to make friends.  You know that place called outdoors where that big ball of fire shines down?  That is where I made my friends.  Any I get on a game is purely a bonus and I like it.  But I should not need them to get gear.  Because in the end I just end up screwed like I am now.

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