Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- I have a completely noob question this monday morning.

- Where the hell is the portal back to Draenor in Orgrimmar?

- Seriously, I could not find it.

- And it is not like I would ever ask in trade chat.

- Trade chat is scary.

- Well, normally, but on my horde server we do not have a trade chat.

- I think it is broken.

- I completely forgot trade was linked to our garrisons.

- I spent a good two hours just farting around in my garrison, mostly while doing other things, and not one single word was said.

- I came back while leveling to send some followers out on a mission and some guy posted he was selling an item.

- My first throught was, how the hell did you get in my garrison.

- It was the first thing I saw posted in trade this entire expansion.

- So I guess we do have a trade chat, we just do not have any horde.

- This is really sad being last expansion I was able to pug my hunter through content just from trade.

- Was doing trade heroic (now mythic) runs before it was made cross realm.

- It was a good server for horde.

- What happened?

- Maybe none of them could find the portal either so they left.

- Nah, can't be it.

- I am the only person that is lame enough not to be able to find it.

- Must not be just horde on that server, checked the AH after I hit 100 to see if I could find any cheap gear I could grab.

- Nada.

- One 685 piece, a couple of 655 ones, and some crafted pieces but not even all of them so options were extremely limited.

- No trinkets at all.

- Wow, this server died.

- Not slowed down but completely died.

- WTB server transfer to an active horde server US side.

- I hit 100 so darn fast I screwed myself.

- I do not have enough garrison resources to build anything, can't get my garrison to level 3 yet either and all my followers are low level.

- I hit 100 about half way through spires.

- I only stepped foot on to Draenor last sunday, hit 100 this sunday and that is only playing on those 2 sundays.

- Yeah, with rested and knowing what you are doing leveling is really fast this expansion.

- And it runs so smooth that you move through it without even thinking.

- I must admit I love leveling this expansion.

- I kind of hate the situation my poor hunter is in however.

- I guess I will just be gathering resources for a while.

- Maybe next sunday I will go around killing rares and collecting things, just to get some resourses.

- And quest some in nagrand, that should get me some as well.

- I hit 100 wearing the same exact gear I was wearing when mists ended.

- I was in all mythic gear 4/4 upgraded, except for three pieces, and it lasted me until 100.

- Some people hate that, they like to change gear while leveling.

- Me, I love that.

- I hate replacing my raid gear with quest greens the second a new expansion comes out.

- It does not feel right.

- If I made it to nagrand I am sure I would have started to run into some upgrades.

- That is how it should be.

- I swear the leveling process, the gear it drops, everything regarding leveling was done so well this expansion.

- How did they go so wrong in every other way after doing that so well.

- Makes you wonder.

- No need to mention that I managed gold proving grounds in my SoO gear.

- I would never be able to do that any other class in that gear but as a hunter, no problem.

- Hunters are made for stuff like that and being it is the only class I am good at it was not really a problem.

- Now to get to a high enough item level to get into a normal.

- How screwed up is that?

- I can do gold proving grounds but I can not even get into a normal dungeon?

- If you need silver for a heroic, you should be allowed to queue for anything, normal or heroic, if you can get gold no matter what your item level is.

- If you are going to use proving grounds as a gating system, it should not be gated by proving grounds and gear.

- It should be proving grounds or gear.

- I don't have the gear, but I have proved myself.

- Yet I still can not get into a dungeon.

- Isn't that the whole concept of this, proving yourself?

- Sad face.

- I did manage to find one upgrade when I went to the auction house.

- Got a new weapon.

- Only 630 but much better than the 582 I was wearing.

- I had totally forgot about the heirloom weapon.

- Not like it was needed.

- I don't think I ever had even one hard moment while leveling as I over geared it.

- And I am not a clothie.

- And I am a hunter.

- So lets see, over geared, not squishy, and have all the tools of a hunter.

- There is a reason I call hunters the best leveling class in the game.

- Might have something to do with the fact that they are.

- I tanked normal BRF on my druid again this week, still a little under geared for the heroic.

- And I am nor a very good tank lately, out of practice.

- My timing is off probably because I do not play it enough.

- But the healers said, I am doing great.

- I am my own harshest critic.

- I set the bar so high that I can never reach it no matter how hard I try.

- I do not feel comfortable this expansion.

- Do not feel comfortable tanking, healing or DPSing on any character that is not my main.

- And even at that, I still do not feel as if I am getting the most out of my hunter.

- I know I can do better, I am sure of it.

- It is funny when you can feel you are losing a step.

- Either I am really setting the bar way to high or my game play skills are on the decline.

- At least I won four pieces on my druid tank.

- Guess what I won?

- A ring.

- A ring.

- A ring.

- A ring.

- Guess what I did not need?

- A ring.

- Hey, at least I am winning something, it is more than my hunter can say.

- More bosses down, more rolls on each tier boss, still no heroic tier pieces.

- Heck, still nothing the entire run.

- As usual.

- Last week my druid won two pieces while tanking.

- A ring and a ring.

- I think I am going to name change my druid to Gollum.

- Seems appropriate.

- At least I have a weapon now, crafted 675.

- I was running with a 645 each week, it was time I had one made, was getting tired of feeling useless when I tanked next to our DK tank.

- DKs are freaking beastly.

- He is usually near the top in DPS even on single target and on AoE he is a god.

- Then there is me going thrash thrash thrash and basically playing back up in case he dies.

- I felt useless.

- But at least this week I was paired with a paladin that was just coming back to the game.

- Ah, the joys of feeling like the "strong" tank again.

- I have to start gearing my DK, their survival is sick, their single target is sick and their AoE is sick.

- They are just amazing.

- Or maybe it is just the player.

- I'd put it as the player more than the class.

- The class is in a really strong place now, sure, but he gets the most out of it.

- But being I have access to the player I can use that as a tool to learn.

- Funny thing was I told him about the soul reaper trick the other day and he did not know it.

- What?

- With his amazing survival I was sure it was him I learned it from in the first place.

- Nope, he said he never knew about it.

- So I just helped make him even more beastly.

- Amazing he was as good as he was before in terms of survival, and this will just make him better.

- I must admit I am lucky to have played with some really great players.

- Just wish we could get them all together one day and start doing more like we are capable of doing.

- But we have always been a middle of the pack guild.

- If a boss has 50% of the guilds downing it, that is usually where we are.

- Yet now it seems we are in the top 20% range.

- And we are probably having the worst progression in any tier I can ever recall.

- I wonder if something can be read into that.

- If we are doing so poorly and we are in the top 20% area now.

- Are there that few guilds raiding now?

- Or perhaps it is just a case of me being my own harshest critic again thinking we are doing so poorly.

- Did one run this week that had 8 hunters in it.

- Went well, but there was one big problem with it.

- Not enough hunters.

- Have a great day.


  1. The portal is in the Cleft of Shadow, underground in the middle area. It took the place of the old portal to Hellfire (which is still down there, just moved off to the side a bit).

    1. So the one that says blasted lands is the one to Draenor? Duh. I didn't even try it. lol I saw where they moved the hellfire one. There is also a hellfire one in the troll area. Not sure why they have 2, but they do.

    2. It takes you to Blasted Lands and you fly (because you can) through the 'new' Dark Portal into Draenor.

    3. I go back to the old world just to fly sometimes. Even if I am not flying anywhere, it is just nice to do so. I miss flying so much.

    4. It's the same alliance side grumpy.

      There is no portal to dranor in stormwind, just the portal to blasted land, and then go through the dark portal.

    5. When levelling one of my alts early on, when they were having all sorts of troubles, the server crashed and it sent me back to panda land (where I was hearthed, since I hadn't made it through the tanaan scenario thing yet to my garrison), and I had to put in a ticket cause I couldn't find any way to get to draenor. They said it was a very common problem.

    6. @Anon

      Nope, in the area where the cataclysm portals are there is a port directly to Draenor.

      Unless they removed it and it has been that long since I used it. But the last time I needed it, it was right there with all the cataclysm portals.

    7. @Del

      I had something similar happen on beta on the quest in the spires when you are on the bird. Serve crashed and there was no way to get back up there to finish the quest.

      That is one time I am really glad they listened to me and added a way if that happens. My 9th 100 crashed during that quest and I knew exactly where to find the bird thanks to beta.

      If they fixed that "little" issue it makes you wonder why they never fixed the bigger one you mentioned.

    8. It has been removed grumpy, it was only there to help with the lag and server charge at launch

    9. lol. Goes to show you how often I use it even alliance side. I liked it there. Wonder why they removed it. Made sense to be with the other portals.

    10. There is a portal to Warspear in Vol'jin's room, similar to the one next to Wrynn

    11. Can't say I've visited the king in SW this expansion so never noticed that one. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. You can get to Draenor via the underwater chair off the coast of the Timeless Isle. Go to the frog zone, swim halfway to the boat and go down. Pick up some stuff on the ground and sit in the chair.

    1. That is a bit out of the way for a quick return. But thanks anyway.

      I remember when I found that the day the timeless island was released. I swear I was the only person that knew about it until wow insider posted something about this "new found" area. I laughed because my guild and I would sit around there when TI first came out. I am glad they decided to do something with it. I always wondered why it was there, now I know.

  3. -Started lvling my mage over the weekend.

    -I hate being squishie and I hate not having a pet that holds aggro...

    -Got her to 92.5... need to hit 93 to upgrade garrison to lvl 2.

    -Only reason I started lvling her is that my hunter has run out of bank and void storage and I want bigger bags

    -However, bags on my realm cost twice region market price... so I need my tailor to craft them myself...

    -It really seems that the much higher personal responsibility that was added in this tier is kicking a lot of guilds in the ass.

    -All I hear are complaints about how the content is so much harder.

    -I think part is people comparing BRF Mythic to SoO Heroic in fully upgraded gear; they don't remember how difficult it was originally.

    -Another big factor is 20man vs 10man. It is a lot easier to find 7 or 8 good players than it is to find 15+ good players.

    -However, it does really seem that Mythic 20 is not the same as Heroic 25. I'm hearing a lot of guilds even having much more difficulty with Heroic than they did with Normals in the past.

    -Seems like another case of Blizz swinging the pendulum too far

    -Everyone saw that slide during Blizzcon: Flex --> Normal, Normal --> Heroic, Heroic --> Mythic, but that does not seem to be what Blizz delivered.

    -At least LFR is easier than it was in the past, which is good.

    -Anyway, no raiding for me, so I'm just doing old content and apexis dailies.

    -Got the Vitreous Stone Drake the other day from Stonecore! Finally, some luck with a mount drop.

    -Burning through a bunch of achievements lately. I got more than 20 achievements yesterday by soloing old raids/dungeons (don't know the actual count because the list of recent activity is cutoff...). I'm over 16000 achievement points now.

    -Still have 40% of the Dungeon & Raids achievs left to complete though.

    -Speaking of apexis dailies. Ever since they blocked the apexis quests while in a raid group, I think I've grouped up a couple of times... I just solo the group ones. It's not worth the effort of finding a group. It can be deadly sometimes though...

    -However, the raid group thing did help in one respect. You can work on achievs without finishing the quest by being in a raid group.

    -I'm working on King of the Monsters. That achiev is super annoying, so the only "sane" way to do it is on an off day while in a raid group. I have one more elite to kill for it since it didn't want to spawn when I was trying the other day and I got tired of waiting.

    -Time for dinner and then I'll get the mage to 93 to upgrade her garrison... ugh, not liking the idea of a 4th garrison...

    1. I have not even tried to do any achievements, so unmotivated this expansion. Have to look into king of the monsters.

      Congrats on the drake, still none for me from there. Although I do not run it as often as I used to.